Do you know the First Saturday chess tournaments? They are played in Budapest, monthly, valid for GM and IM.

First saturday Chess tournaments

First Saturday chess tournaments

These days I was surfing on the Internet when I saw “The First Saturday Chess Tournaments”. What was this? They are tournaments played in Budapest the first Saturday of each month and are valid for GM and IM norms!

They are very strong tournaments for players who want to get an IM or GM norm. I … Read more

My next tournament: Guimarães Chess Open 2018! (04 a 07 de Outubro)

Guimaraes Chess Open

My next tournament will be in Guimarães (Portugal)

Hello friends! Yes! The next chess tournament that I will play will be in Portugal! I will play the Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 

The tournament is very strong with lots of Grandmasters and International Masters. It will be hard! There are 7 rounds and will be played in 4 days (with double … Read more

Study chess will allow you to raise your skills. Discover it!

11 Study chess

Studying is always present in our lives. Constant learning is a human nature, but does chess also require this? Yes, study chess is necessary to progress in this game. Unlike other sports, chess is a purely mental activity where theory and practice win. Chess players have to invest a lot of time in study to prepare themselves, which is necessary … Read more

Start chess classes today and become a successful player

10 chess classes

The chess population is getting bigger and bigger and if you’re just getting into the sport or you already know it but not enough, you may run into problems that won’t allow you to progress in your game, chess classes are the right solution.

It’s not time to worry if you lose a game or meet people who play … Read more

Chess lessons will develop all your skills!

chess lessons

Chess is a mental battle between two players who want to capture the opponent’s king. A fundamental aspect of chess lessons is that it has analogies with everyday life since a decision-making is presented, we are surrounded by them and we barely open our eyes the time to take a decision is already here. For the battle to be … Read more

Are you finding a chess coach? The Rebel Alliance is your solution!

08 Chess coach. The rebel alliance


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Chess in schools

Chess in schools

Every day, people become more aware of the benefits of playing chess. This is one of the reasons for the use of the chess in schools. It’s being implemented as an activity for students to practice during class and during breaks.

However, the beginning of chess in schools goes back a few years to California. A volunteer father developed … Read more

IV Ansoain Chess Open

Ansoain Chess Tournament

For some players, the most important part of the chess tournaments is if they raise their chess rating or they lose it. Others find the prizes and others just want to enjoy playing chess… The chess tournament is the perfect opportunity to examine our own abilities… And a very interesting one is the IV Ansoain Chess Open!

The truth is Read more

Online chess lessons: The big benefits for the chess players!

online chess lessons

Learning is frequently considered a normal part of our professional life but also of our personal life. This is why learning, indistinctly of the type, shouldn’t be careless- including the learning of chess. In this article, I will explain the main benefits of the online chess lessons.

The internet world is constantly changing and the online chess lessons are a Read more

What are the chess engines and how to use them into Chessbase?

Chess engines

The chess engines are autonomous programs that complement the study; practice and training of chess. (Remember the importance of train chess clicking here.) These engines use communication languages that allow you to interconnect with other programs. I can quote an example: Chessbase (Chess program) with Fritz (Chess engine); those programs interact and can be used complementing each other.… Read more