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Learn the most typical chess endgames that you can play in a game and save points playing them properly.

I don’t know why but for many chess players the endgames are one of the main weaknesses when they can be very interesting! I love to analyze them.

Mainly, the games against players of a similar rating are decided in endgames.

In my Academy, the endgames are one of the first lessons that we’ve got. They are one of the main keys to progress quickly.

Finally, I hope to share with you a bit of the passion that I’ve got analyzing the endgames.

I hope you enjoy learning them :)

chess king
04 Chess endgames โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The King Chess Piece – It’s the most important of all of them

Chess pieces – The king

What is the goal of the game of chess? Have you ever really thought about that, when you watch others play a game of chess, and you want to do the same? What if I told you the goal of the game is to slay the enemy chess King? You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s mean!”.

Yes, chess is a mean game sometimes. In honor of the most important piece on the board, we are going to devote this whole article to studying and admiring the King chess piece.ย  ย From the looks, some history, … Read more

the opposition in chess king and pawn vs. king
04 Chess endgames โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The Opposition In Chess – King and Pawn vs. King

The Opposition in Chess

Many chess games go down to that final moment. For example, you played a hard-fought game, with a theoretical opening stage, smart planning by both sides, and some tactical shots by both players. The game transitions into the endgame. The player with the most knowledge and willpower will come out on top. In fact, several games come down to only a single King each, with only one pawn remaining for one side. Whether you can promote the pawn to a Queen is the difference between a win and a draw. Therefore, it’s vital to know these … Read more


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Alberto has helped me improve a lot in chess. He shares interesting and creative ideas. Alberto makes chess fun and keeps challenging me with more advanced concepts every week.ย  He analyzes my games and helps me make fewer mistakes with each tournament.5 stars

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Albertoยดs coaching of Kingshuk has been excellent. Kingshuk has improved immensely in his chess games. We cannot thank Alberto enough for his dedication to teaching Kingshuk, and his commitment to the game of chess for young people.

5 stars

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