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Would you like to know all the ways to improve in chess? I must admit that improving in chess is hard.

If you haven’t a methodology, you can get lost, confused and you can be wasting much of your time. But don’t worry!

I want to help you by showing you the tested ways that I have used in my Academy to improve in chess. You will get all the ways to progress in chess in different articles and tips to help you.

Then, if you want to optimize your time to learn chess rapidly, here you will find good techniques about how to do it.

I hope you find it interesting!

Lichess Puzzles Benefits, Is it for you?

The internet has so many great resources to practice puzzles. The key is finding a platform that you like, as well as an effective one. Remember, that the main point of puzzles is to give you practice positions. You determine what move or sequence of moves you would play if you were actually playing the game. It’s also great for recognizing common patterns.

With that out of the way, let’s make the judgment on if Lichess puzzles are good for you or not!

Signing up for a Lichess account

Generally, when you go to Lichess, if you have not created … Read more

Chess Fundamentals
05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

8 Chess Fundamentals beneficial for your chess

Chess fundamentals beyond the basics

Once we’ve learned the basics of chess, and what we are aiming for, it’s important to learn about basic chess fundamentals. Beginners are taught to take their opponent’s pieces, outnumber their opposition, and checkmate. You do have to start somewhere, so good for them! However, in order to truly progress in chess, we need to learn chess fundamentals beyond the basics.

This article has the purpose to go through fundamentals in the opening, middlegame, and endgame stages of the chess game.

chess fundamentals

Opening Fundamentals

While the opening should not be the main focus of our improvement, … Read more

en passant
05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

En Passant in chess — The unusual move!

When we learn how the chess pieces move, most of the piece movement is pretty straightforward. Each piece has certain rules assigned to them. However, there are a few special rules/exceptions that players should know about because they can come up. Castling is one of them. Another is En Passant. That is a special rule that applies to the pawn. It is so confusing, especially to kids. We will be discussing exactly what that rule is. But before we do that, let’s give a general refresher on the rules about the chess pawn.

En Passant in chess

How does the pawn move in chess?

Read more
chess notation
05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Chess notation — You should write your moves!

Chess Notation: the recording of chess moves

Have you ever watched top-level chess, maybe got inspired by the players putting on a chess show? Did you ever notice how mindlessly they would move the chess piece, hit their clock, and write something down on a sheet of paper? And when you go do it at a tournament for the first time, it seemed easy when observing, but it’s pretty difficult in practice!

But what are the players writing on the sheet of paper, following the moving of the pieces, and the pushing of the chess clock? That is chess notation, … Read more

strategy template
03 Chess middlegame โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Chess strategy tips for beginners — Play better chess!

Maximize your chess using chess strategy

Do you know how the best chess players in the world win their games? It’s generally not hanging mate in ones or simple tactics. Although, miscalculations do happen every now and then. Generally, the top chess players are able to accumulate small advantages, and simply win games from there, making no mistakes. Magnus Carlsen is notorious for that style of play.

You even notice at 1600-1800 ELO, if neither side makes any major mistakes, the game may be decided by who makes the best strategic decisions. That takes patience, as chess strategy is not … Read more

learn chess template
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Alberto Chueca

Learning chess quickly — 3 great tips

As all chess players know by now, chess is an easy game to learn, but difficult to master. If there was an article “how to master chess quickly”, then it would take hours to read and for almost everyone, except maybe young talented juniors, mastering the game quickly is impossible, but can you get to learning chess quickly?

To the naked eye who has never properly learned chess, chess might seem very daunting to learn. You see the pieces, the squares, you also have to know how to see multiple moves in advance, it seems difficult. However, as most people … Read more

07 Chess Tournaments โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Is chess a sport?

Is chess a sport? The hotly debated topic

People have opinions and are entitled to their own opinions, about whether chess should be categorized as a sport or not. Casual chess fans, or certainly people who don’t play chess, would not think of chess in the same realm of football, baseball, boxing, etc, and is “just a game”.

Although, chess enthusiasts and professionals can argue that their game requires lots of physical endurance, and are also like sports in that strategy is key, and every once in awhile, you get lucky!

The point of this article will not be to … Read more

05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

Name of the chess pieces and their moves

The name of the chess pieces and their moves

We’ve learned in previous articles about the chess pieces and their moves. This article will be sort of a “recap” as to the name of the chess pieces and their moves, so if you don’t have time to read several articles, you can read this, but the other articles will have more details for those of you who enjoy such things! :)

The name of the chess pieces and their moves: pawn

The pawn, as you can see in the image below, simply looks like a figure with a round head, … Read more

chess piece and board template
05 The ways to improve in chess โ™Ÿ๏ธ
Alberto Chueca

The Chess Piece and the chessboard. An Introduction

The chessboard and the pieces

Chess is such an aesthetic game, we cannot say it enough. It’s very unique in how you strategize, the number of possible games that can be played, and that at every level, there is something new that can be learned. As you may know, the battle is fought on a battlefield, called the chessboard, and is fought with cavalry, called the “chess pieces“.

I want to introduce you today to the pieces, the names of the pieces, looks, and how the chess pieces move, so you can correctly identify the pieces and … Read more

famous chess players template
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Alberto Chueca

Famous Chess Players – Generations

Famous Chess Players – Generations

Chess is such a beautiful game played by millions of people worldwide. Many of us dream to be the best chess player of all time. Out of the many people who play this game, only a handful of them become the world’s elite. If you put this into perspective, only 16 chess players have ever become world chess champion. We should treat these famous chess players with the utmost respect. What’s very fascinating is that every single World Chess Champion brought something significant to the game of chess. We still play a lot of … Read more


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