Do you know what is The Rebel Alliance? Let me tell you an awkward truth.

Watching some free chess, studying 3 nonsense books and becoming another active chess player of the bunch is very easy.

And you certainly don’t need anyone to be featured on the list of allegedly active chess players.

To check chess, hang out and have fun, with only you is enough.

But… are you different?

If you are reading these lines, I hope you are.

I want to believe that you have understood that watching by yourself free and unlimited chess content for hours and hours, or reading tons of dispersed books will only lead you to one simple and dead-end road:

More lost than ever, intoxicated by partial, obsolete and mostly incomplete analysis.

You will be overwhelmed by all these alleged content you should learn.

Frustrated, because after hours and hours of deep thought and analysis, there’s barely a clear answer. And in addition, sometimes lower your rating.

You will definitively feel desperate and very discouraged, by not improving and have the same rating, and most importantly, not knowing what to do to get out of this negative vicious circle.

I hope you have understood that making actual progress as a chess player is an extremely slow, expensive and very complex task.

And, of course, I hope you have learned to value all those hours at their fair value.

The smartest decision you can make is to look for help, let yourself be guided to make progress, improve your rating and have a good plan.

With a sophisticated methodology, and, after having gone through the whole process.

And customized attention, maximum involvement, you will get that extra motivation, absolutely necessary and essential for those moments when your strength falters.

I’ll teach you everything I know from chess, in a didactic and easily digestible way, that will allow you to make progress, just as I have, using methods previously tested on my own students.

I’ve been playing chess for more than 20 years.

I’ve been teaching it for more than 8 years.

Ever since I was 8 years old, through 18, I’ve been competing in national and international youth championships.

I’ve been progressing until where I am now, a master.

The Chueca Method: I know what works and what does NOT work.


And, most importantly, I know how to transmit these complex concepts and terms in an easily understandable way for all.

I get deeply involved with everything I do.

My goal is to help you make some steady progress, get you closer to your own goals in a direct, simple and practical way.

No more, no less.

And now, I want to offer the majority of my followers the opportunity to obtain direct access to my knowledge, tools and my methodology: The Chueca Method.

The Rebel Alliance is my new private community.

This online community is designed so that every “rebel” and passionate chess player can improve on a daily basis and is willing to get as involved as possible, in order to achieve his or her most personal goals.

If you only play chess to distract your mind, the Rebel Alliance is NOT for you.

I firmly respect your ideas and your thoughts, but, the content you will find on The Rebel Alliance is headed to a different type of chess player:

Those who are serious.

Those who want to learn and improve their rating.

Definitely, those who seek results.

So, if you are looking forward to improving your rating, increase your chess playing skills, to represent your hometown or country, or you need to prepare yourself for an important championship and compete to the maximum of your possibilities, then keep on reading, my friend.

The five promises of The Rebel Alliance

The goals of this private community are multiple:

1. I want you to play better: starting from the basic concepts, and going through solving those technical and strategic mistakes, which I know, there are a few.

2. I want you to play chess in a smarter way: It’s all about getting results in the shortest period of time. Out with the noise, straight to what’s valuable. I will provide you with exactly what you need to improve. I’ll filter everything that we don’t need to eliminate noise and irrelevant content and make sure that each moment you’re working on something, it’s something you truly need to work on.

3. I want to help you find those “chess rebels” like you: I want to break the loneliness cycle and the monotony of studying alone, making sure you spend a more pleasant and fun day.

4. I’m going to help you to find your own chess playing style: I want to provide you with the tools that will allow you to unwrap your skills in a more autonomous way… find your inner voice. And while we’re at it, make your style shine and stand out from the rest.

5. I want you to compete in a modern way: also, learn to dominate those (very few) tools that really make a difference in tournaments and impact your winning streak.

The point is to move forward, steadily, in the seeking of your goals, making you spend less money on those trial-error attempts. Trust me, I’ve been there, through every one of those mistakes and I don’t want you to lose yourself, by not knowing what to do next to keep learning.

You will achieve all of this, first of all, thanks to the support of your Rebel Alliance colleagues, but most of all, to the specific classes according to your level, taught personally by me, through a very refined methodology.

10 + 1 reasons to join today to the Rebel Alliance

I’m going to make a shortlist to explain why I think you should join this awesome community, without too much thinking:

The quality of the lessons and a specific methodology that we’ll keep updated. We will discuss chess, basic concepts and techniques… pure essence. Not playing just for fun and entertainment.

Effective help in a more flexible way. You will get 24/7 access to a private Facebook group along with other rebels, on your own speed, when it’s best for you, to ask away anything you want.

Steadier company for a longer period (monthly access). You will have more time to see the results of your efforts, and there will be constantly testing.

Faster learning, absorbing all the experiences (both positive and negative). You and the other rebels will learn from one and other, and that will allow you to improve your chess skills.

Avoid wasting time looking for chess material and making decisions based on incomplete and obsolete analyses.

Avoid expending money on too many trial-error attempts that ultimately end up costing a fortune, and you don’t make a real progress.

Enjoy the pleasant practice of chess, while connecting with other chess players. You will surround yourself with people that love what you love, and that makes the process more interactive and definitely, much more fun.

Enjoy the small victories, check on your progress and your rating increase. Greatness is built with small steps.

Share tips and small tricks with your fellow rebels on the Alliance.

The possibility of being better known as a chess player, thanks to the visibility of For example, sharing your successes through my social media. And, who knows? Maybe collaborate with me in the near future? Remember, meritocracy opens doors to my community.

Finally, this last reason will also interest you:

10+1. Signing up for The Rebel Alliance is extremely affordable.


First of all, you will find a special group of people…

Positive people
People who work to make a difference.
Fighter people.
Dreamers, people who know where they stand.
People who do not settle.
People who care and help.

The Rebel Alliance will become your day to day family in a world so gray, defeated and dull, we, together, will work to make a difference, and paint it colorful again!

Sure! We are “Rebels” (Star Wars)! And we choose the path of light.

And, know this: the sleeping ones are the majority. But they are not even aware… We are the weird ones, and that’s the reason we’re cooler!

Will I always be able to resign from The Rebel Alliance whenever I want?

Yes, but prices will be going up pretty soon. So you have been warned!

Is The Rebel Alliance only available for intermediate and advanced chess players?

Absolutely not. You will find a family of chess players… Those who have just started practicing, those who are barely competing, and those who will be known as the most talented young players in the world.

And, of course, there will be those who want to enjoy and make progress in his favorite hobby. The whole point is that the most advanced players push the least capable upwards, through inspiration and constant help.

We all have been rookies at some point. As soon as you connect with those who have accomplished their goals, the sooner you’ll reach your own goal. It is that simple.

Will I have to study non stop? How will I know which lesson is the best for me?

No, I DO NOT want you to do that. I don’t mean to overwhelm you; on the contrary. All of my videos are labeled according to specific stages of your evolution as a chess player.

This way you can strengthen the foundations of your knowledge as a chess player and move upwards, step by step. As you make steady progress, you will be able to enter the most advanced classes, after a confirmation test.

Who will be part of the support team?

Before anyone else, me. The Rebel Alliance is my latest creation in chess. It is the best way to interact with me.

As the community grows, I might add a few people to help me with the technical support, but rest easy, I will always be there.

What are the prices of The Rebel Alliance to improve in chess?

The best way to assess the opportunity presented to you is to set it in context:

flechanaranja Any face-to-face lesson will cost you more time (going and coming back), it will not be as structured as it should be, and definitely, the level will not be the same.

flechanaranja With a simple trainer or teacher, you will be one student more. You will probably attend a few months and then your level will be the same.

This is what’s out there.

I offer you monthly access (that is 30 days with automatic renewal), 24/7, of the best chess training possible.

How are the chess lessons of The Rebel Alliance different from the free posts on the blog or the emails?

Basically, The Rebel Alliance goes way deeper and easy understanding and later implementation in your chess games. We present you the techniques in their context. A post is too short to describe everything correctly.

Plus, I take on much more advanced topics that have barely received any treatment on my personal blog at the moment.

I want you to stop looking for information, wasting hours and hours finding these “magic secrets” –THAT REALLY DON’T EXIST– and will only make you waste time and money.

So, I am going to make it very easy for you in The Rebel Alliance: There’s everything you need to improve your rating and chess skills and I only use the techniques that actually work.

What is the difference between the content you offer in The Rebel Alliance and the one you offer in your private chess lessons?

Actually, they are complementary.

My lessons are intensive and they allow you to speed up your chess level according to your current #1 need.

For me, a chess player is very much like a decathlete: each level is a different sports discipline in which you need to work on certain abilities, in a specific way. One by one.

The Rebel Alliance represents the global training that prepares you to compete in the 10 disciplines of a decathlon, without getting hurt, nor having weaknesses that prevent you from getting on to the podium of the big competitions. Plus, it is your personal chess coach who helps you overcome your limits and motivates you day after day.

How are the content and lessons of The Rebel Alliance different from those offered on other websites and chess coaches?

It is mostly on the methodology and clarity of the content I explain.

There is deep work, based on a formative direction designed to homogenize and coordinate the content that is presented in each chess class.

Some others teach only to fulfill, to get it done.

If you have gone through any of those, it probably took you around three or four months to realize. And then you drop out.

These people, they keep you busy, but they don’t help you enough.

Nobody tells you what you should do at some point.

It is simply because they don’t know in what context you are in that moment of the life cycle as a chess player.

My goal is to customize the lessons and videos according to the actual position you’re located (which will help us filter what is really relevant and certainly, what is not) and I also want to know you as a person! That way, I’ll know what is best for you, and what is more convenient.

So, there are no loose group lessons in The Rebel Alliance?

No, there aren’t. I need time to get to know you. I don’t want you to hold you, starring at some deficient content for hours and hours. My plan is focused on getting results, I want to help you to get results. It’s very different.

When you access The Rebel Alliance, you reserve your place indefinitely. Your subscription will be renewed automatically every month at the same price as now. This is a great advantage and a gift for my rebels, because of each certain time the subscription price increases and if you purchase today, you keep the lowest price forever.

Of course, you can cancel your subscription to The Rebel Alliance anytime you wish, and even before your annual renewal. But, I am sure that the content, the lessons and the community will captivate you for a very long period.

Will I have to work too much?

Everything you can. And more. There is no doubt about it because nothing will come without effort.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, there is an unconditional 7-days warranty. If before finishing the trial period, you feel like The Rebel Alliance is not what you are looking for at the moment, you will definitely get your money back.

No questions!

I cannot guarantee results; each case is a different world, and I do not wish to sell illusions.

The one thing I can guarantee you is that is you want to work, I will guide you through the whole process, helping you with qualified content according to your personal level and my commitment will be absolute.

You will see, almost in a miraculous way that within a few months of intense practice and teaching, your results will improve in a substantial way!

Do not think about this anymore.

The Rebel Alliance is everything you need to get closer to your dream of becoming a chess master. Make this passion something really valuable.

Join The Rebel Alliance today and come to greet me on our private Facebook group! Best of luck to you!

Do not leave without signing up.


Do NOT listen to the little devil in your brain, telling you to put it off.

You are going to lose weeks or months. This special price will be gone and you will have lost even more than what you were missing by reading this offer.

Act today!

Make a real commitment with yourself, by making a very reasonable investment, because you know that in order to triumph as a chess player, you need to understand the praxis of this game, with the same responsibility and seriousness that a medical student would have, a future lawyer or a Business consultant on an MBA.

In front of any other training offer of a school or a club, this is a smart investment.

Ridiculously affordable.

And I guarantee you that you will be learning more in a few months, here in The Rebel Alliance, than a whole year in a club, for example.

It is ultimately your choice, if you stay in the limbo of desires or if you prefer to jump on stage and not leave it any other day of your life.

It’s your life.

It’s your choice.