Would you like to know all the ways to improve in chess? I must admit that improving in chess is hard.

If you haven’t a methodology, you can get lost, confused and you can be wasting much of your time. But don’t worry!

I want to help you by showing you the tested ways that I have used in my Academy to improve in chess. You will get all the ways to progress in chess in different articles and tips to help you.

Then, if you want to optimize your time to learn chess rapidly, here you will find good techniques about how to do it.

I hope you find it interesting!

The Chess Piece and the chessboard. An Introduction

chess piece and board template

The chessboard and the pieces

Chess is such an aesthetic game, we cannot say it enough. It’s very unique in how you strategize, the number of possible games that can be played, and that at every level, there is something new that can be learned. As you may know, the battle is fought on a battlefield, called the chessboard, and is fought with cavalry, called the “chess pieces“.

I want to introduce you today to the pieces, the names of the pieces, looks, and how the chess pieces move, so you can correctly identify the pieces and … Read more

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Famous Chess Players – Generations

famous chess players template

Famous Chess Players – Generations

Chess is such a beautiful game played by millions of people worldwide. Many of us dream to be the best chess player of all time. Out of the many people who play this game, only a handful of them become the world’s elite. If you put this into perspective, only 16 chess players have ever become world chess champion. We should treat these famous chess players with the utmost respect. What’s very fascinating is that every single World Chess Champion brought something significant to the game of chess. We still play a lot of … Read more

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Chess Rules – Do you know them all? Discover them!

do you know all the chess rules discover it

Chess rules

If you bought a chess set, you watched a movie where it is mentioned or you’ve seen chess but you don’t know the chess rules, this article is the right one. It will teach you the basics you should know according to the FIDE.

Before you start playing you should know the game requires a board, pieces and two people to be able to start. This game is a sport, shows the strategy that a person has to create in order to capture the opponent’s king through mental agility.

Components of chess

The board has 64 … Read more

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Improve in chess can be very fun. Check it out!

improve in chess can be very fun. check it out

Improve in chess can be very fun

How many chess players ask themselves on a daily basis is “How can I improve my chess quickly”? The key is not to find the best coach in the world, nor to spend an entire day playing. A good option for you is to optimize the study of the sport of chess.

This method is effective, however, its success will depend on how seriously you take it and how often you include it in your games. It is designed for different players with different levels of experience.

If you want to know more … Read more

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10 reasons to play chess. The big benefits of chess!

10 reasons to play chess

Benefits of chess. Play chess is one of the best activities you can practice

Chess is a sport that helps you develop your concentration and improves your level of thinking. Because it doesn’t depend on age nor does it require retirement, this sport is played by people of all ages during the whole year.

Here I leave you a list of reasons to play chess and you will see why you should play chess:

10 reasons to play chess. IM Alberto Chueca – Chess coach

10. Socialize

This sport always requires that you play against another person. Playing with someone … Read more

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Discover what we learn playing chess

learning in chess

We enjoyed and we learn at the same time

I’m going to show you some ideas we learn about playing chess but first, we need to know a bit more about this incredible sport.

Chess is one of the greatest human inventions. The rules can seem arbitrary to an amateur but they are the result of more than 1000 years of modifications and refinement.

The modern chess

The modern game, which hasn’t changed since 500 years ago, is perfectly designed to demand the human mind to go as far as it can possibly go.

On the other hand, chess is … Read more

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Would you like to know the best techniques to teach chess?

teach chess

How to teach chess

If you are here it is because you are interested in passing on your chess knowledge to someone else and you don’t know how to do it. We must learn the keys to teach chess effectively.

Maybe you are looking for a good technique for your students. Because you want your pupil to understand and develop the best way to give a good chess lesson.

Starting a chess class, you have to prepare what you are going to instruct. Especially thinking in your student and what you are going to instruct.

It changes … Read more

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Basic Chess Tips to play better and win more games


Basic Chess Tips

I’m going to give you a list of 20 basic chess tips that you should know to play better at chess but first of all, I must explain to you what the sport of chess is. This sport is an activity between two people who have 16 pieces placed on a board and move according to the rules. The board has 64 squares.

The game takes place on an 8×8 square board. The squares alternate black and white shades. These 64 squares are possible positions that the pieces can take during the game.

At the start of … Read more

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The best chess coaches in the world

the best chess coaches in the world

The best chess coaches in the world

There is a big difference between the best chess player in the world and the best chess coaches. The reason why this important difference is emphasized is that it is one thing to be skillful when playing several games and another is to impart your knowledge to others to learn these strategies.

In relation to the above, the title of the best chess player in the world is won by a 56 years-old Russian man named Garry Kasparov. He is decorated with the title of world champion from 1985 to 2000. At … Read more

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The top ten of the best chess books. Are you agreed?

the top 10 of chess books

The best chess books

After a great search and my own experience, I have achieved the 10 best chess books. These chess books will help you learn to play and acquire more knowledge.

Some of them have already been written a long time ago and have marked the history among. The books are for those who want to enter the world of chess, so I have no doubts about recommending them.

Top 10 of the best chess books:


1. My system:

Its writer is Nimzowitch, this book has influenced what modern chess is. Nimzowitch is one of the best chess Read more

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