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“Only 4% of chess players who study progress significantly and achieve their goals”

Certainly other students, rebels, are already achieving incredible results by applying “The Chueca Method” and are enjoying and learning chess in The Rebel Alliance. Would you like to know some of our students.?

How many times have you studied chess and have kept at the same level?

Reading chess books, being without a chess coach, playing rapid games or watching free videos are not going to guide you to progress in chess. In other words, your chess training is not working. This is because of 2 things:

1) A successful methodology with a content filter and explained step by step.

2) Professional chess training and personalized advice from a chess coach.

I’m Alberto Chueca, an International Master and FIDE Trainer and my team. My team and I want to help you. Discover who we are.

We want to help other chess players and teach them the correct process to learn chess. The perfect chess training for you. Due to this, we have designed one of the most professional chess communities to progress in chess: The Rebel Alliance!

I will check your level and we will give you the concepts and the tools you need (depending on the strength you’ve got) to progress like a rocket as soon as possible! Get the chess coach you need!

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Start learning recipes and a good methodology to success in chess:

As a chess coach, I have designed 2 Chess E-books to help you to design a proper way to learn chess, and the best of all… at the price of your choice!

Yeah, that’s right: You choose the price you want to pay, from 0,50€ to as much as you want.

Acquire chess patterns, key concepts and strategies with a professional chess coach to improve your rating. The Chueca Method is a proven methodology that gets results. Moreover, our lessons are focused on concepts explained step by step according to your level.

Vyom and Omya have been learning from Coach Alberto since they were USCF rated ~1500 & ~1000 respectively. Coach Alberto played a critical role in understanding Vyom’s weaknesses and helped him overcome them. He has been an exceptional chess coach with a lot of patience with my kids. He played an instrumental role in teaching them different openings for both black and white. He is always available to help/guide them. He helps to analyze the games and suggest good moves. Our kids are very comfortable with the teaching style of Coach Alberto. He being an active player also helps as he shares what he learns from his games and experience as well.

5 stars

Alberto is giving me step by step guidance on how to progress in chess. Because of his strong repertoire and game analysis support I was able to get an initial rating of 2148. My sincere thanks to my mentor Alberto who constantly supports me in my game analysis and helps me strengthen my game before going to the next rounds. He has a huge database of knowledge that caters to the beginner up to the master level. Thank you, Alberto, for being there throughout my chess journey.

5 stars

ANALYZE your mistakes
with a professional chess

LEARN the concepts you
need step by step with a
chess coach

and PROGRESS in every
chess training and raise
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Alberto is Shiv’s mentor, guide, friend and chess buddy. We parents had no idea about chess. It’s because of his guidance that he set a properly structured plan of his chess studies in terms of openings, middlegames and endgames that he had a very good initial rating of 2148. His classes are very interactive and Shiv looks forward to his classes. Alberto is very supportive and encourages children to give in their best. Thanks a lot.

5 stars

Alberto has helped me improve a lot in chess. He shares interesting and creative ideas. Alberto makes chess fun and keeps challenging me with more advanced concepts every week.  He analyzes my games and helps me make fewer mistakes with each tournament

5 stars

Meanwhile, many chess players will tell you to read chess books, study openings and solve many chess puzzles. Others will say that you shouldn’t stop playing online and in face-to-face tournaments. It’s true, everything is important and all of this helps. But honestly… without a chess coach, it’s harder.

To sum up, do you remember those openings that you left halfway when study them?

Or those incorrect analyzes that you did and were a waste of time?

And the thousands of hours while doing chess training for years while you continue at the same level?

However, if you haven’t started studying and training in chess, you must avoid typical mistakes. If you made some of those mistakes we can give you a method to improve like a rocket! You should work with a professional chess teacher to improve faster.

chess coach

Are you giving your 100% in chess?

My name is Alberto Chueca, a chess coach, and I help people to improve in chess by filtering the content they need with a successful methodology

In other words, I have a plan to teach you chess properly, my own platform and the best resources for you! The chess COACH you need.

Features: For instance possibility of illustrative colors in squares or arrows, loading chess games in pgn, live video for classes, chatting for questions, permission to move/chat/create positions… A chess teacher will help you with all these tools and more.

Above all, let’s improve and enjoy together!
With a chess coach it’s easy!
shiv shome playing chess
vyom vidyarthi plays chess
shiv y chueca

Coach Alberto has improved my chess skills and confidence tremendously. He focuses on individual concepts that help me in the opening, middle and end game. 

5 stars

Alberto´s coaching of Kingshuk has been excellent. Kingshuk has improved immensely in his chess games. We cannot thank Alberto enough for his dedication to teaching Kingshuk, and his commitment to the game of chess for young people

5 stars

8 reasons why you should train with a
chess coach or chess teacher

1. Provoke changes and improvements

Getting out of our comfort zone is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things for people in general, as not everyone feels comfortable with the change.

However, as Einstein would say, do not expect things to change if you always do the same thing. So it is, if you have already done everything in your power to improve your moves or perfect your tactics or strategies and you have not advanced, you have to give way to new options.

Asking for help or support from a chess coach who has the knowledge, skills and resources which can adapt to the level of teaching you require. It’s an advantage for you, your own chess coach.

2. To have clear goals

When you are already aware that you need the support of a chess coach to improve or acquire new skills in your game, you are already taking the first step.

It is only the beginning with the help of your coach, you will be able to visualize in a better way what your objectives are.

He will be in charge of helping you to achieve them with his chess training program which should be designed only for you, so that step by step with his teaching methods you learn what you need to advance to your goal.

3. A chess coach help to maintain your motivation in the achievement of your objectives.

The chess coaches not only teach you or plan the chess training program.  So that you can accomplish it on your own, but also give you their support and motivation.

It is important in the moments when you get stuck in your process. A good coach will always motivate you to move forward on your path.

4. You invest in your learning.

You’re investing to have a chess coach who designs your chess training program adapted to your level in the game. Also what you want to achieve in it, is something that costs.

However do not see it as an expense and already, but as an investment in you, in your learning of the game. Plus a sum of experience that without his help you could not get on your own.

5. To play at your 100%

Having a chess coach can represent an extra push for you and the time you want to achieve your results.

When you have the support of a coach who knows what you want to achieve in your game and channels. It with what you need that greatly increases the possibility of better results in less time.

6. Collaborate with the improvement of your skills in the game.

Sometimes you don’t realize it, but you adopt a single position or strategy in the game. Always or almost always play under the same pattern (such as, for example, concentrate only on the opening phase of the game), with which you learned to play or with which you have always played.

However, there lies one of your problems, you follow the same pattern and therefore you will have the same results.

That’s why having a coach is important because his job is to make you see which are the possible variables that you can put into practice improving your ability in the game of chess.

7. A chess coach teaches you to follow chess training on your own.

Although it is true that your chess training is subject to the special program that your chess coach designed for you, you should keep in mind that it does not mean that he is going to do the work for you.

That is, he is going to teach you what you need to learn.

He is going to give you the tools and the necessary support to carry out your plan.

However, the fact that you are going to see improvements in your skills in the game is going to depend entirely on you. Also on the responsibility, effort and commitment with which you carry it out.

8. It takes you to the limit of your abilities.

When your chess coach knows your game, your abilities, the way you perceive the game, he will exploit all that knowledge.

He already knows about you by showing you what you need and what you need to do to elevate your skills in the game. These are advantages to increase your level.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve surely wondered what you have to do to reach the next level, where you can be better at chess. Perhaps you are wondering how the best chess players have arrived at the place where they are now. Or how did they do it? The answer is simple: They have a chess trainer.

Taking lessons with a chess trainer is the best thing you can do if you want to learn, reinforce and level up. It’s a necessary requirement as in any sport, a boxer, tennis player or swimmer needs a trainer to put personalized exercises for them, so it happens in chess too.

It is necessary to have someone at your side to help you, support you and correct you. Being alone with no one to train you in the game will make it harder for you to learn. Sometimes you’ll get frustrated with yourself and wonder what’s happening to you. The coaches are there to fix that; give you concise answers that promote your development through practice and good exercises.

Everyone who looks for excellent results has to have a good chess trainerIn case you’re looking for an excellent method where the trainer is able to match your basic or advanced knowledge to improve it and will work perfectly for you, see right now The Chueca Method.

You need someone to do a routine where you will perfect your style.

To help you find mixed tactics that you can use in tournaments, you can reach this level with a person who knows and can exploit your game.

Having a chess teacher gives you confidence and the right vision of how to run a game. It trains you to play with pressure through the clock helping to solve problems in front of the board. Through trust you can control your nerves, you will trust in yourself and what your chess teacher has taught you.

As a result, chess coaches will be tools to achieve your goals. They will be a fundamental pillar in your chess career. You will be able to rely on them to achieve a friendship. Remember that the best players have their coaches who make them better every day, copy their example and have yours. Don’t wait for others to beat you and avoid mistakes.

You can count on a chess trainer to encourage you and make the time spent in the game worthwhile.

Absolutely! We will find the way.

The only way to answer this question is with the contact obtained in the training sessions, perhaps the opinions of other students could be guiding, but each experience is individual, the instruction must be adapted to the profile and capacities of the student, to expose the maximum of his potentialities.

Empathy is important between the student and the teacher, but more important is the ability, preparation, and level of commitment of the chess coach in the efficient and effective competitive training.

It’s important to take into consideration the fact that a good chess coach must play the role of mentor and guide. He will lead player by the hand through a process that can be frustrating and discouraging. That is why it is fundamental the charisma and sympathy that every coach must transmit through his advice, lessons called attention.

In all sports, mainly in chess, it is necessary to delve into a certain problem of the play. Many times by psychological conflicts, the level of concentration in a competitor can vary, drastically affecting their game in a sport that in that essence, is mental. Every chess coach must always be willing to support and leave frivolity and technicalities aside.

For hundreds of years, chess has positioned itself as one of the most interesting, complex and competitive sports in the world. The dynamics of this mental sport encourages the competitors the thought, the concentration. It helps to develop the intellectuality, being considered a highly recommended discipline for mental health.

Knowledge is a fundamental step in any training process. A coach cannot teach to play chess if he does not know the style, the skills, the level or even the abilities of his student. Mutual recognition is fundamental to develop a training plan in any sport.

But in addition, the coach must analyze and know the style of play. This is a benefit of strengthening the strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses. The best game strategies, offensive and defensive are based on the analysis made by the coach based on the tactical knowledge of the game of his student.

Yes, it is. The chess trainers are necessary to fly far away, to be able to accomplish goals because they have certain things that chess players require. If you run into a wall when it comes to getting ahead then this article will give you a solution.

chess trainer can teach you something you’ve always lacked, another point of view, another perspective. Perhaps is the development of a defense that you never could understand. Chess trainers are fundamental to the player’s evolution. If you don’t think so, I hope you’re ready to change your mind.

There are people who may never have played professionally but they love chess and are quite strong.

People who see chess as different from what it is; they don’t see it as a sport or a simple game, they see it as an art, a science and they spend a lot of time of their lives to master it, they understand the perfection of the movement of the pieces, how the rows can solidify in an excellent defense as beautiful as a Da Vinci painting. Some of these people acquire their knowledge to share it with others by giving them training.

Chess trainers are there for the students, they can adapt to any level where the trainee is to help them improve. They have the ability to guide people, to shape their style and have as their principle the motto: “Geniuses are not born, they are made”. For a chess mentor, the most important thing besides teaching is to see his students grow and go far in what they are teaching.

1) Maybe you already know the basics of chess or maybe not. Either way, the trainer will reinforce what you know or teach you from scratch.

2) You will know what an opening is, different types, their names and their variants, obtaining a greater breadth of knowledge.

3) You will work the different parts of the game: openings, middlegame and endgames.

4) How to develop a good defense, types of defenses and their names.

5) You’ll learn how to fix mistakes right away.

6) The right way to analyze your game and your opponent’s game.

7) How to solve your playing tricks.

8) You will know the points that you didn’t know about yourself. That’s because you will have the opinion of someone who knows you and is observing you often.

9) You can ask for advice and get it.

10) You’ll have his expertise available, which is worth a lot.

Playing with computers does not replace the chess coach.

Computers can be an auxiliary means of chess practice, but with them, you will not have that important contact that a good chess trainer offers to their students since they are based on mathematical models, which do not correct your mistakes in the selection of the moves.

Only a good chess trainer, is able to teach important mental processes indispensable to develop tactical game systems, topics that a machine can not provide.

Chess is mainly a mental sport that requires a lot of patience, attention, and exclusivity. For this reason, is important to know the agenda of the work and have a good disposition to train with the coach. The development of skills in chess is the product of a process of practice, exercises, lessons and analysis of the game.

In order to optimize and streamline the training process, a good chess trainer must propose a training agenda that suits the needs of each student. So you advance in the development of skills in an organized manner. It guaranteed results based on effort and discipline.

A good chess coach is not the best player, but the best teacher. Many people get confused when they want to hire a coach because they assume that the better he or she is ranked by the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the better will be, but this is a myth. Certainly, a good player adds a complement to the training process, but that does not guarantee that he has pedagogy or teaching experience.

In addition, many “coaches” make the mistake of devoting the entire training process of playing against their students. When they should develop a strategic training plan that suits each competitor.

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