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โ–ท"Top 10 aggressive chess openings for black and whites"
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Alberto Chueca

Top 10 aggressive chess openings for black and whites

“Top 10 aggressive chess openings for black and whites”


Do you like open and dynamic positions? Are you a tactic and an aggressive player? This time we analyze what we consider ย “Top 10 aggressive chess openings for black and whites”. There might be some other interesting attack variation we didnโ€™t include here, but we can say for sure that these 10 openings have killer instincts. :)


King’s Indian Attack (KIA)

ECO A07-A08

This is a very nice and strong attack. Since the beginning, White is driving the pieces to the kingside, because at some point they get some … Read more

King's Indian Defense in chess
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Alberto Chueca

King’s Indian Defense In Chess – A Guideline

King’s Indian Defense In Chess

Now is my time to introduce to you, the King’s Indian Defense in chess!

As we all know, 1. d4 as the first move for White is getting very popular. It leads to a different type of game rather than 1. e4 which many players like. As Black, it can be a struggle to find a solid defense to 1. d4.

What if there was an opening, and I told you Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, and Bobby Fischer all used it? That would honestly be hard to pass up!

How to arrive at the King’s

Read more
Sicilian Defense In Chess
02 Chess openings โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Sicilian Defense Opening In Chess

The Sicilian Defense Opening In Chess

If you’re looking for that type of exciting opening line, the Sicilian Defense Opening in chess may be perfect for you!

We all know that 1. e4 is one of the top moves we are taught as a beginner. We learn techniques, for example, to control the center, develop Nf3, Bc4, etc. When we teach beginners, we simulate Black doing the same; e5, Bc5, Nf6, etc… Doesn’t that sound pretty boring as Black?

Finding a Black opening repertoire can be a daunting challenge. As White, your play is easier, as you get the first … Read more

Spanish Opening in chess
02 Chess openings โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Spanish Opening In Chess – Plans and Strategies

Ruy Lopez Opening – Plans and Strategies

The next opening we are going to learn about is the Spanish Opening in chess, also known as the Ruy Lopez. The Ruy Lopez name is named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy Lopez de Segura. The Spanish opening is one of the principled openings we teach to beginners, as the emphasis is on controlling the center, piece development, and early King safety. It’s very similar to the Italian Opening, as the same principles are applied there.

The difference between the Italian and the Spanish is that the Bishop develops to c4 in … Read more

petrov defense
02 Chess openings โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Chess Openings: The Petrov’s Defense

Petrov’s Defense, Petroff’s Defense or Russian Defense.

We have the Petrov’s Defense on the board after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6. This defense has the reputation of being very passive, but this is a little relative, it depends on the variation. People say Sicilian (1. e4 c5) is a sharp Defense, however, if White plays Alapin (c3 in the second move), then it wonโ€™t be that sharp.

Above all, when you play Petrov’s Defense, you will get some solid positions, without weaknesses and with a balanced game or in the worst case with a very small advantage … Read more

06 Online Chess, Databases and Software โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Chesslang – Tools for Online Chess Academies (I).

Tools for Online Chess Academies: Chesslang.

Are you finding a powerful software to help you to have online chess lessons and train your students? Then, you must discover Chesslang. I will show you the pros and contras that it has this software.

Chesslang is one of the tools that I use as a coach in my Online Chess Academy. Let me show you Chesslang in-depth.

What can you do in Chesslang?

  1. Train your students, having the possibility to upload pgns and load them in the lesson. In addition, the microphone and the webcam are incorporated.
  2. Give them assignments to
Read more
07 Chess Tournaments โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

Chess is by far the top intellectual game in the world. People who don’t play chess perceive chess players as “smart people”. And there is no doubt truth to that, chess requires critical thinking, decision making, memorization, etc. Therefore, we must salute and recognize the best chess players in the world. There are estimates that 600 million people worldwide play chess.

The top 100 chess players account for such a tiny percentage of players almost unfathomable. So let’s give these heroes their due, and count down the top … Read more

Queen's Gambit in chess
02 Chess openings โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The Queen’s Gambit in Chess – What You Need to Know

The Queen’s Gambit in Chess

Most beginners are taught to play 1. e4 as White, as it controls the center and paves way for pieces to come out immediately. However, there are people who are starting to pick up 1. d4 as a strong alternative. The only downside to d4 is that it will delay castling by a few moves. However, players appear to be finding that d4 might be more solid, lead to interesting positions, and quite simply, might be better for their styles. The first 1. d4 opening we should learn is after Black mimics White’s movement with … Read more

screen shot 2020 01 22 at 10.43.52 pm
06 Online Chess, Databases and Software โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The Chess Set to revolutionize the game – Square Off

Virtual Chess Set

Maybe you play games on the internet, most chess players play thousands of blitz games solely on the internet. Have you ever longed for that experience to play a real person across from you on the chessboard? With the Square Off chess set is possible!

Chess clubs and tournaments exist for that very reason, however, maybe you don’t have the means or resources to go out and play competitively. But you are sick of staring at a computer or iPhone screen with dimensional pieces.

Why not combine the two experiences? You can play real-life games over … Read more

10 reasons to play chess
05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

10 reasons to play chess. The big benefits of chess!

Benefits of chess. Play chess is one of the best activities you can practice

Chessย is a sport that helps you develop your concentration and improves your level of thinking. Because it doesnโ€™t depend on age nor does it require retirement, this sport is played by people of all ages during the whole year.

Here I leave you a list of reasons to play chess and you will see why you should play chess:

10 reasons to play chess. IM Alberto Chueca – Chess coach

10.ย Socialize

This sport always requires that you play against another person. Playing with someone … Read more


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