The Ultimate Chess Links Directory (+50 links)

chess links directory

+50 Best chess websites on the internet

Find the best websites to play chess online, improve your chess, and have a good experience. Here is a chess links directory for you to choose and compare the best options.

We will organize the webs for the functions they offer, we recommend you choose the one you are looking for in the table of contents.

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There are webs to:

  • Play chess online
  • Train tactics and strategy with puzzles
  • Download free chess books
  • Watch chess lessons
  • Have access to databases with master games
  • Analyze your games

Chess links directory to pages to play online

The chess link directory for the best web pages to have live chess games online, free, easy, and quick. is an online chess server powered by ChessBase. Here you can play chess against the players in a lobby, and custom the game as you like. The lobby system is a good advantage; this way you can choose who you’ll play.

FIDE online arena

This is the official world chess site to play following the FIDE rules, and it affects your real rating! You can play rated games in official FIDE-approved servers, play tournaments, and find puzzles, and more.


Lichess counts with one of the biggest chess communities and has a friendly interface. All of the content of the page is free, and you can find really useful information about chess. From all in the chess links directory, here you can watch streams, solve puzzles, contact masters, see chess lessons, and more. is the top 1 server in the world to play chess online and improve in chess. It has the greatest community of chess masters, coaches, and players, willing to help you improve in chess. You can find awesome resources, like chess drills, personalized lessons, and chess clubs to play and discuss chess.


Popular because of its interface and the amazing content they release in its blogs. Chess24 allows you to play online, play tournaments, have an ELO rating system, watch lessons, etc. The platform has its strength in blogs and streams made by strong grandmasters, with help of incredible chess stars. Here you can find Anish Giri, Liem Quang, Pepe Cuenca, and more


Chesstempo has one of the quickest interfaces on the internet, you can play with no restrictions by registering on the page. Simple and pretty design, you can play and fight to be on the leaderboard of this amazing web.


Chesskid is the version for kids, with more friendly and infantile features to help kids become better chess players. The content here is family and friends, and the interface is easy to understand and manipulate. The community is only conformed by other kids, and there is supervision.

Internet chess club

The oldest chess server that has ever existed, and one of the most complete. You can find all kinds of chess resources, magazines, PGN files, and blog posts, of the most useful nature. You can also play online, or sign up for face-to-face chess competitions around your area, excellent options from the chess links directory.

Red Hot Pawn

A direct website, no ads, no spam, just high-quality games with a comfortable interface and amazing playing experience. This site screams good personality, one of the best servers, with a competence easier than or lichess.


This is a good community of chess, here you can play online and solve puzzles with different difficulties. They organize chess tournaments between the clubs on the page. They count on a gigantic database and several other functions.


This is a great chess server to play chess online, also you can play the machine with different bots to train. The interface is simple and comfortable, also there is a chess analysis tool always on the right side.


This chess site is obviously intended for kids, the functions are basic, but it’s excellent to learn. You have the live game function, the calculation training, and puzzles. Also, there are other functions to learn other sciences, like math, geometry, and more.


Quick and easy chess online games, it functions very well on iPhones as well. The site is completely intended to play chess, you don’t need registration to play, and is free.

Flyordie chess

Flyordie chess takes us back to the lobby system to find partners to play with a simple interface and chat functions. You can also play tournaments and challenge top players, there are no restrictions to play players with a higher rating.


Shredder is a free-to-use chess engine, a good option apart from Stockfish. You can play the module for free, and can also use it to analyze your games and calculate variations. You also have access to the endgames and openings database.

Chess links directory to chess puzzles

Here you will find a list of the best chess sites to solve tactical puzzles and review tactical motives.


This is the number one page ranking on Google, offers brand-new chess puzzles from the most recent games, a good option of the chess links directory. You have access to the puzzles and the details of it, you can view the game it is from, and the whole game if you want. It also has good suggestions for beginners.


This site covers all types of puzzles, you find strategic and tactical puzzles from a great database. And you can find positions organized in themes, like the f7 square, desperado, bishops sacrifice, and more.


Here you have a great variety of chess puzzles to solve, you compete to be first on the leaderboard. If you want something more difficult you can try out the compositions, there are.


Apart from having normal functions like live chess and, analysis, you can solve tactical puzzles depending on your level. Chess endgames, opening, and middle-games tactics or hard combinations if you prefer.


Here you can play free puzzle rush and puzzle battle with no limits, apart from the normal tactics. With few functions, it throws you directly into the puzzle rush with three different modalities.

Solve chess puzzles and make your own puzzle if you want, you can use chess puzzles and solve others’ tactical problems.

Chess links directory to download chess books

Chess links directory to the best webpages to download free or paid chess books to train your chess. There is no specific order, all of the pages offer good content.


This page is not special for chess books, however, you can find some good-quality books here. Download chess books for free, quick, and easy.

Qualitychess is the official webpage to an editorial specialized in chess books. Most of the books are paid for, but you can get some good chess books for free.


Chesszone has straightforward links to download chess books, in PDF format and for ChessBase as well.


Here you have a great bank of chess books free to download, the books are about different topics, and themes. You have many authors to choose from, and the download is straight, the site has no ads.


Chesscentral is a regular chess shop, here you can buy chessboards, clocks, and books. Here you have an easy book you can download, in PDF format.


Here you can find all kinds of books, and you can find chess books as well. Here you have books by Mark Dvoretsky and Garry Kasparov to download for free.

Chess links directory to databases

Here is a chess link directory for chess databases with lots of games to analyze, study openings, and improve your game.


Here you can comfortably filter your games by rating the players, openings used, and different important data. You have a board to analyze the game right there, or you can download it.

Chessgames allows you to review or download chess games in PGN files. You can also discuss with other users the games and give your opinion in the forum.


Opening master offers you a database with thousands of games, you have to pay for the packages of games. However, the amount of games is huge, definitely worth checking out.


PGNmentor organized the chess games to download the following different players. The best grandmaster games in PGN format with clean downloads with no ads can unlock all the features by paying up the subscription.

Chess problem

Here you will find a directory of chess themes and different things to do. You can download the positions or you can discuss them in the forum.


Here you can download free chess PGN files to view on your board. And you can solve the tactics with an interface (fritz, for example) and check out the solutions.


In chessessentials you can find blog posts, magazines, puzzles, and events related to chess. You have free access to the databases and the problems to solve.

Chess links directory for free chess lessons

Here you have the best websites to find chess lessons and review coaches' courses.


Here you can download good chess courses for free, in PDF format for you to organize training. Depending on your level you can download a course or another, they offer a good structure to improve your chess.

iChess is a great platform to play chess online, study, and improve chess by using different strategies. You can find a great number of free chess lessons and classes with grandmasters. You have the “Master Method” chess course for a good price, one of the best on the whole chess link directory.

Learningchess offers high-quality courses to review on the page, you can’t download them. And there are many more courses you can unlock by paying a subscription.


Chesssteps offers a personalized chess method to improve your game, you find a complete course in books. You can have most of it for free, or you can pay to have the whole course.


Here you have important chess themes organized in lessons, like chess center, rules, positional play, tactics, and more. Find online chess lessons for players at any level, completely free.


This site offers personalized and custom chess lessons, you have to sign up and book in for chess lessons online. The lessons are intended for kids.

Grandmastermac is a webpage run by an American grandmaster who teaches chess. You can have online chess lessons for everyone, for a low price.

Thegreatcourses is a useful page where you can find many courses, and there is a special chess course. The course is dictated by an international master, and you have pretty good lessons to review.

Chess links directory for chess boards and pieces


King Chess Sets is a one-stop shop for hand-crafted wooden chess pieces and chess boards. Chess pieces in Ebony, Rosewood, African Padauk and Sheesham (Indian Rosewood). King Chess Sets offers double-weighted and triple-weighted chess pieces, inlaid wooden chess boards and Rechapados veneer Spanish chess boards.

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