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chess clock
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Alberto Chueca

3 Steps to Choose the best chess clock

The chess clock is one of the key pieces of equipment all serious chess players must own. This is the device that tracks how much time is remaining for both sides. Just like chess pieces and chess boards, the chess clock is not a device that we use and ignore. Chess players must be proud of the clock they have bought!

There are so many chess clocks to choose from! This article is not biased, so we will not tell you which one to buy, but we will point you to features that make or break someone’s decision to buy … Read more

chess notation
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Alberto Chueca

Chess notation — You should write your moves!

Chess Notation: the recording of chess moves

Have you ever watched top-level chess, maybe got inspired by the players putting on a chess show? Did you ever notice how mindlessly they would move the chess piece, hit their clock, and write something down on a sheet of paper? And when you go do it at a tournament for the first time, it seemed easy when observing, but it’s pretty difficult in practice!

But what are the players writing on the sheet of paper, following the moving of the pieces, and the pushing of the chess clock? That is chess notation, … Read more

07 Chess Tournaments โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The FIDE Trainer

There’s a place for FIDE chess trainers

Much credit is given to professional chess players in this wonderful field of chess. We know of Grandmasters (historically and presently) like Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen. However, as there are FIDE Grandmasters, what if I told you that there are FIDE certified chess trainers? Being a FIDE trainer is much more than the chess coach who takes on students and charges an hourly fee. FIDE Trainers are specially certified, and we will discuss those details today!

The FIDE Chess Trainer — what is it?

There are several types of FIDE … Read more

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Alberto Chueca

Is chess a sport?

Is chess a sport? The hotly debated topic

People have opinions and are entitled to their own opinions, about whether chess should be categorized as a sport or not. Casual chess fans, or certainly people who don’t play chess, would not think of chess in the same realm of football, baseball, boxing, etc, and is “just a game”.

Although, chess enthusiasts and professionals can argue that their game requires lots of physical endurance, and are also like sports in that strategy is key, and every once in awhile, you get lucky!

The point of this article will not be to … Read more

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Alberto Chueca

FIDE — What is it? A complete summary

What is FIDE?

FIDE stands for Fรฉdรฉration Internationale des ร‰checs, which essentially stands for “International Chess Federation”. To dive into this further, we should look into what is the definition of a federation. A federation is basically a union with a purpose under a governing body. That is essentially what it is. It’s a union of chess players and chess organizers, which all answers to one governing body, something we will cover later on in the article.

What does FIDE do?


FIDE is responsible for running many events for top players. FIDE also does a good job of getting … Read more


GM Norms in Chess – How to Produce Those to Titles

GM Norms in Chess

We’re going to talk later about the specifics of achieving IM norms in chess and GM norms in chess, which ultimately leads to how to reach GM in chess, however, we must understand that meeting the sole requirements are not simple at all. It takes a lot of practical work and effort, which we will talk about below

At all levels, we see the most accomplished chess players out there with fancy “titles” celebrating their accolades. The titles can include Candidate Master, National Master, FIDE Master, International Master, and the greatest achievement of all, GrandmasterRead more

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Alberto Chueca

Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

Top Chess Players In The World – The Best 100

Chess is by far the top intellectual game in the world. People who don’t play chess perceive chess players as “smart people”. And there is no doubt truth to that, chess requires critical thinking, decision making, memorization, etc. Therefore, we must salute and recognize the best chess players in the world. There are estimates that 600 million people worldwide play chess.

The top 100 chess players account for such a tiny percentage of players almost unfathomable. So let’s give these heroes their due, and count down the top … Read more

closed tournaments spain
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Alberto Chueca

Chess – IM/GM Closed Tournaments are played every 2 months in Spain

Club Escacs Barcelona organizes closed tournaments every 2 months

According to the statistics, Spain is the country with more chess tournaments in the World. Exactly in Catalonia probably you can play every day in the year without stop and even choose what tournament play because some of them are played on the same dates! However, although there are many chess tournaments to play only a few of them in Spain are closed tournaments.

Closed tournaments are interesting for chess players who want to try to get some IM-GM norms or just want to have 9 hard games and improve their Read more

first saturday chess tournaments
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Alberto Chueca

First Saturday Chess Tournaments. Fight for IM and GM norms.

First Saturday chess tournaments

These days I was surfing on the Internet when I saw “The First Saturday Chess Tournaments”. What was this? They are tournaments played in Budapest the first Saturday of each month and are valid for GM and IM norms!

They are very strong tournaments for players who want to get an IMย or GM norm. I have seen that these events have been organized since 1992! It’s amazing!

First Saturdayย I think if you feel good to play and you are finding a norm it can be the fastest way to get it. Why? Because the tournament … Read more

ansoain chess tournament
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Alberto Chueca

IV Ansoain Chess Open

For some players, the most important part of the chess tournaments is if they raise their chess rating or they lose it. Others find the prizes and others just want to enjoy playing chess… The chess tournament is the perfect opportunity to examine our own abilities… And a very interesting one is the IV Ansoain Chess Open!

The truth is that for all the chess enthusiasts is always good to know about the next chess tournaments. For those, I must inform you that this time Ansoain Chess Club in collaboration with the The New Casino organizes from August 6thRead more


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