How many times have you studied chess and you have kept the same level? Reading chess books, playing rapid games or watching free videos are not going to guide you to progress in chess. This is due to the lack of 2 variables…

1) A successful methodology with the content filter and explained step by step.

2) A professional and personalized advice of a chess coach.

I’m Alberto Chueca, International Master and FIDE Trainer and my team and I want to help you. Discover who we are.

Chess Coach – Discover “The Chueca Method”

Acquire chess patterns, key concepts and strategies with a professional chess coach to improve your rating and a proven methodology that gets results. My lessons are focused on concepts explained step by step according to your level.

We want to help other chess players and teach them the correct process to learn chess. Due to this, I have designed one of the most professionals chess communities to progress in chess: The Rebel Alliance!

We will check your level and I will give you the concepts and the tools that you need (depending on the strength you’ve got) to progress as soon as possible, like a rocket!

The Ultimate Chess Training

Others students, rebels, are already getting incredible results applying “The Chueca Method” and are enjoying and learning chess in The Rebel Alliance.

Now you can learn chess with good methodology and good technology!

  • Extremely practical teaching with a very refined methodology.
  • 3 masterclasses every month.
  • Everything according to your level of knowledge on the topics you need to move forward.
  • Access to the recorded lessons, to not miss anything!
  • You will join the private academy, with new videos uploaded every month.
  • You will get access to a private Facebook group, where we are worried about your performance as a collective. Tutorials, ebooks…
  • Personal support by email for your chess doubts.
Apprentice Rebel

I will work only with you, 1 on 1. I will use my time to help you to progress in chess in a private lesson. It’s perfect if you want to try some lessons with me.

  • You get me as a personal coach. Lessons in English or Spanish.
  • All my experience focused on you! I give you ALL!
  • We will work specifically on your mistakes.
  • Book the lessons whenever you want! In a calendar. Very comfortable!
  • You will have the fastest and nearer contact with me.
  • If you can’t attend to the lessons, reschedule it! You don’t lose the lesson, we can delay it.

4 lessons with me in reduced groups creating an advanced team (2-4 students with similar level) and you get the membership of the Academy completely FREE (bonus)!

  • You are hiring 4 lessons with me in reduced groups (2-4 students per lesson).
  • Lessons in English or Spanish. Same days and hours.
  • Get the membership of the Academy completely free. (Masterclasses in group included, videos, etc…)
  • Access to the Facebook group.
  • Tutorials.
  • Ebooks.
  • Personal support by email for your chess doubts.
Official Rebel
Master Rebel

4 lessons “1 on 1” with me and additionally you get the membership of the academy completely free (bonus)!

  • You are hiring 4 lessons “1 on 1”.
  • Book whenever you want. (It’s recommended same day and same hour to get the habit).
  • Get the membership of the Academy completely free.
  • Access to the Facebook group.
  • Tutorials.
  • Ebooks.
  • Personal support by email for your chess doubts.

Many chess players will tell you to read chess books, study openings and solve many chess puzzles. Others that do not stop playing online and face-to-face tournaments. It’s true, everything is important and all of this help. But being sincere…

Do you remember those openings that you left halfway?

…or those incorrect analyzes that you did and were a waste of time?

…or the thousands of hours of chess study in the last years and you continue with the same level?

If you haven’t started in chess you must avoid the typical mistakes and if you did some of them I can give you the method to improve like a rocket!

Improving chess is not easy, but there is a plan.

chess coach

Are you giving your 100% in chess?

Features: Possibility of colors in squares or arrows, load chess games in pgn, live video for the classes, chat for questions, permission to move/chat/create positions…

Shiv playing chess

Vyom plays chess

Shiv y Chueca

Working with the best chess organizations