I will explain the main concepts you need to know about chess middlegame to play better and improve your level.

It will include the strategy and technique that you acquire learning the basic concepts. For example, they can be pawn structures or typical ideas like: Domination, bishop vs knight, the bishop pair, the squares, the weaknesses in chess…

They are very instructive concepts to help you to progress in chess.

In general, the concepts explained in the chess middlegame are the concepts that are going to help you to improve more your chess level. Put much attention to them.

Sure you will want more! :)

Chess pieces
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess pieces: Know how to move the 5 pieces of this great game.

Chess is a classic game that has been around for centuries, beloved by players around the world. In order to play chess, you need the right set of pieces.

Guide to Chess pieces

Each type of chess piece has its own movement and purpose on the board. Understanding the different chess pieces and how to move them is essential for any beginner. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of chess pieces:

  • Pawns
  • Knights
  • Bishops
  • Rooks
  • Queens
  • Kings

We’ll go over the movement and special abilities of each chess piece to give you a better understanding of the game.… Read more

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positional chess pawn
The Technique
Alberto Chueca

Chess: Positional Play

7 Imperative positional chess concepts

The positional chess concepts are something that we can’t stop studying in chess. These are the key ideas that make the process of thinking a lot easier in chess.

They give us simple tricks and pre-determined plans to follow in certain positions. They were created by the masters that have learned from their previous experience of the game.

They have left this knowledge for us, the new generation of chess players, to study them and improve them. This is how chess has evolved a lot over the years, and the reason the game is what … Read more

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center and development
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess: Center & Development

Chess center and development

There are different principles or rules to play chess correctly, two of the most important are the center and development. You surely have already heard about these two, but what do chess masters mean by this.

The objective of this post is to give a practical approach to these topics, along with simple explanations and tips to apply to improve your game now.

Defining the Chess Center

center and development queen

The chess center is one of the most important factors in chess, by this we mean controlling the central squares. Having control over the center in chess can give … Read more

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chess open files pieces
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess: Open Files

What is an open file?

An open file in chess is a file in which there aren’t any pawns or pieces blocking the way. So the major pieces, especially rooks and queens, can get activity through these files.

Having an open file under your control can report a lot of benefits to you. So is like this, that the open file is one factor that can completely give you the game if you know how to exploit it.

Yet, there are two types of open files, offering different advantages, that you have to know how to seize:

The fully open Read more

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chess passed pawns
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Chess: Passed Pawns

What is a passed pawn in chess?

The passed pawn is chess is the pawn that has no opposition to advance and has a freeway until the promoting square. Children usually mistake thinking the pawn is the pawn past the fifth rank of the board.

This is not true, a passed pawn could be on a2 with white, but even so, if there is not a pawn on the a-file or b-file it’s a passed pawn.

A passed pawn can give a lot of opportunities to one of the players, which is a factor of weight that can be easily … Read more

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the sacrifice in chess pieces
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Master the Chess Sacrifice to Become a Tactical Monster!

The sacrifice in chess

If there is something that we all love in chess is sacrificing pieces on chess. Mastering the sacrifice in chess can report many wins and improvements for your game.

Sacrificing all of your pieces and keep attacking until you checkmate the king with the 2 pieces you have left. That’s the beautiful fantasy of every chess player in the world, I can read your mind.

Even though it is very satisfactory to sacrifice your pieces is not always the best move. Some people tend to sacrifice in vain, falling for their impulses in the game.… Read more

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chess pattern puzzle
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

How the Recognition of Chess Patterns Will make You a Grandmaster

Chess patterns

There is something that helps the chess player understand when there is a combination over the board, a chess pattern. It is something almost invisible, if you are an amateur chess player, you will surely understand me.

Nobody tells you, but you know it, you can smell something, what is it? Here I can surely get an advantage by a combination. The chess patterns are a configuration of pieces that tells us, there is something important we need to pay attention to.

Your mind can remember more things than what you think, you are not conscious of the … Read more

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chess gambit tournament
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

How to Play Killer Chess Gambits

What are chess gambits?

There are important moves in chess, those key moves that grant the victory to one player, these can be the gambits. The chess gambit can be understood as chess sacrifice; gambit means “bet” or risk.

And those two words define perfectly the purpose of the chess gambit, which is a bet, a risk you take to win something bigger. I would say there are two kinds of gambits:

The theoretical gambit: These are the gambits that are not really a sacrifice, for example, the “queen’s gambit” is not really a gambit, because you can take … Read more

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the psychology in chess
05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Secrets of The Chess Psychology

The Psychology in Chess

Chess is not just a board game, but a mind game, a fierce battle of minds and emotions (yes, emotions). It all comes down to a beautiful science that has been neglected by most, the psychology in chess.

Chess psychology can get really complex, considering this is the science that studies human natures and behaviors. In chess, psychology is important has a fundamental role in your chess performance.

Let’s explain the psychology in chess the easier we can for you to understand how it affects your game (and you in general).

  1. Studying psychology will help you
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chess en passant
03 Chess middlegame ♟️
Alberto Chueca

The Chess en Passant Move Secrets for Advanced Players

The chess en passant move!

We have already talked about the unusual capture in chess in other blog posts, but the interesting chess en passant capture needs to be well-explained.

It is not easy to understand because the topic is very rich and has a great history behind it. The chess en passant has become so important in the development of chess.

Chess has suffered a lot of changes in the entire history that makes it difficult to really know how chess was before. The en passant chess move is something that was not very well-received by the masters of … Read more

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