Can I Make Money Playing Chess Online?

can imake money playing chess

Earn money with chess online

Internet is growing as a work source for everyone these times, you can get money by anything you do on the internet. “Can I make money playing chess online?” is the question today, keep reading to get a better understanding of this idea.

But first, you need to know: the principle to make money is having a skill, you need to offer a product in a way that captivates people. Also, depending on the kind of business you choose, there are different “rules” we need to follow.

Another imperative aspect of making money is that you are willing to invest time and effort, to grow online, that’s how it is. Getting out of the practical concepts of investment in a new project, we will give a glance at how to grow on the internet.

That’s what you should aim for to make money playing chess online: Drawing people’s attention to you. Remember, making money online is like having a business in real life, you need to figure out the way to make people interested.

How to make money online in general?

can imake money playing chess bishop

Many businesses run online, and there are tons of ways to monetize your effort on an internet page. If you are asking “can I make money playing chess online”, then we should explain how the internet works:

The Internet offers big amounts of information and articles that may be useful for the users. The content is intended to help everyone solve doubts, or find what they are looking for.

This is why, if you think that you have a product, knowledge, skill, or whatever that people may use, you can get money out of that. I’m not saying you should sell your trash (although some people do), that is not ok.

You can create content for people to see it, and give you something for it, not necessarily money. Remember, at first, you won’t directly get money on the internet, you will get the opportunities to make money.

To make money playing chess online you need to do something different, and win the correct public to your content. There is a lot of competition, how are you going to make people interested in your content instead of other chess players? What will you offer other people don’t?

Can I make money playing chess online?


I wanted to give you the idea, the online business world is like the offline business world. So can I make money playing chess? Yes! And can I make money playing chess online? Yes!

As long as there are people interested in chess, there will be space for people to live out of that. Some people want to improve in chess, why don’t you offer them a product so they can improve? Like a book. As long as there are people who need there will be a work opportunity.

View it like this: In life, we can’t do anything on our own, so we need people to help us in our projects. And, as I need to do stuff, like eating, for example, they also need, so we will help each other.

This is why most of the content creators (YouTubers, streamers, writers, masters) always ask people to donate or to pay for more content. Of course, if they do it is because they love it, but they can’t do it if they don’t have a profit.

You can make money playing chess online. Whatever you think about can be monetized, you only need the correct method to follow, which takes us to the next question:

How to make money playing chess online?


What are you trying to sell people? It needs to be something valuable, that people may develop an interest for. On the internet you will sell anything you have, even indirectly selling it, there are several options:

  • You can buy a domain, and create a webpage dedicated to chess in general. It can be a web to buy and sell chess-related products, or a blog, like the one you are reading right now.
  • Also, you can create audiovisual content, like YouTubers, streamers, and podcasters, and have people pay for your content or lessons.
  • You can give chess lessons, as I do, on the internet.

It’s incredible the number of options you have, everywhere you look for there is an opportunity, make sure to be aware to see it!

Remember, your product will sell more if you have a skill or a particular characteristic that is unique to you. If you offer people something they can find useful, they will feel grateful to the person that made the content.

When you win people’s gratefulness, it means they trust you, and that is the first step for them to invest in your business, content, or product. The power to make money online resides in making people follow you and share with you.

How much time will it take? How much money can I make?

can imake money playing chess knight

Everything we said so far sounds inspiring and beautiful, after reading this you are surely thinking of going out to start your business now! But it has its catches, as every job does, and if you want to do it you should definitely try it, but read this first:

There is a lot of competition in this market, that is not being pessimistic, that is being realistic. Ranking a website, getting people’s attention, and getting noticed in the market takes its time.

If you have started a blog, then you probably know it takes around three months to get a little bit of traffic going. And they will stay I your blog if your content is good, and if your content makes people fall in love.

That is definitely not easy to do but is not impossible of course. If you want to make money playing chess online you need to know, You won’t start making millions in three days, or at least that is not the majority of the cases.

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