Only 4% of chess players who study progress significantly and get their goals…

How many times have you studied chess and you have kept the same level? Read chess books, play rapid games or watch free videos are not going to guide you to progress in chess. This is due to the lack of 2 variables…

Many chess players will tell you to read chess books, study openings and solve many chess puzzles. Others that do not stop playing online and face-to-face tournaments.

It’s true, everything is important and all of this help.

But being sincere…

What happens when nobody guides you?

Do you remember those openings that you left halfway?

…or those incorrect analyzes that you did and were a waste of time?

…or the thousands of hours of chess study in the last years and you continue with the same level?

If you haven’t started in chess you must avoid the typical mistakes and if you did some of them I can give you the method to improve like a rocket!

Improving chess is not easy, but there is a plan.

chess coach

I have a plan to get a good level in chess and my own platform to teach chess with the best resources!

Features: Possibility of colors in squares or arrows, load chess games in pgn, live video for the classes, chat for questions, permission to move/chat/create positions…

Now you can learn chess with a good methodology and a good technology! What do you want now?

Let’s improve and enjoy together!

Shiv playing chess

Vyom plays chess

Shiv y Chueca

Arvind Vidyarthi

Vyom & Omya has been learning from Coach Alberto when they were USCF rated ~1500 & ~1000 respectively. Coach Alberto played a critical role in understanding Vyom’s weaknesses and helped him overcome them. He has been an exceptional coach with a lot of patience with kids. He played an instrumental role in teaching them different openings for both black and white. He was always available to help/guide them. He helps to analyze the games and suggest good moves. Our kids are very comfortable with the teaching style of Coach Alberto. He being an active player also helps as he shares the learnings from his games and experience as well.

Arvind Vidyarthi, father. The United States.

5 stars

Shalini Shome

Alberto is Shiv’s mentor, guide, friend and chess buddy. We parents had no idea about chess. It’s because of his guidance that he set a properly structured plan of his chess studies in terms of openings, middlegames and endgames that he had a very good initial rating of 2148. His classes are very interactive and Shiv looks forward to his class. Alberto is very supportive and encourages the child to give in his best. Thanks a lot.

Shalini Shome, India

5 stars

Patrika Agarwal

Coach Alberto is not only a phenomenal coach but also a wonderful person. The kindness, care and dedication he shows are greatly appreciated. He puts great effort to figure out the students’ strengths and weaknesses, hence helping them improve. With his guidance and coaching, our son achieved the landmark of ~2100, thus qualifying for USA U12. Our daughter at the same time qualified for USA U8 girls. Thank you for being an amazing coach.

Patrika Agarwal, mother. The United States.

5 stars

Shiv Shome

Alberto is giving me step by step guidance on how to progress in chess. Because of his strong repertoire and game analysis support I was able to get an initial rating of 2148. My sincere thanks to my mentor Alberto who constantly supports me in my game analysis and helped me strengthen my game before going for the next rounds. He has a huge database bank of knowledge which caters from beginner to masters level. Thank you, Alberto, for being there in my chess journey.

Shiv Shome, 2148 FIDE. Top 10 of the World U-11. India

5 stars

Meera Nair

Coach Alberto is a good and a patient coach. He’s good in openings, strategy and endgames as well. He clearly explains concepts such as taking advantage of knights vs. bishops and vice versa depending on the position. He answers any questions you have regarding a game. He also helps you to understand the importance of development vs. a quick attack, for example. I would recommend coach Alberto to help you become a strong player.

Meera Nair, United States. Club player

5 stars

Paul Lynch

I’m enjoying much during the classes. They are very interesting. I’m winning stronger players and going back to play active again after 20 years when I had to leave chess. Now I can play in my free time and I’m recovering my feelings. Thank you very much, Alberto!

Paul Lynch, United States. Club player

5 stars