10 Good Reasons to train with a Chess Coach

You may be wondering if it is really worth hiring a chess coach, if you can improve your rating by hiring one, or perhaps the most common question:

“Will a chess coach really help me to improve?”

We want to give you a transparent opinion and show you the importance of this point. Train with a chess coach to not have more frustations!


Understanding the level we are and what we need to progress

How can you expect to improve your rating if you don't know the concepts you need to learn at the level you're?

Knowing the level, you have can motivate you to improve and can help set clear goals for the levels you want to reach. This will give you a more reliable, and measurable path to follow, where you can see how much you have improved.


Effective methodology to train

We always have mentioned. It's not about how much time you study, but HOW you study. Eight hours of bad training results in time invested, a lot of fatigue, and no improvement at all.

But 1 hour of well-prepared, content-rich, and organized training will mark the difference with the regular player.

A chess coach can indicate to you how to study correctly, and even more, adjust the study techniques personally for you. That way the coach is optimizing your training, making you seize training at maximum.

A good chess coach is well-prepared to see your mistakes on the spot and redirect you to fix them.


Avoid blunders and increase the compromise to improve

It's not the same making all of the work by yourself as working with other people.

Professional chess players train with other players, and a chess coach will tell you all of the parts that you are thinking in the thinking process. The coach will guide you so you can get always your goals and faster.

You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with another player who has more experience than you.


Getting a group to train

When you are training with a chess coach, you will know other chess students or players.

The coach will take care of finding opponents for you and you can establish a relationship with, which is always beneficial.


Better prepared for tournaments

Train with a chess coach and they will make sure that you find opportunities to play with other people at your level. When you are taking classes with a chess coach, a common practice is to make your students play against each other… The coach will help you to select the best tournaments and sections for the level you are.

Train with a chess coach and experienced player

Improve your strategy and technique

of ideas

Increased level of understanding

Learn faster with a good methodology

Improve your experience

Increase your



A chess coach counts with the vision and the tools to tell you if you have improved or not. The coach will also test you in many different ways to know exactly where the improvement is or needs to be depending on the conclusions.

Remember that the chess player needs methodology, training, books, techniques, and ways of study according to their level. This is why is important to keep track of the progression of the student, to know if they need greater challenges, or slow down the pace.


Tools and elements of study

Have you seen how much is the cost of any online chess book? Or chess boards? Chessbase? Classes? Databases? All of this it's needed if you want to study chess properly by yourself, and you will have to invest money on all of these things.

However, chess coaches will provide you with all of these tools and even better material created by themselves.


Coach support

The coach always will do the best efforts for their students, not simply giving out a service.

Train with a Chess Coach to get the motivation you need!


All in one!

A chess coach is a teacher, a guide, someone who will help you learn all of what’s necessary to succeed, in this case, at chess.


Save time and progress faster

If you want to progress quickly… definitely YES! Having a chess coach will make the process a lot easier in comparison to simply doing it on your own.

If you really want to improve quickly you should hire a chess coach. They will provide you with knowledge, strategy, training methods, and more things that it would take so long for you to figure out by yourself.

train with a chess coach

Would you like to progress quickly at chess?
Train with a chess coach!