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lego chess set

The best 5 Lego chess sets on the market

Lego chess sets exist in big amounts, Lego has been a giant in the toys industry since 1932. It’s been bringing joy and fun to our lives since memorable times. That’s why it is not a surprise that there are a variety of Lego chess sets in the market.

The great popularity that has consistently increased over the years has arisen many toys inspired by the Lego products. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Lego chess sets we can find on the internet.

Iconic LEGO chess set 40174

This is one of the best iconic Lego chess sets that have ever existed, the stock of this chess set is limited. Everything because this beautiful creation is a very valuable Lego collectible.

Get it on the official LEGO page: LEGO chess set 40174

The interesting part about this chess set is that you have to build all their pieces before playing! It couldn’t be funnier for a Lego chess set like this. It includes over 1400 pieces to suffer before playing a good game of chess or… checkers!

It is beautiful for a chessboard to be like this. The pieces and design are pretty and express all of the pure styles of the Lego Company. Bringing this Lego chess set home with you will grant you a lot of fun for you and your kids undoubtedly.

Also, it is possible to store the pieces when you are not using them or you can just disarm them back again and store them as we all did with old toys in a box. Although this masterpiece should be treated better than that, make sure to order one.

Pirates Lego chess set 40158

This beautiful chess set centers its scenario on a beach, which is supposed to be the battleground of two pirates’ crews that desire to control the seven seas! The chessboard not only has squares and pieces to play with but is also very colorful and fun.

Get it now: Pirates Lego chess set 40158

The pieces are members of the pirate’s crew with different “special members” like cannons and parrots as rooks and bishops.

Just the same as the Lego chess set we saw before, you have to assemble it to play, it would not be a good Lego chess set if you weren’t supposed to do that.

It brings 850 pieces to build it, although is pretty simple to do that. This is a kind of a special version of chess sets Lego has released, so it may be difficult to get one so you should hurry up.

Kingdom Lego chess set

This chess set is a very nice toy for the youngest of chess-lovers because it’s meant for people around the age of 6. This Lego chess set comes with fewer Lego pieces than the others in this list, with just 350 pieces.

Get it on now: Kingdom LEGO chess set

The chess pieces themselves are inspired by the English royalty, having all the medieval style, because you will find queen, king, knights, paladins, and jesters as chess pieces.

On the other hand, the black pieces are part of an evil dark kingdom of invaders who have hateful expressions on their faces. While threatening with knives and mauls, prepare to fight evil!

The chessboard is already pre-built so you can have a game quickly after buying it. You can also fit the chess pieces in the board like every good Lego toy.

They are very detailed pieces with accessories like swords, crowns, dresses, and etcetera. It has a great level of creativeness on the design which combined with its colorfulness will make you love this Lego chess set.

Medieval Knights Kingdom Lego chess set

Now, we have something a bit more like Dungeons and Dragons in this Lego chess sets list. If you are looking for something more fantastic then this chess set is for you.

knight lego chess set

Get it now: Knights Kingdom chess set

You will find wizards and knights between the pieces fighting for the control of the kingdom. This chess set is one of the rarest and unique but is pretty functional as well.

Although it doesn’t have a lot of esthetics, this Lego chess set is more oriented for those who want to have a Lego-themed chess game. You can realize that it only brings 167 Lego pieces, so it’s pretty easy to build up.

It has become a little difficult to find because there are not too many chess sets so the ones that exist are very collectible. The same reason why this one is quite expensive, but it really is worth the price.

It is a very rare piece so it can be very good for Lego collections that will increase their price in the future.

Vikings Lego chess set

This is a nice chess set that will surely give you some hours of fun, its awesome design will leave you speechless.

Get it now: Vikings LEGO chess set

This is the easiest to build because it comes with 60 Lego pieces to assemble, the best part is the awesome design of the chess pieces. They are two Vikings teams blue and red.

The chessboard is one big piece that does not need to be built, it’s simple and flat, doesn’t have its own compartment to store the pieces. It comes with 60 Lego pieces, including the pieces, they don’t need to be armed.

With the great illustrations and expressive faces of the characters, this chess set is one of the best for your kids for Christmas. There is also the advantage of combining this Lego chess set with others, you can do it because of the simplicity of the chessboard.

Lego Company is not producing any more of these chess sets so you should seize the opportunity and go buy one as fast as you can.

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