the top 10 of chess books
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The best chess books

After a great search and my own experience, I have achieved the 10 best chess books. These chess books will help you learn to play and acquire more knowledge.

Some of them have already been written a long time ago and have marked the history among. The books are for those who want to enter the world of chess, so I have no doubts about recommending them.

Top 10 of the best chess books:


1. My system:

Its writer is Nimzowitch, this book has influenced what modern chess is. Nimzowitch is one of the best chess players between the 20s and 30s, almost at the level of Capablanca.

Certainly, this book is a primordial text for the formation of a chess player. It introduced many new concepts in chess, thus creating its reputation as the best chess book.

2. Manual of Chess:

Emanuel Lasker uses magnificent prose. He wrote this book of chess has transcended in history. It is primarily for beginners (not recommended for children because of their writing style).

This book is attractive because Lasker includes psychology and philosophy within it. It also contains many interesting ideas about the development of the game makes it one of the best chess books.

3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Chess:

Jonathan Rowson explains why they chess players they should have won or made moves they knew were wrong.

In short, Rowson speaks about topics such as relaxation, though, greed, materialism, selfishness, perfectionism and dispersion. As a result, it makes his work great writing in a unique and above all instructive way.

The seven deadly sins of chess

Chess books are a necessary source of information for anyone who wants to learn.

4. Basics of chess:

It was written by one of the most recognized chess players in history and world champion of the sport: J. R Capablanca.

The chess book contains topics such as basic mates, the promotion of the pawn, the dynamic in chess, games with their opponents and more. This book is for people already started in chess but wants to perfect the game. Its reading is quite light, being a good choice.

5. Mastery in the calculation:

Chess books delve into the calculation of variants and it has as its main purpose to improve the ability of players to the tactics on the board. Its author is the master Jacob Aagaard for all levels of the players for its diversity and depth in the tips.

In his book, Aagaard explains various techniques where he highlights the importance of imagination, visualization, calculation and creativity. In other words, tips for that a player must make an incredible game on the board.

6. My great predecessors:

Similarly, Garry Kasparov makes an important contribution to those who want to improve their chess. The chess book is for players of all levels, it includes its own comments which make this book considered “gold”.

All the volumes are fantastic, you will enjoy their games and you will learn with one of the best chess players in history.

Choose chess books to suit you

Likewise, “My great predecessors” is a chess book will keep you entertained. It is recommended by multiple chess masters and coaches of the world since it is a very easy book to understand.

7. Think like a great teacher:

Classical among the classics. Its author was Alexander Kotov. This chess book helps to understand the methods used by the players of our time.

You must understand that to progress in chess, you should study a lot of theory and learn to think like a great teacher. This book is a good option for it.

Kotov tells us how important characters in the history of chess, studied theory and understood the strategies and tactics. Kotov named some characters such as Tal, Petrosian, Bronstein and many other great chess masters.

Besides, Alexander Kotov encourages the reader to study chess so with the effort he becomes a great teacher. Take advantage of the knowledge of the great teachers who have written to help you.


8. My 60 memorable games:

Surely you’ve ever heard of Bobby Fischer a big one in chess. Bobby has served as an inspiration for all chess players. Thanks to him chess is seen with much more vitality, emotion and passion.

What more could you want than your 60 memorable games? Well, in this chess book, Fischer himself analyzes his most important and representative games, in addition to his strategy, tactics and errors.

If it is not enough for you, Bobby also wrote in his book his interpretation of the thoughts of his opponents. There is nothing better than learning from the best and Bobby Fischer is one of them.

Reading chess books will make your skills better

9. Tournament Chess:

A chess book that you cannot miss at the beginning of your learning and if you are at an advanced level, it does not matter what level you are! D. Bronstein teaches us through his accurate comments. He shows us the wonderful games played in the 1953 Zurich championship.

Grab your board and play these games while you read how Bronstein analyzed them. If you are a club player, this book will be perfect for you. The 1953 Zurich championship was one of the best chess championships in the world, the games will leave you amazed and excited.

10. The method in chess:

It is the coach of Kasparov, Bacrot and Topalov, the Frenchman Lossif Dorfman reveals the teaching method of chess. It has been a vital piece for modern strategic thinking.

The book has a deep pedagogical focus that shows new perspectives to progress in the game of chess. An excellent recommendation for players with medium level and who want to learn new methods to climb to the next level.

This has been my top 10 of the best chess books.

You will have to choose the right one for you. I hope that your study in the theory is profitable and do not forget to have fun in each game which is the most important!

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