The Chueca Method:
Create a solid base of concepts

IMPORTANT: We only will progress in chess if we study the specific concepts we need depending on the level we are at. Create a solid base of concepts is the key to improve in chess every day.

In general, it’s easy to get time pressure in our games. Then, or you know the concepts perfectly at 100% or you don’t know them. If you’ve got small doubts about them, it means you don’t know them.


apprentice rebel


official rebel


master rebel

THE KEY: Get concepts and a good base

*Tactic: Many easy chess puzzles to get tactical patterns.

-The centre
-The initiative
-The development
-The dynamic in chess
-The squares

-The squares
-The bishop
-The knight
-Good bishop vs bad knight
-Good knight vs bad bishop
-Two bishops vs knight pair
-Rook vs Bishop
-Rook vs Knight
-Queen vs 2-3 pieces
-The weaknesses
-The fortress
-The Zugzwang

-Basic pawn endgames
-Advanced pawn endgames
-General basic endgames
-The triangulation
-The rule of the square
-Checkmate: bishop pair
-Basic rook Endgames
-Philidor, Lucena, Levenfish positions.

THE KEY: Control advanced topics in chess

*Tactic: Few and complicated puzzles to improve the spatial vision.

-Simple repertoire for W&B
-Unusual openings
-Secundary lines and gambits
-Traps in the openigs

-Double pawns
-The dynamic in chess
-Attack on the king
-Do not hurry
-Schematic thinking
-Gruenfeld pawn structure
-Isolated pawn (in depth)
-Passed pawns
-Backward pawn
-Hanging pawns
-Stonewall pawn structure
-Simmetrical pawn structure
-Minority attack
-The island pawns
-Attack in opposite sides

-Checkmate: knight and bishop
-Different colour bishops
-Same colour bishops
-Knight vs pawn
-2 knights vs pawn
-Knight endgames
-Queen endgames
-Advanced pawn endgames

THE KEY: Perfection your style. Flexibility.

*Tactic: Mixed exercises to stay active and ready for the tournaments.

-Flexibility in the style
-Advanced repertoire for W&B
-Perfection the repertoire
-Several lines in the same opening
-Change to the main lines

-The preparation of a game
-The classical players
-The defense
-The positional sacrifice of pawn
-The exchange sacrifice
-Thinking in the endgame
-Eagerness to win material
-Eagerness to get draw
-The liquidations
-Enthusiasm to attack the king
-Enthusiasm to exchange pieces
-Changes of pieces in the defense
-Changes in the opening
-Creative studies
-The psychology in chess

-Creative endgames
-Rook and bishop vs rook
-Two minor pieces vs rook
-Rook vs bishop and pawns
-Many pieces endgames
-Typical endgames of openings
-How to put the pawn structure
-Blindfold chess

Acquire chess patterns, key concepts and
strategies to improve your rating.

Let me guess.

If you’ve come this far it’s because you are thinking about improving your chess level in the coming months and you don’t really know where to start.

Perhaps you have already tried, but you’re not getting the desired results:

  1. Firstly, you keep studying chess and you see that it doesn’t improve. You’re frustrated because you know you have potential and you there is so much more you could give.
  2. Secondly, you see that players at your level improve and you don’t. You are studying, no one looks at your results and you think you are stuck. It’s hard. And most of all, unfair.
  3. Finally, you know you’re not 100% competing. You need to avoid silly mistakes and improve everything you can.

In other words, you want your to grow, in order to compete in a different and more fun way. “The Chueca Method” has been designed to solve these problems.

A happier, zero frustration chess.

Feel that you have given everything in the game.

Develop all your potential in chess.

Start improving from today, without having to wait until you’re retired to study chess.

I understand you perfectly.

I’ve been there and I know all the problems of each phase. For that reason, I have developed “The Chueca Method” designed especially for each phase. You can apply it in a group or individually depending on the level you are.

The Chueca Method:
The system that will make you improve
your rating like a rocket.

alberto chueca chess online

How does “The Chueca Method” work?

I will check your chess level and I will give you the concepts and the tools that you need (depending on the strength you’ve got) to progress as soon as possible, like a rocket!

Other students have had incredible results with “The Chueca Method”. Check “Our Rebels”.

-Can I study the intermediate level if I don’t know properly all the concepts of the beginner?

-Can I study the intermediate level if I don’t know properly all the concepts of the beginner?

No, if you want to run first you need to learn to walk. I don’t recommend it. I have seen many people who are studying thousands of hours of openings or advanced themes without knowing perfectly the basic concepts of the middlegame. The problem is that they don’t progress and have got the same rating because aren’t solving the main problems of their games.

-When can I access to the next level?

You will need to work perfectly on the base of the concepts to continue to the next levels. For some training programs, a specific rating is required.

-What will I learn?

I have designed a list with the concepts that we will work and you must know perfectly in each phase. And in every phase, I add specific topics for you depending on what you need.