Discover 41 Recommended Chess Books according to your level

In the High-Performance Chess Academy, many students request us for recommendations about chess books. 6 coaches we have selected the best books according to the level of the student. We want to publish it to help you to find the best books that will help you depending on the moment you are in.

The Chess books are a good complement to the lessons.

Chess books For Beginners:

1. Square 65 – Alberto Chueca (General Tips):
– A foundational text, offering practical insights for novice players.
2. How to Reassess Your Chess – J. Silman:
– Silman's approach revolutionizes how beginners perceive the game, laying a strong groundwork.

3. Combinational Motifs – M. Blokh:
– Blokh introduces beginners to the art of combining tactical motifs, a crucial skill in chess.

4. How to Play the World's Most Popular Board Game – Murray Chandler:
– Chandler's guide is a gateway for beginners, providing a comprehensive overview of chess.

5. Chess Tactics for Kids – Murray Chandler:
– Tailored for younger enthusiasts, Chandler's chess book makes learning chess engaging and accessible.

6. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess – Murray Chandler:
– A playful yet instructive guide, perfect for family chess nights.

7. Looking for Trouble: Recognizing Meeting Threats in Chess – Heisman Dan:
– Heisman explores the art of anticipating and countering threats, a crucial skill for any chess player.

8. Step Trainer Manual – Brunia Rob & van Wijgerden Cor:
– A structured training manual for stepping into the world of chess mastery.

9. Step Workbook Complete – Brunia Rob & van Wijgerden Cor:
– A companion workbook that solidifies fundamental concepts introduced in the Step Trainer Manual.

10. Silman's Complete Endgame Course – J. Silman:
– Silman’s work extends to the endgame, providing vital insights into finishing games with precision.

11. Logical Chess: Move by Move – I. Chernev:
– Chernev's approach breaks down games move by move, enhancing logical thinking.

12. Chess Cafe – The Puzzling Side of Chess – Coakley Jeff:
– Coakley's book introduces the puzzle element, honing analytical skills.

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Chess books for Intermediate Level:

1. Excelling at Chess Calculation – Jacob Aagard (Calculation):
– Aagard's focus on calculation is a turning point for players moving beyond the basics.

2. Excelling at Positional Chess – Jacob Aagard (Strategy):
– Aagard explores the strategic nuances of chess, a crucial step for advancing players.

3. 100 Endgames You Must Know – De La Villa (Endgames):
– De La Villa's work is an indispensable guide to mastering endgames, a critical phase of the game.

4. Chess Middlegames – László Polgár:
– Polgár's insights into the complexities of middlegames are invaluable for players seeking to refine their tactics.

5. Chess Endgames – László Polgár:
– Polgár's exploration of endgames complements his earlier work, providing a holistic understanding of the game.

6. Mastering Chess Strategy – Hellsten Johan:
– Johan Hellsten delves into advanced strategic concepts, providing a bridge to higher-level play.

7. Mastering Opening Strategy – Hellsten Johan:
– Hellsten's strategic exploration extends to the opening, offering a comprehensive approach to chess mastery.

8. Mastering Endgame Strategy – Hellsten Johan:
– Johan Hellsten's expertise shines again, this time focusing on strategic endgame play.

9. Under the Surface – Jan Markos:
– Markos explores the depth beneath moves, uncovering the subtleties that define expert play.

10. Chess Structures – Mauricio Flores:
– Flores dissects various chess structures, empowering players with a deep understanding of positional play.

11. Endgame Strategy – M. Shereshevsky:
– Shereshevsky's work is a masterclass in endgame strategy, a must-read for aspiring chess tacticians.

12. Practical Chess Psychology – Avni Amatzia:
– Amatzia's insights into the psychological aspect of chess provide a unique perspective on strategic decision-making.

Chess books for Advanced Level:

1. Imagination In Chess – P. Gaprindashvili:
– Gaprindashvili's work elevates chess to an art form, emphasizing the role of imagination in strategic play.

2. Grandmaster Preparation – Aagaard Jacob:
– Aagaard's Grandmaster Preparation series is a comprehensive guide for players aiming to reach the pinnacle of chess mastery.

3. Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame – Dreev:
– Dreev's insights into practical play enrich the reader's understanding of middlegame dynamics.

4. Recognizing Your Opponent's Resources – M. Dvoretsky:
– Dvoretsky's focus on opponent analysis sharpens the player's ability to anticipate and counter strategic moves.

5. The Seven Deadly Chess Sins – J. Rowson:
– Rowson delves into the common pitfalls of chess players, offering valuable lessons on avoiding strategic errors.

6. Chess For Zebras – J. Rowson:
– Rowson explores the unique challenges faced by individual players, providing personalized strategies for improvement.

7. Domination in 2545 Studies – G. Kasparian:
– Kasparian's studies showcase the beauty of dominance in chess, inspiring advanced players to achieve strategic supremacy.

8. Risk & Bluff in Chess – Tukmakov Vladimir:
– Tukmakov's exploration of risk and bluff introduces a dynamic element to strategic decision-making in chess.

9. Perfect Your Chess – Volokitin Andrei & Grabinsky Vladimir:
– Volokitin and Grabinsky's collaborative work aims to refine every aspect of a player's game, offering a holistic approach to mastery.

10. Panchenko Alexander Mastering Chess Middlegames – Lectures from the All Russian School of Grandmasters:
– Panchenko's lectures from the All Russian School of Grandmasters provide insights from the highest echelons of chess expertise.

BONUS: Chess Books – Classics and Essential Reads:

1. My System – Nimzowitch:
– A foundational text by Nimzowitch, shaping the modern understanding of chess and influencing generations of players.

2. Manual of Chess – Emanuel Lasker:
– Lasker's timeless manual combines prose with psychology and philosophy, catering to players of all levels.

3. Basics of Chess – J. R Capablanca:
– Capablanca's classic covers fundamental topics, making it an ideal companion for players seeking to refine their basics.

4. Think Like a Great Teacher – Alexander Kotov:
– Kotov's timeless work emphasizes the importance of studying theory and adopting the thought processes of chess masters.

5. My 60 Memorable Games – Bobby Fischer:
– Fischer's reflections on his games, strategies, and opponents provide a firsthand account of the mind of a chess genius.

6. Tournament Chess – D. Bronstein:
– Bronstein's analysis of the 1953 Zurich championship games offers a deep dive into high-level tournament play.

7. The Method in Chess – Lossif Dorfman:
– Dorfman's teaching method, employed with players like Kasparov, Bacrot, and Topalov, is a cornerstone for modern strategic thinking.

In your pursuit of chess mastery, consider these chess books as your strategic partners, guiding you through the intricacies of the game. Each recommendation is a valuable asset in your chess library, offering a diverse array of perspectives, strategies, and insights. Whether you're a beginner aiming to understand the basics or an advanced player seeking to refine your tactics, these chess books are your companions on the path to strategic excellence. Happy reading and strategic playing!

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