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Square 65: 65 keys to win in chess

Square 65: 65 keys to win in chess

✓ For Chess Players, Parents or Coaches

All the chess keys that will make you play at your best level and raise your rating quickly.

This book explains the 65 most important keys to progressing faster, optimizing our chess training, competing at peak performance and achieving all our goals.

It's ideal for chess players who want to develop their potential and show their best version, parents who want to properly guide their children, or coaches who want to apply these techniques with their students.


Hi, I am IM Alberto Chueca Forcén.

IM Alberto Chueca Forcén (International Master and official FIDE Trainer)
Founder of the High-Performance Chess Academy (The Rebel Alliance)

Official Coach of the United States for the U8, U10 and U12 World Cadets Chess Championship.

-Vyom Vidyarthi: 2021 North American Junior Champion obtaining the IM title. From 1500 to 2200 rating in just 3 years.
-Omya Vidyarthi: FIDE Women's Rapid U10 World Chess Champion3 times Pan American Champion. From 1100 to 1900 rating in just 2 years.
-Alejandra Sandoval Rivera: Only Mexican in the top 50 of the USA Under-14
-Shiv Shome: Initial FIDE rating: 2148. Top 3 of the U-12 World Ranking (2018)
-Pranav Sathish: From 1100 to 1800 rating in just 13 months. National Master (US).
-Vishva Nanugonda: From 1550 to 2050 rating.
-Jwalanthi Ram: From 1350 to 1800 rating.