Chess against cancer


Chess against cancer: A chess tournament against the childhood cancer

Every year, in December, my friend Borja Sanmartín and the ASPANOA Association (an association created against childhood cancer) organize a very famous tournament of chess against cancer to collect money to help in this fight. It's a tradition and a very good reason.

The tournament is really strong and many international and grandmasters play it. Although the most important part is to collaborate with this tournament to help the children that they need this help.

It will be played on Sunday, December 2, 2018, in the morning session starting at 10:00h. It will be in the club “El Olivar”, Zaragoza, Spain. The games will be for 5 minutes. The fee is 10€ for births before 12/31/2005 and 5€ for births from 01/01/2005 inclusive (U-12).

The email to play the tournament or get more information is:
[email protected]

All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to ASPANOA, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Aragon. It serves families of children and adolescents with cancer. It aims to achieve the best state of health at all levels, making possible its full integration.

Many thanks, Borja Sanmartin and ASPANOA Association to do things like this one! It's awesome!

chess against childhood cancer

Please, I want to help also!

Chess against cancer: The “Zero board”

Maybe you can't play it but I'm sure you want to help. Don't worry! Because it exists the “Zero board”. Even if you don't play you can help us in the tournament by registering as a zero board, that is, you contribute but you don't play and in addition, you will appear on the chess-results website! If you want to sign up through Zero Board, you must do it from

(If you've got problems with the Spanish or you've got doubts, contact me and I will help you to register you as a Zero board).

The tournament grows every year and is becoming very famous! Many GMs and IMs from different countries are collaborating registering as a zero board. Some of them are the GM Pia Cramling (Sweden), the GM Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez (Sweden), the FM Stephen Boyd (France), the WGM Aleksandra Dimitrijevic (Serbia), the WFM Anna Cramling Bellon, the WFM Margit Brokko and many other players.

If you can participate (playing it or registering like a “zero board”) it would be perfect. But if you can't, please share the tournament with your friends and other chess players, because you would be helping also! 

(The website of is available to help you with the process or the doubts you could have).

Please, I want to help also!

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