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FlyOrDie.com games platform

The flyordie chess page is just one of the “extensions” of the flyordie gaming server, where you can find various games to play. There are many kinds of games, the most played are the table games like checkers chess and others.

Flyordie servers and design prioritize performance over appearance and looks, which makes it better for people with low internet connections and computers.

It also offers pages for tournaments and competitions against other players and a good gaming experience. The different games that are available on the page are just to play online, there are no single-player games.

Some pages allow users to play mainly strategy games online, there is backgammon, Gomoku, and the Flyordie chess server or course. What is good about the page is the fastness and facility to use the page.

The registration and process to find online games are intuitive and easy so you will have problems. You can also play as a guest if you don’t want to create an account on this server.

The only problem is that you will miss out on other nice features of the web like ELO, tournament participation, and the global ranking of the website.

It is a concise, simple, and quick platform to enjoy chess, a convenient alternative for the regular platforms we are mannered to use.

The Flyordie chess platform

flyordie chess people

This chess server has some advantages and features that make it a good platform to play on. The Flyordie chess server has the regular options that any site gives you, like chat, pieces customization, and personalization.

But also has a pretty unique point system that replaces ELO rating the page, how the point system works is explained by the webmasters in the FAQ section.

Also, they have an online ranking of the best players on the site, which gives the competitive touch that chess should always have. Another cool thing about this site is that the pairing for the games works completely differently.

The Flyordie chess’ pairing system works like the ChessBase online chess playing platform, that probably you haven’t used. It is organized by online rooms where you enter and start challenging until someone accepts.

This makes the process of playing with friends a lot easier to provide a more social and comfortable experience. This also allows playing anyone despite their rating level or their experience of the page, which is good as well.

Now you can play with your newbie chess friends rated -1000 ELO points than you without losing any ranking on popular websites.

Why you should use Flyordie chess servers

flyordie chess play chess

By now means I am saying you should use this page over other websites, every site has its community, features, and advantages. But any serious chess player should have an account on most of these websites to try different things.

The specialty of the Flyordie chess platform is its functionality and quickness to have chess games. The functionalism of the page is what stands out when playing on a Flyordie chess server.

With the lack of high textures that your computer needs to load and a simple webpage design, the page doesn’t consume any resources of your computer.

This also affects the quality of the internet servers and the consumption rate of bandwidth, you may think lag is not a big problem in online chess. But you may not think so when you lose a blitz game because your move didn’t reach the server on time.

We can’t say this problem will be completely solved just by switching platforms, but the lightness of the Flyordie chess servers will surely help a bit.

The advantage of the Flyordie chess platform over other sites

flyordie chess tournaments

One of the most important things about this page is its functionalism and quickness with the connections and loading times in any computer.

But another good thing about this server is the friendly pairing and rating system it has. The parties’ system we see in programs like Chessbase costs some money.

This will allow you to get in group talk and meet people easily through the page.

The tournament system is also a thing to consider from the Flyordie chess website. The tournaments are programmed and you have to attend at a specific hour just like a real tournament that you go to.

There are tournaments for players of all ratings and levels, there are tournaments where you can play on without being registered on the page as well.

Invite your friends over to the party and enjoy some chill games of chess easily through the Flyordie chess website.

How to choose the perfect chess page for you?

flyordie chess chesboard

I believe that in chess, as in anything in life, you have to explore the different options before making a decision. Of course, creating an account is not such a big deal but, what about the gains of the page? What is it offering to me?

Everything will depend on your personal interest and your current situation.

If you are serious about improving and want to get better fast, I would recommend you chess.com as the first option. The reason is simple, chess.com has a lot of different tools that can benefit your learning.

One of those is the most powerful and comfortable tactical trainer on the internet.

However, chess24 also has a great method to study and the tactical trainer is also very powerful. While lichess doesn’t have that elaborated tactics trainer but has the upper hand at price because it’s totally free!

As you can see every site has its pros and cons that you should consider before go ahead and choose one.

As I mentioned before Flyordie chess prioritizes the performance and the game experience sacrificing the esthetics a little, low-spec gamer style.

If these features adjust your necessities and are what you are looking for I encourage you to try it out.

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