My next tournament: Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 04 a 07 de Outubro

guimaraes chess open

My next tournament will be the Guimarães Chess Open (Portugal)

Hello friends! Yes! The next chess tournament that I will play will be in Portugal! I will play the Guimarães Chess Open 2018! 

The tournament is very strong with lots of Grandmasters and International Masters. It will be hard! There are 7 rounds and will be played in 4 days (with double rounds). The tournament is growing and well organized.

One of the interesting things of the tournament is that we will play in the afternoons (20:00h), something unusual in other countries (like Spain) but many players like to play late! I love it! It can be really interesting! The control of the energy will be very important.

I always wanted to travel to Portugal and at the end of the tournament, I will visit Guimarães and Porto to know a bit of Portugal before to go back to Spain. It's very interesting to visit other countries and discover new cultures!

I travel from Barcelona to Porto with Ryanair which is very cheap. (Booking it some days before, the prices are around 35-45€ both trips included! go and go back! I can't believe it!).

Sure you know that I'm architect also and there are important buildings in Porto which I would like to visit them like the “Casa da Musica”, “Vodafone Headquarters” or the “Serralves Contemporary Art Museum”. They are amazing! Although if you don't understand anything about architecture, you will love them!

Tourism and chess

If you like chess and you want to visit Portugal, the Guimarães Chess Open is a very good opportunity to do it. I don't know if I will do a good tournament or not, but I'm sure I will enjoy visiting Portugal! It's a little “break” and a good opportunity to travel and play chess :)

If you are interested in play the tournament, you can contact me or write to the organization [email protected] They will be glad to help you and inform you.

Wish me luck, it will be a hard tournament but sure that I will enjoy and will love Portugal! I will keep you informed! :)

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4 Responses

  1. We are waiting for you. Welcome to our beautiful city and enjoy your stay! It will be an unforgettable tournament! Good trip

    1. I’m sure of it! I wanted to visit Guimaraes and Portugal in general :) Finally, I can :)

  2. Go Alberto go !! The Rebels will cheer for you :D

    1. Thanks! I will tell all of you how was the experience :)