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Training chess online is possible, and we all know the power and reach of the information Google has stored. There are lots of materials to work with on the internet, but sometimes is difficult to find.

Usually, the first result google gives us is not the best, or at least, not exactly what we were looking for. There are good pages that have a great amount of content, well-organized, and with a good level and base.

However, we also find those pages which have vague, common, and wacky material that does not help us train chess online.

This is why most of the people go with the web pages that have the more “reliable” and big community. For us, that is what can give us some confidence in going deep into the content they have.

Here are some of the best pages that you could find, especially for beginners, to give your first steps in chess.


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Lichess is the first option because is the free option, offering a lot of material for all levels at no cost. Also, it has a good appearance that is beautiful for the visitor and there is not too much exclusive content.

You can watch free online lessons, you have a tactical trainer to use at your will and, of course, you can play online. Offering an ELO rating system personalized for everyone can give you a certain idea of the level you have.

It also records stats so you can review your progress and have an idea of how much you have advanced. Most of the internet players have an account on lichess.org, for being one of the healthiest and richest chess communities online.

Many proficient masters are sharing incredible content to train chess online that you can view. This is the platform where many chess clubs and organizations arrange events and stuff like that.

There is also and special function, for those who want to spend a little bit, to have online classes through the platform with a player. Many titled grandmasters are offering classes through this platform for a good price if you are interested.

Some of them even offer free content to people as a kind of “trial” you could use that too!


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Chess.com is one of the oldest and best websites to train chess online that has ever existed. It offers an incredible amount of content and different material that you can’t find anywhere else.

Chess.com tactical trainer is pretty complete, the gaming servers are comfortable and it has incredible amounts of features. Including the chess modalities, you can play bughouse chess, chess 960, and many more.

There are also tournament features and you can follow the players there are. Chess.com is a training chess platform that strives to be more like a chess social web.

You can also be part of clubs, teams, and be updated on the latest chess news and new releases. Official FIDE tournaments and events have been done here on chess.com, the reach of the web is amazing.

This is why it’s the first chess webpage ranked on google, and it will be for a long time. Chess.com also offers good training methods, like lessons, drills, analysis engines, and many more.

The only thing this web has is that most of the content is paid and only premium accounts can use it. However, the chess games feature and tournament features are free.


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Chesstempo.com is a great training website that has incredible content, especially for starters. The tactics trainer is absolutely the best you can find for beginners.

It’s a pretty complete platform, you can play live chess and tournaments and all of the stuff, but drills are the most interesting. It has a great database full of tactical positions to train chess online by solving puzzles of any kind.

It’s highly recommendable to create an account, this way you can have a tactics rating so the puzzles’ difficulty increases. The amount of material it has is awesome and is full of simple, yet important tactical puzzles.

I would say this is the best page to learn basic chess tactical patterns by solving quick puzzles, nothing too hard. There is also a leaderboard, which is always encouraging you to keep solving, maybe you’ll be at the top someday!

However, you can also play tournaments, join groups, view chess forums and have some interaction as well. There is also an interesting section that is like a tactical trainer, but with endgames!

The page is designed to learn chess patterns overall, study openings, and analyze games as well, one of the best to train chess online.

Internet chess club (ICC)

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The internet chess club is the oldest and most complete page to train chess on the internet. It was the first webpage in the world that allowed you to play live chess with other people through the internet.

But the best part of it is the amount of information there is, many good masters have committed themselves to fill the page with good content.

There are really useful lessons on the webpage’s blog, regarding most of the chess concerns that you can think of. It’s still active nowadays, and you can find opening theory and chess concepts to the latest chess news.

Other platforms

There are other platforms that we didn’t mention, like chess24, and more. This is a list of the best web pages to train chess online, but the reality is, every page offers good content.

All of the pages have good content to offer then you can’t watch in others, so it’s difficult to make a decision. The best option is to visit all of them, on each you will find different content to learn.

And if we could mention them, there are even more web pages that are not directed to chess but are useful to train chess online. YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, and many more, are also great for chess learning.

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