These Lord of The Rings Chess Sets will Transport You to the Middle-earth!

lord of the rings chess set

The lord of the chess sets

A lord of the rings chess set is something every true fan of the trilogy should want to have. It’s incredible how creativity has no limits, and how there is space for everything on the internet.

This beautiful saga has formed a very loyal community around the magical world of The shire. This is why a lord of the rings chess set is now on-demand, like every good movie or series.

This is why, today, we will review the best lord of the rings chess sets that I could find on the internet just for you.

Lord of the rings chess set wenge edition

Find it on Amazon: Lord of the rings chess set wenge edition

lord of the rings chess set gandalf

The first one on the list is not the common cardboard chess set that we usually find on Amazon. We are going to start strong with this list with the real deal.

This Lord of the rings chess set is a limited edition of the product, the whole chess set is made from crushed stone resin. The chessboard and pieces have been crafted with luxurious detail and carefulness to meet fabulous standards.

Being a lord of the ring collectible, this chess set comes with:

  • 1 chessboard with 19 inches size
  • 32 chess pieces of the best quality
  • 1 rules sheet
  • A two years warranty
  • A special cleaning cloth

The official web page of the seller assures the pieces have a good weight and size, ideal for everyone. Also, the pieces have the films impressed on their designs, resembling brilliantly our favorite characters.

Of course, the price is a little high for a lord of the rings chess set, but this is the price you have to be willing to pay to get top quality.

Lord of the rings chess set by game centre

Find it on Amazon: Lord of the rings chess  set middle-earth battle

Here you have the best option to give a special gift or someone who loves the lord of the rings series or your kids. This is a more accessible yet nice chess set that portrays great fantasy battles.

This superb lord of the rings chess set is simple cardboard chess set with chess pieces that almost look like statues. The design is absolutely amazing and the shape, weight, and size are also very comfortable.

Between the exquisite figures, you have The Gollum and Sauron trying to keep the dark in the middle earth. While on the good side you see our pal Frodo and, of course, Gandalf. You shall not pass!

In this fully graphic lord of the rings chess set, you will unleash the great battle between the two sides to see who will win. You decide will have to choose the best moves to lead our heroes to victory or to their fatal destiny.

Lord of the rings chess set king's return

Find it on Amazon: Lord of the rings chess set king's return

We have in this place one product from the experienced Noblecollections, professional in crafting specific themed chess sets. This team is an expert creator of products, you can see this in or different themed chess sets tops.

They are offering a great lord of the rings chess set that illustrates the essence of the film and all the characters. The chessboard is cardboard with a beautiful drawings and illustrations.

The pieces are absolutely amazing, with precious and highly detailed designs resembling the characters of the movie. There is Gollum, Sauron, Saruman, and the powerful Nazgûl on the dark side. While the light side is formed by Gandalf, Frodo, Galadriel y Aragorn.

Our heroes will have to fight evil once again to restore peace and tranquility in the middle earth. Everything will depend on you.

The noble collections are widely familiarized with the chess sets’ crafting, a lord of the rings chess set is just one of their incredible works. Quality is 100% guaranteed with this product, be sure, if you buy it now you will be satisfied forever.

Lord of the rings chess set castle chessboard

lord of the rings chess set gollum

Now, we have something different from the normal merchandise we have seen so far. This unique masterpiece classifies as a high-price collectible because of its rarity and greatness.

This Lord of the rings chess set has a particularity, the chessboard itself is a castle!

The chessboard is beautiful in pure status, it is 5 inches tall and has an extremely detailed structure and esthetic. The chessboard has pillars and at the top, you see the squares in Plexiglas.

Underneath this surface, you find a relief map of the Middle-earth and you can see high-resolution art images related to the film.

They have a superior quality standard and are made with fine pewter and are carefully sculpted to represent the character in the movie. The chessboard size is 15×15 inches and is very comfortable to play on it.

The chessboard has niches at the sides to the pieces so the whole chess set can be a one-piece to store.

No doubt, a superb piece of art from the noble collection team, they did it once again.

Lord of the rings chess set: The Giant chessboard two towers

Find it on Amazon: Lord of the rings chess set the giant two towers

Here we have one of the best-personalized chess sets you can find, this is a gigantic wooden chess set that measures 38x48cm. The pieces are high-quality plastic and they are sculpted beautifully.

The particularity of this lord of the rings chess set is that you can find just the characters from the second lord of the rings part. This will probably be a problem for some fans, but the truth is the chessboard is absolutely amazing itself and the pieces are so realistic.

You may find it interesting that the chessboard and pieces have this old look as if it was antique. This gives the chess set a good touch of the middle-earth like it was made in the middle age, which is cool.

You can have good expectations on this lord of the rings chess set, although the pieces are plastic don’t let this fool you. The whole chess set weighs 1.8 kg so the pieces are plastic but with good weight, size, and design.

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