I will explain the main concepts you need to know about chess middlegame to play better and improve your level.

It will include the strategy and technique that you acquire learning the basic concepts. For example, they can be pawn structures or typical ideas like: Domination, bishop vs knight, the bishop pair, the squares, the weaknesses in chess…

They are very instructive concepts to help you to progress in chess.

In general, the concepts explained in the chess middlegame are the concepts that are going to help you to improve more your chess level. Put much attention to them.

Sure you will want more! :)

the psychology in chess
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Secrets of The Chess Psychology

The Psychology in Chess

Chess is not just a board game, but a mind game, a fierce battle of minds and emotions (yes, emotions). It all comes down to a beautiful science that has been neglected by most, the psychology in chess.

Chess psychology can get really complex, considering this is the science that studies human natures and behaviors. In chess, psychology is important has a fundamental role in your chess performance.

Let’s explain the psychology in chess the easier we can for you to understand how it affects your game (and you in general).

  1. Studying psychology will help you
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5- ideas to not be a beginner in chess
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

5 Ideas to Not Be a Beginner in Chess

5 ideas to not be a beginner in chess

Getting better at chess is not an easy task, it requires work and effort, but you have a lot of fun along the way to mastery. For those who are starting we bring 5 ideas to stop being a beginner in chess.

This is the most difficult stage because we are still adjusting and getting used to nature to such a complex game as chess.

Fortunately, is the easiest to get over, and I’m pretty sure you will completely fall in love with this game while you give your first steps.… Read more

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chess en passant
02 Chess openings ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Chess en Passant Move Secrets for Advanced Players

The chess en passant move!

We have already talked about the unusual capture in chess in other blog posts, but the interesting chess en passant capture needs to be well-explained.

It is not easy to understand because the topic is very rich and has a great history behind it. The chess en passant has become so important in the development of chess.

Chess has suffered a lot of changes in the entire history that makes it difficult to really know how chess was before. The en passant chess move is something that was not very well-received by the masters of … Read more

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en passant chess
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The En Passant Capture in Chess

The “en passant” chess capture

It is impressive how many people who “know how to play chess” don’t know what the “en passant” chess capture is. This is one of those moves that we rarely see on the board but have a great impact on the game.

There are many different moves in chess, sometimes we encounter the ones called “special moves”. These are unusual moves that can completely change the nature of the chess game.

The en passant chess move is an interesting movement that wasn’t part of the original chaturanga. Chaturanga was the first version of chess ever … Read more

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chess 2700
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess 2700+ Rating

Chess 2700+ ELO: The combinative and analytic chess

Some people might not understand that how the chess 2700+ ELO works and is very interesting. If you don’t know it, the chess at 2700 ELO rating becomes a lot different, since the level of play becomes very high.

We already covered this topic, in the 2700 chess blog post, where we made a little research on chess 2700+ rating. Nonetheless, we never discussed the differences between amateur chess and 2700 chess.

The reality is that chess at this level turns into something very precise and the playstyle plays a fundamental role. … Read more

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knight chess piece
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Own Chess Knowledge: Knight Chess Piece

Knight Chess piece Meaning, movement, and placement

One of the most special pieces in the game of chess is the knight chess piece. The knight is one of the oldest pieces in the original chess (Shatrangj) invented in India a long time ago.

The knight is one of those chess pieces we all love, it may seem cute but it’s very dangerous when placed correctly. The knight chess piece is the only piece with the ability to move over other pieces (your pieces and the opponent’s as well).

Each player starts with two knights on their side, being the only … Read more

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queen chess piece
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Everything You need to Know About The Queen

The Queen Chess piece

All of us, chess-lovers, know the potential and effectiveness of the queen chess piece in a game. The queen is the most powerful piece on the board because it provides a lot of dynamism to the position.

The queen chess piece can move in any direction with no square limit. Basically, the queen moves just like the other pieces on the board except for the knight, we could say it is all of the chess pieces combined.

When the pawn reaches the eighth rank it can be promoted into a queen just like any other piece. … Read more

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chess queen
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

How to use the chess queen to take over the tournament

Chess queen: The most aggressive piece on the board

The chess queen is the most important piece in the game of chess, it provides dynamism and attacks to the position. Using the queen for the attack is always the strategy of the player who has the initiative in chess.

There are many patterns and tactics related to the chess queen, every chess player should know to start playing chess. The different ways to get synergy within the pieces and exploiting their potential at the most of it.

The thing with the chess queen is that it covers a ridiculous amount … Read more

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quality chess book
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

High-level Quality Chess Books to Become a Chess Machine

Choose high-quality chess books

Quality chess books are the oldest way to research or learn chess to dominate the practical tools the book is trying to teach you. There are tons of books of any kind about the topic you like, with great content that represents an artwork of creativeness.

Every book in the world deserves to be read, just because of the work that the authors put into it. It requires an incredible effort to put your ideas into words so others understand and ideas.

This is why I’d like to explain what I really mean by “quality … Read more

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chess bishop killer strategy
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess bishop maneuvering to beat your Rivals

The powerful bishop

The bishops are strong pieces, they are incredible when it comes to defending and attacking simultaneously. They cover a wide extension of squares so a good chess bishop can be powerful when is positioned correctly.

It’s well-known that an aggressive chess bishop set up is lethal in the middlegames. Is important to know a few tips so you dominate the position with your bishops.

In the Spanish opening, the white squares bishop of the white pieces is called the Spanish bishop. The reason for this is the immense play this bishop gives white, the active … Read more

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