lord of the rings chess set
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Alberto Chueca

These Lord of The Rings Chess Sets will Transport You to the Middle-earth!

The lord of the chess sets

A lord of the rings chess set is something every true fan of the trilogy should want to have. It’s incredible how creativity has no limits, and how there is space for everything on the internet.

This beautiful saga has formed a very loyal community around the magical world of The shire. This is why a lord of the rings chess set is now on-demand, like every good movie or series.

This is why, today, we will review the best lord of the rings chess sets that I could find on the internet just … Read more

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instant chess chessboard
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Alberto Chueca

Instant Chess: The Revolutionary Way to Enjoy Chess

What is instant chess?

Instant chess is a revolutionary way to play chess which includes Internet chess servers and chess-lovers from the entire world. This is a way to play chess online against another player in real-time, without meeting in the same place and time.

This is so exciting because you can encounter any player in any part of the world so you never know what to expect! This amazing feature of chess has brought a lot of changes to the worldwide chess community.

Now, playing an instant chess game with anyone in the world is easy fun … Read more

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lego chess set
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LEGO Chess Set To Build Fun Over The Board

The best 5 Lego chess sets on the market

Lego chess sets exist in big amounts, Lego has been a giant in the toys industry since 1932. It’s been bringing joy and fun to our lives since memorable times. That’s why it is not a surprise that there are a variety of Lego chess sets in the market.

The great popularity that has consistently increased over the years has arisen many toys inspired by the Lego products. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Lego chess sets we can find on the internet.

Iconic LEGO chess

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star trek chess set pieces
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Star Trek Chess Sets You’ll Love

Star Trek chess set: A journey to the stars

The Star Trek chess set is just one of the thousands of merchandise inspires by the 60s series. Their characters and story are an appreciated memory to everyone who was part of their fans.

Star Trek is one of the most important series of all time, I think everyone reading this post has at least heard about it. The social impact it had in its age was huge and became part of a worldwide popular culture.

At the time, there were many games and machines (merch in general) inspired by … Read more

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medieval chess sets
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Alberto Chueca

5 Medieval Chess Sets to Conquer The World

Bring the madness of middle age to your chess games!

There are many medieval chess sets with unique designs, especially the old ones. Chess was invented approximately one thousand years ago when online boards didn't exist. So it was necessary to have a board to play chess.

You can find a wide variety of medieval chess sets with beautifully sculpted pieces and a nice chessboard. The medieval chess sets were very elaborated and normally made out of wood.

You will find very well-designed pieces relating the middle age thematic and make you feel in the real medieval battles. You will … Read more

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star wars chess set piece
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Top 5 Star Wars chess sets to Save the Galaxy!

Stars war chess set review

Prepare for a great battle that is beyond this galaxy, the star wars chess set is here! There are so many chess sets inspired by these movies because the star wars series are part of everyone's culture since 1977.

The star wars chess set comes with beautifully sculpted pieces of the movie's characters, there are different variations of the chess sets. Some will have Luke skywalker as king and princess Leia as queen, others will have Obi-wan Kenobi as queen and Yoda asking.

Everything depends on the movie they inspired the stars wars chess … Read more

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player chess board
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
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4 Player Chess: 160 Squares on Fire

The funniest/craziest of chess games

Different from normal chess, the 4 player chess variation is quite unique, it's played by 4 people simultaneously and 96 extra squares. With more players, squares, pieces, and time to play, these games can get real messy and destructive.

There is a theory of the origin of this chess format, it states that 4 player chess was the first version of the normal chess game we all know. What it is for sure is that 4 player chess appeared first in the 1800s in England.

This is one of the best options for chess players … Read more

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white walker game of thrones chess set
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This Game of Thrones chess set is beyond belief

Game of Thrones chess set review

The incredible HBO series stunned the world with the successful game of thrones the most viewed in the world. The winter is coming with this great game of thrones themed chess set, it will make you remember the euphoria of the series.

We all loved the awesome story and characters of this show, I'm pretty sure if you are passionate about both chess and GOT you will love this article.

The TV show is based on the George R.R Martin novels, it is about the invented world of Poniente, a messed up medieval environment … Read more

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harry potter chess set figure
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Happy Potter chess sets You Must Have – The Funniest Chessboards

Harry Potter chess set review

For those who like beautiful collection articles, there is a Harry Potter chess set like thematic. Study chess feeling like a real wizard from your favorite Harry Potter characters.

Having this chessboard will be an interesting decoration, can be very good to play casual games with friends because of its attractive pieces' design.

This Harry Potter chess set was created by The Nobel Collections, and they're committed to selling merchandise of this kind. The company is from the UK and has existed for many years.

The Noble Collections have gathered a professional team of Read more

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Funny Chess jokes

Adding humor to this great game

Chess is such a serious game, and rightfully so. Can we incorporate chess jokes? We have to spend a lot of time practicing tactics, strategy, memorizing openings, and all sorts of things. However, it's easy to forget that as serious as chess is, it's supposed to be a fun activity! After all, we played chess in the first place because we enjoyed it, right? We had a good time!

Why are chess jokes so relatable?

Something about chess jokes just strikes with us, that they normally wouldn't with other people, and other jokes don't … Read more

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