Top 7 Chess Memes

Chess memes make us laugh

Chess memes are kind of like chess jokes. In that, they have this innate ability to make us laugh because the chess terminology kicked in there really resonates with us.

Memes are funny in general because they are very relatable. Especially in this golden age of the internet, social media, etc, there are millions of memes available on the internet. While chess may not be a hot spot for internet humor and chatter, we have some jokes up our sleeves as well! :) We will be doing our best filtering out some good memes to … Read more

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chess clock
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

3 Steps to Choose the best chess clock

The chess clock is one of the key pieces of equipment all serious chess players must own. This is the device that tracks how much time is remaining for both sides. Just like chess pieces and chess boards, the chess clock is not a device that we use and ignore. Chess players must be proud of the clock they have bought!

There are so many chess clocks to choose from! This article is not biased, so we will not tell you which one to buy, but we will point you to features that make or break someone's decision to buy … Read more

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chess quotes
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

5 Famous chess quotes of all time

Chess quotes in our chess culture

What is the purpose of quotes? Quotes help us to remember and signify things. They're so iconic in our brain that they simply stick. We abide by all kinds of quotes in life, whether it be religion, good virtues, or simply everyday life. These chess quotes listed might seem cliche sometimes, however, they can be very powerful. They are so true!

We should try to live by some of these chess quotes, as they can be applicable to our chess games and chess habits, so open your ears and listen to the chess wisdom … Read more

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chess anecdotes
08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Antonio Gude

47 chess anecdotes. Will you know the 32th? Humor

Chess anecdotes (I): The professional chess player: Pillsbury

Let's start with some anecdotes about chess. From all indignities that a professional chess player must go through to earn a living, one of the worst would be getting inside a cubicle full of gadgets. Getting inside? Hiding. That was what the great American champion Harry Nelson Pillsbury had to do in one of the “Turkish” Ajeeb. A chess automaton-like many others did before him.

Our man spent some time like that, in the Chinese Museum in Philadelphia. Pillsbury, the professional chess player, moved the pieces that were supposed, moved

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