Learn new chess openings and discover the main ideas of them. You mustn’t memorize the moves.

I will show you how to understand them learning the main concepts of each one.

Additionally, I will suggest you the proper chess openings you should play according to your level.

Of course, all the openings are playable but depending on the time you’ve got to study them and the rating that you’ve got, there are openings that have got more theory than others and are harder to learn them properly.

If you’ve got suggestions about openings you can write to me and I will do an article about them to explain the pros and the contras.

I think this section can be very useful to learn properly how to start in chess. I hope you like it.

The Top 10 Defensive Chess Openings for Black and White

The Top 10 Defensive Chess Openings for Black and White

The Top 10 Defensive Chess Openings for Black and White


Do you like to play quiet and solid positions? Do you prefer to avoid risky and open middlegames? In this article, we analyze The Top 10 Defensive Chess Openings for Black and White.



ECO A10-A39 (ECO is the Code for this line in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings)


This is a very solid and interesting system. The first player will improve the position step by step. There are some different ways to play English, but in general, the positions will be slow and with interesting maneuvers.… Read more

5 Famous chess quotes of all time

chess quotes

Chess quotes in our chess culture

What is the purpose of quotes? Quotes help us to remember and signify things. They’re so iconic in our brain that they simply stick. We abide by all kinds of quotes in life, whether it be religion, good virtues, or simply everyday life. These chess quotes listed might seem cliche sometimes, however, they can be very powerful. They are so true!

We should try to live by some of these chess quotes, as they can be applicable to our chess games and chess habits, so open your ears and listen to the chess wisdom … Read more

The FIDE Trainer

fide template

There’s a place for FIDE chess trainers

Much credit is given to professional chess players in this wonderful field of chess. We know of Grandmasters (historically and presently) like Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen. However, as there are FIDE Grandmasters, what if I told you that there are FIDE certified chess trainers? Being a FIDE trainer is much more than the chess coach who takes on students and charges an hourly fee. FIDE Trainers are specially certified, and we will discuss those details today!

The FIDE Chess Trainer — what is it?

There are several types of FIDE … Read more

Learning chess quickly — 3 great tips

learn chess template

As all chess players know by now, chess is an easy game to learn, but difficult to master. If there was an article “how to master chess quickly”, then it would take hours to read and for almost everyone, except maybe young talented juniors, mastering the game quickly is impossible, but can you get to learning chess quickly?

To the naked eye who has never properly learned chess, chess might seem very daunting to learn. You see the pieces, the squares, you also have to know how to see multiple moves in advance, it seems difficult. However, as most people … Read more

Is chess a sport?

sport template

Is chess a sport? The hotly debated topic

People have opinions and are entitled to their own opinions, about whether chess should be categorized as a sport or not. Casual chess fans, or certainly people who don’t play chess, would not think of chess in the same realm of football, baseball, boxing, etc, and is “just a game”.

Although, chess enthusiasts and professionals can argue that their game requires lots of physical endurance, and are also like sports in that strategy is key, and every once in awhile, you get lucky!

The point of this article will not be to … Read more

5 best chess apps for iOS

app template

Chess on the iPhone?

Yes, almost everyone is hooked onto their iPhones on a daily basis. It is a revolutionary invention that changed our lives forever. A big reason that we love our iPhones is because of the apps. There are all kinds of apps, whether it be games, fitness, the news, etc.

Naturally, we have our beloved chess apps. Chess is so amazing that such an ancient game invented thousands of years ago accommodates so well with the technology to this day. It’s simply amazing how much progress chess has made.

So here are the top chess apps on … Read more

Queenโ€™s Gambit

Queenยดs Gambit

Queenโ€™s Gambit

Have you ever heard or read about Queenโ€™s Gambit? You think it is an interesting opening but you do not understand it very well and you are not sure how or where to start? Well, if that is your situation, then you are on the right site because in this post we are going to learn and understand from the very beginning how to play this strong variation.

1.d4 d5 2.c4

The idea with the second move c4 is to attack Blackโ€™s central pawn, and trade it for a Bishop pawn, which should be very convenient for … Read more

Nimzo-Indian Defense

nimzo indian defense

Nimzo-Indian Defense


Are you having some trouble when facing Queenโ€™s Pawn? Would you like to learn and play some interesting and annoying variation against it? In this post, we are going to analyze a very strong system: Nimzo-Indian Defense (named after the great Aaron Nimzowitsch).

This is one of the best lines Black can play against Queenโ€™s Pawn, the second player is getting a balanced game in almost the lines, and it is really hard for White to get anything from the opening in these variations. It is strongly recommended for all levels, from beginners to masters, and it … Read more

Caro-Kann Defense

caro-kann defense

Caro-Kann Defense

Hi everyone. In this post, we are going to analyze and learn how to play the famous and strong Caro-Kann Defense. According to my database, this variation is the fourth most common move Black can reply against Kingโ€™s Pawn (only Double Kingโ€™s Pawn, Sicilian and French are more frequently played).

1.e4 c6

It is important to understand the first move Black plays 1. โ€ฆ c6. Ok, they want to fight for the center and play d5, that is clear, but you might be wondering why with c6? That move is not developing (unlike 1. โ€ฆ e6, which clears … Read more

Fried Liver Attack

Fried Liver Attack

Fried Liver Attack


If you are an aggressive player, who likes tactics, sacrifices, and sharp positions you are on the right site. In this post we are going to analyze a very interesting and tricky line for White pieces: the famous Fried Liver Attack (FLA), also called Fegatello Attack. Actually, this variation is so good for White, that even if you are a solid and strategical player, and your opponent gives you the possibility to get into this line, you should accept, because in the worst case the first player is getting a very big compensation (in some … Read more