Amazing Chess Movies & Series To Watch!

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Stunning chess movies you must watch

Chess is a game that has arisen intrigue among spectators and has its own kind of emotion and thrill. Incredibly, there is a good movie about chess, but the drama and complications get along with the game. Maybe that’s why there are many good chess movies.

If you want to see the most magic chess films keep reading and pay close attention, this will be a checkmate!

Amazing chess movies!

As chess lovers, we all like the art that has to do with sport/science, and the cinematographic world hasn’t forgotten about us. Here are three amazing chess movies you cannot miss out on:

Critical thinking

Booby Fischer
Booby Fischer

This drama is a masterpiece that has a subtle touch of social criticizing and a huge message, perfect. The film is about a group of Latin young chess players who have the opportunity to compete in the U.S. chess championship of the year. Latinos have been defined as mentally inferior.

The film wants us to see how Latin people have been abused this way (which is real) and how the idea of Latinos being inferior is complete nonsense. One of the best chess movies, and one of the most inspiring.

Pawn sacrifice

This is one magnificent film, one of the best chess movies in the world, it’s famous for the effect it had. It made known the history of the incredible Bobby Fischer, and it was one of the most amazing chess movies in the world.

The fact that the history was based on real-life gives a great feeling to watch the movie. Also, the budget and effort of this movie were pretty high, and you can see the effort of the drama. This is definitely a movie that you need to watch if you like chess, you won’t regret it.

A little game

This is an inspiring movie that tells the story of a young girl who slowly fell in love with chess. The girl names “Max” started to grow an interest in chess as her parents were so busy working to get her better studies. She asks a man who she has seen many times playing to teach her to play.

That was her ticket to success playing the game, she quickly starts to improve and takes this little game to the next level. There are no limits for the girl determinate to be the best, how far will she go?

Why chess movies and are so interesting for me?

Booby Fischer statue

Of course, we all like what we feel we’re attached to, and if you are passionate about chess you’ll enjoy all of this. We tend to develop emotional boundaries with everything that affects our life, no matter if good or bad.

Chess is a game that everyone who plays it seriously gets a good relationship with. If you played chess when you were in school, you’ll surely remember it. Watching chess movies can help you know a little more about chess history, especially if you don’t like reading too much.

There are movies about pretty much every famous chess player in the world, and you can learn more about their personalities and behavior. Even their background story, as some of the movies tend to do to put more drama on them.,

Incredibly, not invented drama, for example, the story of Garry Kasparov is one of the most interesting there are. We recommend you see the chess movie about Garry Kasparov to know more: Computer chess. One of the best films about chess there is, based on true history.

Why there aren’t so many chess movies?

chess movies and series

The reality is, chess movies are not so commercial, it will be difficult for a chess movie to have more public than a football movie for example. That’s why there aren’t so many chess movies out on the market available to watch.

But actually, it isn't that there are no chess movies to watch, this just means the chess movies there are not so popular. And the chess series never was too watched. However, they are getting increased attention and chess is going up in popularity.

This is a collaboration between two media, Twitch and the Netflix series. In the case of series because the chess series like “Queen’s gambit” gave incredible attention to the game. Also, thanks to these other good chess movies are getting attention on the streaming platform, and of course, to chess itself., the biggest chess website on all the internet, experimented with a violent increase in the number of new users. They even added the main character of the series to the bots you can play on the website.

And Twitch, because several streamers have been streaming chess, combined with the lockdown, chess went up. Chess was the first trending on twitch during 2020, and world-class YouTubers gave attention to the game.

What about the chess series?

chess movies
chess movies

As we have mentioned, the chess series of Netflix queen’s gambit has given something to talk to all the chess and series lovers. It’s one of the best series of 2020, and you’ll surely enjoy it as much as the best chess movies on Netflix.

Just to summarize a little, the queen’s gambit treats the story of a young girl who has an incredible interest in chess. This encourages them to become the first woman world chess champion of the world, but she has a big secret. She needs to consume a drug to play as the chess genius she is, and this will create a tense environment for the girl.

There aren’t many series that have a whole plot going around chess, but there is a book that you could enjoy. If you liked queen’s gambit you should read “the chess player” a literary masterpiece that will leave you hooked from beginning to end.

The plot is similar, but with differences, but the drama, tension, and mystery of the story will always be present.

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