10 Tips to Get Better at Chess Once For All

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The chess player is always looking for a different way to improve their game, chess is passion! We will have some quick keys that you can use to improve in chess or even give your first steps into the game.

Identify what you need

First thing, you have to know where you are going, you can’t pretend to go here if you don’t even know what “here” means. You want to get better at chess, yes, but chess is a lot of things.

Chess could be tactics, chess could be positional understanding, chess could be calculated, what exactly are you trying to improve?

You need to define what you are trying to achieve before you start working heedlessly with no purpose.

Tactics first

The tactics in chess are everything, the first thing you have to know is the tactical patterns that exist in chess. Tactics are very extended and are not something you can learn once for all.

However, knowing the basics of tactics is so important for the development of your chess. You have to know, at least what a knight fork is. If you don’t know, I highly suggest you go to an online tactics trainer right away.

Tactics will give you a lot to work on and is definitely the first step to give if you want to get better at chess.

Get good study material

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The important thing is the material you choose to train with, this is a pretty important part of learning in general. Not all of the material on the internet is good, and not all of the good content will work for you.

First, you need to look for the most cutting-edge and new content there is available for you. Second, you have to go for the one that works for you, don’t pay attention to others.

If everyone recommends the book “My System” ok you can try it out, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that book, simply take another one.

Enjoy elite chess games

This is part of the previous tip on how to get better at chess, the thing is looking at the new information. The best way to get the newest and best content is to watch the new games from the chess elite.

If you don’t want to analyze them by yourself, which you should definitely do, you can use the engine, there is no problem. Or you can also watch it on different YouTube channels or platforms which also offer good options.

This is a good way to get better at chess while also having some fun, which is amazing as well.

Analyze your games

get better at chess think

Analyzing your own games will give you a glance at how you are as a chess player. It will connect you with the chess player you are, and you can say you know yourself as a chess player.

Defining your style is one of the most important steps you have to give as a chess player. This will allow you to figure out which would be the best plans for you to follow, and which openings to use.

This can also give some reports on what you are good at, which will give you more confidence in certain positions.

Identify your weaknesses

get better at chess advance

This is the second part of analyzing your games to get better at chess, it’s an extremely useful practice. Analyzing your games, especially the ones you lost, can reveal where your weaknesses are.

Identifying and recognizing the deficiencies of your game is the first necessary step to solving them. You will have to eliminate your weaknesses one by one until you have no weaknesses at all.

This is pretty much impossible and requires time, however, you can get a lot of benefits from this practice alone. Once you know what your weaknesses are, attack them by practicing or replaying lost games and looking for some information.

Play tournaments

You can play some competitions to have practice, which after all, is the best way to learn, practicing. Playing tournaments, apart from being fun, it will also make you encounter serious chess players.

This will prepare you and tell you the difference between normal chess and competitive chess. Once you have clear the difference between these two, you will see chess better.

Also, will give you a glance at other chess players who also want the same as you, they want to get better at chess, and share ideas.

Study strategic chess concepts

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The strategy can’t be left behind the tactics, tactics, and strategy complete each other. Studying strategic concepts is especially important when you are starting in chess.

Knowing how to play correctly certain positions, and maybe knowing some stuff about planning is the foundation to keep improving in chess. How to play a chess position with little space, and how to seize the advantage, are important chess concepts.

The good thing is that most of the chess books that exist separate these topics one by one, which makes them easy to study.

Planning first than executing

To get better at chess, you first need to understand better chess, and this is like an instant improvement. You have to know where you are going before you start the journey; this also applies to the game.

Make up a plan, define your objectives, there are many possibilities on the board, which will you choose. Defining the chess plans is one of the most complicated, yet fun and fulfilling sentiments chess can give you.

Know that improvement takes time

This is key, and I want to give it as a final and ultimate tip to get better at chess: Improving chess takes time, don’t rush it. Training has to be fun, enjoy the journey, not the end.

Think about what you are experiencing now, and flow with it, enjoy chess as it is, and you won’t realize when you get better.

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