Chess – IM/GM Closed Tournaments are played every 2 months in Spain

closed tournaments spain

Club Escacs Barcelona organizes closed tournaments every 2 months

According to the statistics, Spain is the country with more chess tournaments in the World. Exactly in Catalonia probably you can play every day in the year without stop and even choose what tournament play because some of them are played on the same dates! However, although there are many chess tournaments to play only a few of them in Spain are closed tournaments.

Closed tournaments are interesting for chess players who want to try to get some IM-GM norms or just want to have 9 hard games and improve their level. Playing games with players of a similar level will force you to do your best playing!

On Friday, June 21st we finished a closed tournament in the Club Escacs Barcelona, the first official chess club in Spain! But the club organizes every 2 months different closed tournaments for IM, GMs and even amateur tournaments!

With us, there were 3 closed tournaments more. 1 to get the Catalan Master norm and 2 closed more for amateur players.

The next ones will be in August 2019 and there will be others around October and at the end of December! It can be a good opportunity to play them! Contact as soon as possible because the seats are limited.

If you are interested, you can contact the organizer Juan Manuel Sanchez to know all the details of the next tournaments. He will be glad to give you all the information you need: [email protected] or calling to (+34) 615 753 008.

The statistics of the closed tournament for IM norm

In this tournament, 2 IM norms were got! Gerard Ayats Llobera with 7,5/9 getting the International Master title and Vladimir Chernikov with 6,5/9 getting his first IM norm. Congratulations!

Another norm was got (Organizer norm) by Juan Manuel Sanchez in this closed tournament as Chess Organizer.

Gerard Ayats

Gerard Ayats Llobera, new IM

img 20190621 205428

Vladimir Chernikov, new IM norm

And although I didn't get the IM norm, I had chances and I learned much with the experience. All the games were hard and you improve much playing these games. I'm very happy to have played it.

We were 10 players (9 rounds) and 45 games were played. Only 14 were draws! All the players were fighting until the end.

You can see all the results here:

Alberto Chueca

Jimenez Ruano, A – Chueca Forcén, A

The tournament was professional, serious and at the same time, the environment was close and friendly

The famous and prestigious arbiter Manuel Navarro did that the tournament started every day on time with all the boards and clocks prepared. There wasn't any problem during the tournament.

After the game, the Club Escacs Barcelona had an analysis room to check the game with your opponent. During the week you had time to know each player of the tournament and share chess tips or just play blitz games with the others. You could know IMs and GMs and learn from them.

In addition, there was a bar in the club where Jorge Abad (a very good chef!) was preparing amazing meals every day at a very cheap price. At the end of the tournament, the organization prepared a free meal for the players after share the awards to the winners. (Attached one of the several tables that Jorge prepared).

Jorge Abad

The table of the victory!

Jorge Abad

Alberto Chueca and Jorge Abad!

Then, the experience was so good. I could learn much from other chess players, know very kind people and enjoy doing something I love: play chess!

Thanks to the Club Escacs Barcelona and the organization to do it possible. Sure that I will repeat some tournament more! :)

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