GM Jose Martinez Emerges Victorious in November’s Bullet Brawl


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GM Jose Martinez emerged as the Bullet Brawl champion of November's first exciting showdown, displaying nerves of steel as he faced a late resurgence from GM Oleksandr Bortnyk. In a tournament filled with top-tier bullet chess players, Martinez built a substantial lead early on, only to be threatened by a remarkable 15-game win streak from Bortnyk, making the race to the finish a lot closer than anticipated.

Martinez's impressive victory wasn't the only highlight of the event. WCM Veronika Shubenkova earned the title of the top-scoring female participant and took home a $100 prize. In the community event, Cesar Lagos emerged as the victor, securing a commanding lead of 12 points over Umut Can.

Let's delve into the remarkable moments and strategies from this exciting Bullet Brawl event.

Martinez's Triumph

GM Jose Martinez, fresh from a third-place finish in the previous week's event, returned to the Bullet Brawl arena with exceptional accuracy and dexterity. As top-tier bullet chess players such as Bortnyk, IM Renato Terry, and GM Tuan Minh Le competed, Martinez established a commanding lead, showing remarkable consistency in his gameplay.

However, Martinez's path to victory was not without its challenges. In his fifth game, he faced a tough test from GM Jose Cardoso, who forced the eventual winner into a precarious situation, requiring him to execute a knight and bishop checkmate with only 12 seconds left on the clock.

The High-Speed Chess Duel

In the heat of the game, with just 12 seconds remaining, Martinez was up against TheBigBoss04 (2881) as he navigated a complicated position. In an impressive display of tactical skill, Martinez embarked on the journey towards the elusive knight and bishop checkmate:

  1. b3 c5
  2. Bb2 Nc6
  3. Nf3 d5
  4. e3 a6
  5. c4 d4
  6. exd4 cxd4
  7. d3 e5
  8. Be2 Bb4+
  9. Nbd2 a5
  10. O-O Nf6
  11. a3 Bd6
  12. Qc2 h6
  13. c5 Bc7
  14. Nc4 O-O
  15. Nfd2 Be6
  16. Bf3 Bd5
  17. Rfe1 Bxf3
  18. Nxf3 Qd5
  19. Ncd2 Rfe8
  20. Qc4 Qxc4
  21. Nxc4 Nd7
  22. Nfd2 Nxc5
  23. Ne4 Nxd3
  24. Red1 b5
  25. Nc5 Nxc5
  26. Nxa5 Rxa5
  27. b4 Nxb4
  28. axb4 Rxa1
  29. Rxa1 Nd3
  30. Bc1 Nxc1
  31. Rxc1 e4
  32. Kf1 d3
  33. Rc3 Be5
  34. Nc4 Bf6
  35. Ne4 Ra8
  36. Ke1 Bxc3+
  37. Nxc3 Ra1+
  38. Kd2 g5
  39. Nxb5 Ra2+
  40. Ke1 Re2+
  41. Kf1 Rb2
  42. Ke1 Rxb4
  43. Nc3 Rb3
  44. Nxe4 f5
  45. Nf2 Kf7
  46. Kd2 Rb2+
  47. Ke1 Re2+
  48. Kf1 Ra2
  49. Ke1 d2+
  50. Ke2 f4
  51. Kd1 Ke6
  52. h3 Kd5
  53. Ke2 Kc4
  54. Kd1 Kd4
  55. Ke2 Kc3
  56. Ne4+ Kc2
  57. Nxd2 Kc3
  58. Kf3 Rxd2
  59. g3 fxg3
  60. fxg3 h5
  61. g4 Rd3+
  62. Ke4 Rxh3
  63. gxh5 Rxh5
  64. Kf5 Kd4
  65. Kg4 Rh8
  66. Kxg5 Ke5
  67. Kg6 Rf8
  68. Kg5 Rg8+
  69. Kh6 Kf6
  70. Kh7 Rg4
  71. Kh8 Kf7
  72. Kh7 Rh4#

This remarkable sequence led to a stunning checkmate by Martinez, executed with just 12 seconds remaining on the clock. It exemplified the incredible speed and precision that top bullet chess players possess.

Bortnyk's Remarkable Comeback Attempt

As the event's clock was winding down, GM Oleksandr Bortnyk launched a spectacular comeback effort, achieving a remarkable 15 consecutive wins in an attempt to seize the championship title from Martinez. Bortnyk's resurgence was fueled by a stunning 26-move victory over GM Sergei Zhigalko, where he found an electrifying checkmate:

  1. d4 d5
  2. Nc3 Nf6
  3. Bf4 a6
  4. e3 e6
  5. a3 c5
  6. dxc5 Bxc5
  7. Nf3 Nc6
  8. Bd3 Bd6
  9. Bxd6 Qxd6
  10. O-O e5
  11. e4 d4
  12. Ne2 O-O
  13. h3 g6
  14. Qd2 Be6
  15. Ng3 Rac8
  16. Qh6 Rfd
  17. Ng5 Qf8
  18. Qh4 Qg7
  19. f4 exf4
  20. Rxf4 Nd7
  21. Raf1 Nce5
  22. Nf5
    22… gxf5
  23. exf5
    23… Nxd3
  24. f6
    24… Nxf6
  25. Rxf6
    25… Bxf1
  26. Rxf1
    26… Rxc2
  27. g3
    27… Rdc8
  28. Ne4
    28… Nf4
  29. Qxf4

This spectacular victory showcased Bortnyk's resourcefulness and determination to challenge Martinez for the title.

Other Highlights and the Future of Bullet Brawl

The event also featured several other notable participants, including popular content creator IM Eric Rosen, who secured the 24th position with 88 points, thanks to his tactical acumen.

With 106 titled players competing in this exciting Bullet Brawl event, it promises thrilling chess action and fierce competition. As November's second Bullet Brawl approaches, top players from the 2023 FIDE Grand Swiss are expected to join the competition, adding further excitement to the chess arena. Chess enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing players like GMs Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave competing online in this weekly tournament.

Bullet Brawl continues to gain popularity, drawing top GMs such as Hikaru Nakamura, Daniel Naroditsky, Andrew Tang, and Tuan Minh Le, providing chess fans with high-speed, high-stakes entertainment.

As chess fans eagerly anticipate the next installment of Bullet Brawl, the event remains a thrilling showcase of the immense skill, tactical prowess, and relentless competitive spirit of top chess players in the world. The bullet chess community can look forward to more nail-biting encounters and extraordinary chess moments in the upcoming editions of this exciting tournament.

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