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Chess bets

Chess bets are something that can make the beautiful strategy game look more thrilling and exciting. And you can participate in chess betting to have more fun too. Just imagine, if chess is exciting by itself, what would it be having the possibility to win money for it.

That’s the philosophy of the chess hustler and people that sometimes bet something to spice things up. Today we will talk about chess bets and how you can have fun with them, and also some advice for bettors.

Chess bets can be very fun when done correctly, in this post we will … Read more

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egocentric chess players
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Alberto Chueca

The Full Truth: Are some chess players egocentric?

The personalities of the chess players are always a little impregnated with egocentrism. At the top level, or even at lower levels as well, you can see that all chess players at some point, show it. But, are there egocentric chess players?

Defines egocentrism as the concentration on just oneself, and not thinking about anyone else. Sometimes, this can translate into thinking that your opponent is always inferior to you.

Maybe through a comment, maybe through their action, or simply by an opinion on a certain moment. You know that, usually, their comments could result disrespecting for some, or at … Read more

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chess t-shirt amazon
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Alberto Chueca

The Best Chess T-Shirt Amazon Offers! (+10)

Chess t-shirt Amazon

Chess is a game that can make anyone passionate, and you might be thinking about buying something to set the mood of chess. Buy some chess t-shirt Amazon has in stock. There are many beautiful products on the internet, among them, the chess t-shirts Amazon sells are good ones.

If you want to buy some fresh merch we have some suggestions that you might like. Here you will see chess t-shirts Amazon has available in its stock right now, which you can’t avoid buying!

Choose your weapon!

Get it here!

The first t-shirt we will see is … Read more

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chess movies pawn
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Amazing Chess Movies & Series To Watch!

Stunning chess movies you must watch

Chess is a game that has arisen intrigue among spectators and has its own kind of emotion and thrill. Incredibly, there is a good movie about chess, but the drama and complications get along with the game. Maybe that’s why there are many good chess movies.

If you want to see the most magic chess films keep reading and pay close attention, this will be a checkmate!

Amazing chess movies!

As chess lovers, we all like the art that has to do with sport/science, and the cinematographic world hasn’t forgotten about us. Here … Read more

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chess variation
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The funniest chess variations to escape the monotony

Chess and its different variations

Chess is a game that has had great reach all over the world, and it has a community that takes chess as a culture. This is why there is no surprise many other games have been invented and based on chess.

These games are usually called chess variations because they have their foundations on original chess. And, it’s not weird to see, most of these variations keep a consistent style with regular chess.

Playing chess variations can be really fun, and there are lots of them to choose from. Chess variations also have the purpose … Read more

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flyordie chess
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Alberto Chueca

Enjoy The Friendly FlyOrDie Chess Servers and You Will Have a Good Experience games platform

The flyordie chess page is just one of the “extensions” of the flyordie gaming server, where you can find various games to play. There are many kinds of games, the most played are the table games like checkers chess and others.

Flyordie servers and design prioritize performance over appearance and looks, which makes it better for people with low internet connections and computers.

It also offers pages for tournaments and competitions against other players and a good gaming experience. The different games that are available on the page are just to play online, there are no single-player … Read more

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chess in spanish
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Learning How to Express Your Chess in Spanish!

Expressing your chess in Spanish

Spanish is one of the most talked-about languages around the world so I understand you want to know how to talk about chess in Spanish.

Luckily for you, I am a Spanish international master of chess so of course, Spanish is my main language. Learning English is pretty much a requirement for mostly the entire population of the world.

English is an international language so this is necessary if you are going to work with people from different countries. But I still remember how to speak my language, the first chess books I read were … Read more

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chess table amazon
Funny Chess
Alberto Chueca

Top 5 best Chess Tables That You Will Love!

The most luxurious chess tables to find on the internet

We know how important it you is to have your chess table to play comfortably and nicely. A chess table can be a lot of help for anyone who wants to play outside of their houses.

Some street chess players carry around their own tables so they can just get in the first spot they like to play. It is very nice that people are willing to do that, it provides a better space to play chess.

There are many types of tables specialized for playing, normally you can find … Read more

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glass chess sets amazon
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Top 5 Magnificent Glass Chess Sets!

Stylish Glass chess sets

There is nothing that screams refined style tan a glass chess set, some people even just want it as a decoration. A chess set of this nature is not seen every day because truth is that it isn’t appropriate to play, but is an awesome piece of art.

The fanciness that you get from one of these is incredible, and don’t let the material deceive you. Even though it is still glass, the process to craft one of these is amazing and it’s done especially to avoid it getting broken.

However, a strong point we can … Read more

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kingdom hearts chess set
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Unique kingdom Hearts Chess set!

Kingdom Hearts chess set

In the original game series of kingdom hearts there is an interesting scene where we appreciate a kingdom hearts chess set:

Here we see two important characters of the series disputing a chess game of the kingdom hearts world. Nobody, except the creators of the game, know how this variation of chess is meant to be played nor any rules.

The chess set has an incredible look and the chessboard has ups and downs on the surface. The kingdom hearts chess set looks absolutely fantastic and many chess and kingdom hearts fans are dying to get … Read more

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