How to play at chess? Discover incredible facts

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After knowing what you need about the board, the pieces and some moves. Now you need to learn how you can play chess and its advanced rules.

For playing chess correctly, you need to know about: check, checkmate, abandonment, tables, and other important rules. You will know later. How to play at chess? Keep reading and become a master.


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Download a chess PDF capable of revolutionize your game


Digital documents are dominating the world and of course, the world of chess does not escape this trend. You can open these types of format from your mobile, laptop and other devices wherever you are. This type of format is very useful.

If you want to get a PDF guide allows you to improve in chess and develop a good … Read more

Takes advantage of an extraordinary free chess download

26 Free chess download

A chess player needs three basic things in order to advance in the game: methodology, practice and a good guide. It serves him to achieve his purpose. If you want to improve, because you have already decided chess is your passion, you will have to make use of different tools like books, guides, videos… Sure you have found chess material … Read more

What is a chess base? Discover how to use it.

chess base

You can use a chess base to search through the internet for millions of games. Players from all over the world with all their information, opening books, endgames and much more information about chess.

You might ask yourself, what is this for? The answer is simple. If you are studying some opening you found interesting you can search it in … Read more

What is a PGN in chess? Discover all about it!

24 PGN chess

PGN stands for Portable Game Notation, people use this format on the computer to save (as its name implies) chess games. This small format helps chess players to record their games online, against computers or other players to use as a basis for their analysis and personal progress. Excellent, isn’t it?

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All about the chess tuition and its effective consequences

23 Chess tuition

Nothing more real than this phrase said by one of the best grandmasters in chess, David Bronstein: “Chess is a game where every piece count, where you have to have a better tactic than your opponent because otherwise, you will lose.”

Chess has transcended in history for more than six hundred (600) years. It is qualified as a sport, … Read more

Chess for beginners and its significant importance

Chess for beginners and its significant importance

Chess is a sport. Millions of people in the world play it and almost everyone knows chess game, I dare say by everyone. Somewhere, in a news item, a magazine article, TV series or film. I assure you that you have heard or seen something concerning chess.

Why is it so popular? Chess is fun, it’s exciting, once you enter … Read more

Chess classes for kids

Chess classes for kids

Both moms and dads, who enjoy the wonderful sport of chess, are often very eager to teach their children how to play. Chess classes for kids are a very effective method for them to learn correctly and fast.

Chess is a great way for parents to bond with their kids, make cute memories, and create new family traditions. A kid … Read more

Know the best chess platforms and improve your skills

20 Chess platforms

You may have wondered which chess platform is the best to play on, what they offer you and who you will play with. Perhaps you have other doubts, in this article, you will surely solve.

Currently,  more than six hundred million people in the world (600.000.000) play chess. However, this percentage reduces when we talk about people who play chessRead more

Chess against the cancer


A chess tournament against the childhood cancer

Every year, in December, my friend Borja Sanmartín and the ASPANOA Association (an association created against childhood cancer) organize a very famous chess tournament to collect money to help in this fight. It’s a tradition and a very good reason.

The tournament is really strong and many international and grandmasters play it. Although … Read more