This Game of Thrones chess set is beyond belief

white walker game of thrones chess set

Game of Thrones chess set review

The incredible HBO series stunned the world with the successful game of thrones the most viewed in the world. The winter is coming with this great game of thrones themed chess set, it will make you remember the euphoria of the series.

We all loved the awesome story and characters of this show, I'm pretty sure if you are passionate about both chess and GOT you will love this article.

The TV show is based on the George R.R Martin novels, it is about the invented world of Poniente, a messed up medieval environment where everyone is coping to survive.

The Game of Thrones chess set comes with stylish designs of the pieces, and with a board beautifully made. Every piece relates to some character of the series consistent with their role in the story.

Each color of the pieces represents one side of the great fight that the winter brought with its unique fantasy to your chessboard.

The white pieces comprise John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as the King and the queen, Tyrion and Tormund as bishops, Jaime and Brienne as knights, Drogon and Rhaegal as rooks and the powerful unsullied as pawns.

The Black pieces include The Night King as what he already is, and Viserion as queen, white walkers as bishops, undead horses and knights, Giants as rooks, and undead as pawns (so cool!).

game of thrones chess set tyrion
Game Of Thrones chess set: Tyrion

The best feature of this game of thrones chess set is undoubtedly the appearance of the entire set. The pieces are incredible and very detailed they represent the characters and the board combines perfectly with the pieces.

This game of thrones chess set was created by the company USAopoly. The idea of the game of thrones chess set is to portray the fantastic battle between humans and undead shown at the end of the program.

Game of Thrones full set contains

The entire set comes with:

  • 32 plastic pieces with designs allusive to characters of the story
  • A chessboard with drawings and illustrations of scenarios of the program, it's made out of cardboard
  • 1 chess set to reference all of the characters represented in the pieces' designs.
  • 1 slip sheet
  • Instructive and rules to play chess

Let's talk about some interesting little things that are worthy of mentioning:

The chessboard displays a picture of the “Iron Throne” which is what all the show goes around in his story. Only the player who achieves the victory on the board will be the one sitting on the iron throne to rule the seven kingdoms of chess!

The game of thrones chess set has the idea of which were the characters we all loved the most. The hierarchy of the pieces (king, queen, bishops, etc.) is not based on the literal “ranks” of the characters in the series, is just about the favorite ones.

Where can I get my game of thrones chess set?

The best place to order one right now would be the official webpage of the fabricators of the product USAopoly. This is supposed to be the cheapest and the most reliable way to get one.

If you prefer to buy it here, you can also get it on Amazon, buying on Amazon may be an advantage for some people depending on where they live at. Amazon is better when it comes to delivery, you will have to check if USAopoly has a delivery service for your country.

Finally, you have another yet not worse option to buy it from eBay, which is probably the most expensive option but I recommend you check it first anyway.

Game of Thrones chess set Pros and Cons

game of thrones chess set castle
Game Of Thrones castle

We will review precisely, all the details of this merchandise so you get a good understanding of what to expect when you buy it. These are my personal opinions about the product, I also took some from people who bought the product.

Strong points

Every chess piece is a beautiful piece of art with amazing designs

The chessboard's pictures are very elaborate which makes it look pretty

The whole set's colors and tones make it look like metal

It's collectible

It's light so it will be easy to go around with it inside of the box

Weak points

The chessboard is made out of cardboard and is not too solid as you may like

The pieces are too light so you have to be careful when moving them, otherwise, they could fall over

Differencing a piece from another is quite difficult from the player's position when playing

The Game of Thrones chess set is actually worth the money?

You can buy this chess set for 80$ to 120$ depending on how much you spend on the delivery and the platform you bought it from.

Many people think that this chessboard is not worth that amount at all, however, some think that is a fantastic price for the product they received.

game of thrones medals
Game Of Thrones medals

There will always be people criticizing or praising a product they bought from the internet.

Nonetheless, this is a product inspired by the most famous TV program of 2019, and, objectively speaking, it's difficult to find a product with this level of elaboration in the market.

This game of thrones chess set is perfect for the people in love with the emotions game of thrones made us feel. It's a fantastic decoration because of the design and is pleasant to look at.

However, the pieces and the chessboard are too light so it may be a problem when playing some blitz games with friends. The pieces fall over easily which makes it difficult to play a game.

This may not be a major problem if you want to play a relaxed game so you can move the pieces slowly and smoothly. In this case, the pieces have no reason to fall, but for blitz, you can see is inconvenient.

I think it is a good product and if you want some fancy chessboard to have fun with your friend go ahead and buy one, you won't regret it.

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