How Has Chess Changed Since Going Digital?

Chess, the timeless game of strategy and skill, has a history that dates back centuries. But with the advent of technology, chess has undergone a significant transformation, moving from traditional board setups to digital platforms.

The rise of digital chess has revolutionized how the game is played, studied, and enjoyed by millions of players around the world. In this article, we will explore the ways in which chess has changed since going digital.

How Has Chess Changed Since Going Digital? 2

Accessibility and Global Reach

One of the most significant changes in chess since going digital is its increased accessibility … Read more

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Chess Cheating
Interesting Information for Chess Players
Alberto Chueca

The Chess Cheating Scandal: Between the great #1 player Carlsen and an unknown Niemann

It's a sad day for the chess world, as one of the most prominent members of the community has been accused of chess cheating scandal in the grandest of competitions. The allegations come from World Number One Magnus Carlsen, charging his young challenger, Hans Niemann, of conspiring to win with the help of a sex toy. These shocking allegations have captivated the attention of the mainstream sporting world, leaving many to question if there is an unfair advantage to be gained through illegal means.

The controversy started in early October of 2022, as the US Chess Championships were underway in … Read more

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Chess of Liffe
The Psychology
Alberto Chueca

Chess of Liffe: Strategic Choices, Unexpected Consequences, and 15 Invaluable Life Lessons

Chess is much more than a game. For centuries, it has been an invaluable tool for teaching life lessons as well as a way to hone analytical and strategic thinking, this is Chess of Liffe. The game of chess can provide a powerful metaphor for making decisions in life, helping players have insight into their choices and their outcomes.

From the earliest age, playing chess can help children learn the importance of making smart decisions, preparing for the consequences of their choices, and understanding the strategies of their opponents. Throughout their lifetimes, the game of chess can guide individuals to … Read more

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the psychology in chess
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Secrets of The Chess Psychology

The Psychology in Chess

Chess is not just a board game, but a mind game, a fierce battle of minds and emotions (yes, emotions). It all comes down to a beautiful science that has been neglected by most, the psychology in chess.

Chess psychology can get really complex, considering this is the science that studies human natures and behaviors. In chess, psychology is important has a fundamental role in your chess performance.

Let’s explain the psychology in chess the easier we can for you to understand how it affects your game (and you in general).

  1. Studying psychology will help you
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05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Chess Blunder – Why We Blunder And Fixing It

The Chess Blunder

Practicing tactics is a critical way to improve at chess, on top of studying chess books, finding the right coach, playing practice games, etc. However, it is important to realize that no chess player is perfect. We all have this disease holding us back from that rating goal we've been reaching for, or from beating your arch-nemesis once and for all. The curse that is eminent in all of our chess games at some point or another is the chess blunder.

Why Do We Blunder In Chess?

Blunders are 100% psychological. That is why computers play flawless … Read more

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