Some of the chess students of The Rebel Alliance


Chess students: Vyom Vidyarthi (USA)

International Master (2021)
North American Junior Champion (2021)
14th in the World Chess Championship U-10 (2017)

World Chess Champion FIDE Rapid U10 Girls (2020)

3 times PanAmerican Champion

Chess students: Omya Vidyarthi (USA)

Chess students: Alejandra Sandoval Rivera (México)

The only Mexican girl in the top 50 of the USA U-14 (2020)

Initial FIDE Rating: 2148

Top 3 in the U-12 World Ranking (2018)
Shiv Shome in Chessbase News
(Now he has reached +2300)

Chess students: Shiv Shome (India)

Pranav Sathish

The Rebel Alliance

“Alberto has helped me improve a lot in chess. He shares interesting and creative ideas. Alberto makes chess fun and keeps challenging me with more advanced concepts every week.  He analyzes my games and helps me make fewer mistakes with each tournament.”

Kingshuk Das Chowdhury

The Rebel Alliance

“Alberto´s coaching of Kingshuk has been excellent. Kingshuk has improved immensely in his chess games. We cannot thank Alberto enough for his dedication in teaching Kingshuk, and his commitment to the game of chess for young people.”

Yashnil Saha

The Rebel Alliance

“Coach Alberto has improved my chess skills and confidence tremendously. He focuses on individual concepts that help me in the opening, middle and end game.”


Subham Patankar

The Rebel Alliance

“I am a part of the chess academy for over a year, that makes me very happy. I really enjoy coaching by Alberto, he is a very good teacher. My chess has improved a lot since I joined the academy. The assignments, puzzles and the tournaments have helped me learn chess. I am lucky to be part of this academy where my coach cares a lot about me and my game. I really appreciate it.


Russel Keating

The Rebel Alliance

"I have so much to learn but I enjoy learning and improving. The Rebel Alliance courses are teaching me much. I really like the live Masterclasses. Alberto's clear explanations are helping my thought processes. Solving tactics puzzles is good for board vision and pattern recognition but only goes so far. It doesn’t help me think or plan Middlegame strategy when there is no tactic. Alberto's really helping me improve in this area-thinking, analyzing, planning. After only a few short weeks, my online play is improving. I am getting better positions and even beating some players rated higher than me. Alberto's a great teacher and really have a gift for teaching. Just wanted to say thank you.”

vishva circle

Vishva Nanugonda

The Rebel Alliance

"Alberto has improved my chess skill a lot. Since I joined him, I developed my end games, positional knowledge, and strategy.
He trains me by analyzing my tournament games, giving me tactics, studying openings, middle and end games."

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