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We all love to have lovely wallpapers about what we like to see every day when using our technological devices. From the cellphone to the computer we all love to see a nice picture about whatever we have chosen.

Here you can download high-quality images in HD to have the best resolution and you see the incredible details of every image.

You can spend hours looking for the best wallpapers fitting to your likings or what you are looking for and nothing comes up. Getting a great chess wallpaper can be serious stuff for some, and I understand it.

For those who love chess, we have a special gift today, a compilation of the best chess wallpapers on the internet.

10 Stunning chess wallpapers

chess wallpaper

1: Download

An incredible image with a very good resolution that symbolizes the white king being checkmated by the queen right beside it. The pieces look plastic and this image resembles the end of a very long game.

When I look at this image I imagine winning a game after a long fight against my opponent, a very nice chess wallpaper. The reflection of the pieces and the blurriness behind the image look awesome as well.

chess wallpaper cat
chess wallpaper cat

2: Download

Also, a great image where we see a cat glancing intensely at us over a good-looking chess set. Perfect for the chess-lovers for its nice look, actually, anyone could have this as a wallpaper, who doesn’t like cats?

The best part is the incredible look of the pieces and the shape of the shadows over the chessboard. The resolution is quite high and the squares look detailed as well.


3: Download

Here we stare directly into the black king’s eyes that appear to have achieved the victory after a fierce battle. With the enemy pieces piled up on each other on the blurry background, this chess wallpaper screams “I won”

Imagine waking up in the morning before going to a tournament and looking at this, motivation 100%. Nice wallpaper with obscure colors.

chess wallpaper pawn
chess wallpaper pawn

4: Download

Here we have a classic of the wallpapers, this image has been used a couple of times by different webpages. It’s easy to see why, the great-looking pawn with a crown imposing his dominance, looks so cool!

The other pawns around the black pawn that promotes and becomes a queen or wins the game, depending on how you look at it.

chess game
chess game

5: Download

Here we have a chess game between two people in an interesting place, also looks very good for a chess wallpaper. The thing that pops up to our view is the glass chess set, the fancy-looking guy on the right, and the other guy with crossed arms.

High quality and incredible aspects, perfect if you are looking for a cool wallpaper.

chess pieces

6: Download

Cool chess wallpapers with the pieces and the chessboard in a strange place, but looks so good! There are many small details in this wallpaper but that’s also great because it makes it look elaborated.

If you are a fan of simplicity this may not be the best for you, although there is still a great chess wallpaper.

chess wallpaper knights
chess wallpaper knights

7: Download

Well now we have a chess wallpaper that is also about love, this image looks pretty good, this is one of the best in my opinion. We have two knights staring at each other with a phrase that says “I love you so much” in the bottom part.

A cute image of the knight with no doubt, a great chess wallpaper that I personally like.

chess glass

8: Download

Glass pieces that are in the company of a glass full of wine, definitely one of the best chess wallpapers you can find. The lighting makes it look interesting and also the shadows look edgy as well, the glass pieces perfectly match with everything else.

A little hard to notice the candles too, this is a soft handsome-looking chess wallpaper you will surely enjoy.

chess wallpaper chessboard
chess wallpaper chessboard

9: Download

Now, a more colorful and pretty chess wallpaper in which we see stunning chess set with wooden pieces, and the focus improves it a lot.

I personally think this is the kind of simple chess set that everyone wants to have, it is simple, beautiful, and comfortable. That’s exactly what this wallpaper transmits with this incredible picture.

chess wallpaper coffee
chess wallpaper coffee

10: Download

This picture portrays exactly the dream of any devoted chess player, a great chess set, a cup of coffee, and a quiet place. You should definitely check out this chess wallpaper, it’s one of the best I found and with the highest resolution as well.

Getting a chess wallpaper from different pages

Still don’t like what you see? Well, the only option I have I sending you to my superiors on the matter! Naturally, this is a chess blog, not a wallpapers webpage so I can get a whole bank of images in here.

But I can recommend you specialized webs that offer you a wide bank of images for you to choose the perfect one matching your interests! Visit one of these and you won’t get tired of any images you can get in there.

One of the most famous banks of images that exists these days is Pinterest; it is also very popular. You will surely find beautiful chess wallpapers right there.

It could be very good that you get some juicy and handsome-looking chess wallpapers on this page. Different from Pinterest, is a more general image bank that focuses its images on the resolution and quality, what everything looks for in a wallpaper.

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