Bobby Fischer
Alberto Chueca

My 60 best games of Bobby Fischer

One of the most popular former world champions is Robert James Fischer, an American with an explosive style and who ended up teaching the world how valuable the game of chess really is, he brought from publicity to controversy due to his eccentric personality, however, on this occasion we will talk about his most popular book, My 60 best games.

This is a book that as its name indicates, Bobby Fischer highlights his best games and shows what could have been totally different in several of his games.

Who is Bobby Fischer?

Robert James Fischer was Read more

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07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

III Open International Festival Sant Joan d’Alacant

A great opportunity for those who want a challenge of an event here in Spain! Take into account that this is a high-level chess event where anyone can participate. Here you will learn all the details to take part in the Festival Sant Joan d’Alacant!

It is an open international tournament, accomplishing IM and GM norms is possible in this tournament. The tournament will take place in the Hotel Kaktus Albir, a 4-star-hotel and one of the best in Alicante.

The province of Alicante is famous for its chess history, having seen top-class chess tournaments. This province has seen players … Read more

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07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

NEW – Ukraine imposes in solidarity match against Norway – 2022

A friendly match was arranged between Norway and Ukraine, a very interesting match where Ukraine imposes to Norway and ended up winning! The lead of the Norwegian team was Magnus Carlsen, while the veteran Vasyl Ivanchuk was the head of the Ukrainian team.

Various important chess institutions organized an initiative to prepare for this event. The good knight chess club, Offerspill chess club, chess teach, And Lviv chess federation joined in this case.

Several grandmasters were on the Norwegian team, Aryan Tari, Lars Oskar Hauge, and Johan-Sebastian Christiansen. And among the Ukrainian team were incredibly strong masters like Kirill Shevchenko, … Read more

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chess database engines
06 Online Chess, Databases and Software ♟️
Alberto Chueca

How to Use A Chess Database To Improve?

What is a chess database?

This is a regular question many chess players do, and it’s an interesting one, a database is important for a chess player. It provides you with relevant information about chess and gives you material to study and improve their play.

A chess database consists of a large number of chess games organized for people to review. Databases usually are divided into categories, for example, a database with chess games of the Sicilian opening only.

The databases can also be prepared to focus on a player, for example, Magnus Carlsen’s games chess database. A chess database … Read more

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competition chess results
07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Learn how to get better chess results in tournaments!

Improving your tournaments' chess results

Playing chess tournaments is a beautiful and challenging moment for us chess-lovers. The chess tournament player needs to have certain habits to get their chess results better.

To have good chess results in competitions we need a certain level of preparation. This preparation is following practices intended to train different points, like opening repertoire.

This may be important but is not essential, there are some techniques to train many points in a chess player. Some could be intended to sharpen the tactical vision, for example, others may be to reinforce our motivation or mindset to Read more

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closed tournaments spain
07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess – IM/GM Closed Tournaments are played every 2 months in Spain

Club Escacs Barcelona organizes closed tournaments every 2 months

According to the statistics, Spain is the country with more chess tournaments in the World. Exactly in Catalonia probably you can play every day in the year without stop and even choose what tournament play because some of them are played on the same dates! However, although there are many chess tournaments to play only a few of them in Spain are closed tournaments.

Closed tournaments are interesting for chess players who want to try to get some IM-GM norms or just want to have 9 hard games and improve their Read more

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first saturday chess tournaments
07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

First Saturday Chess Tournaments. Fight for IM and GM norms.

First Saturday chess tournaments

These days I was surfing on the Internet when I saw “The First Saturday Chess Tournaments”. What was this? They are tournaments played in Budapest the first Saturday of each month and are valid for GM and IM norms!

They are very strong tournaments for players who want to get an IM or GM norm. I have seen that these events have been organized since 1992! It's amazing!

First Saturday  I think if you feel good to play and you are finding a norm it can be the fastest way to get it. Why? Because the tournament gives you … Read more

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ansoain chess tournament
07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

IV Ansoain Chess Open

For some players, the most important part of the chess tournaments is if they raise their chess rating or they lose it. Others find the prizes and others just want to enjoy playing chess… The chess tournament is the perfect opportunity to examine our own abilities… And a very interesting one is the IV Ansoain Chess Open!

The truth is that for all the chess enthusiasts is always good to know about the next chess tournaments. For those, I must inform you that this time Ansoain Chess Club in collaboration with the The New Casino organizes from August 6thRead more

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guimaraes chess open
07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

My next tournament: Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 04 a 07 de Outubro

My next tournament will be the Guimarães Chess Open (Portugal)

Hello friends! Yes! The next chess tournament that I will play will be in Portugal! I will play the Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 

The tournament is very strong with lots of Grandmasters and International Masters. It will be hard! There are 7 rounds and will be played in 4 days (with double rounds). The tournament is growing and well organized.

One of the interesting things of the tournament is that we will play in the afternoons (20:00h), something unusual in other countries (like Spain) but many players like to play late! I … Read more

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07 Chess Tournaments ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess against cancer

Chess against cancer: A chess tournament against the childhood cancer

Every year, in December, my friend Borja Sanmartín and the ASPANOA Association (an association created against childhood cancer) organize a very famous tournament of chess against cancer to collect money to help in this fight. It's a tradition and a very good reason.

The tournament is really strong and many international and grandmasters play it. Although the most important part is to collaborate with this tournament to help the children that they need this help.

It will be played on Sunday, December 2, 2018, in the morning session starting at … Read more

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