4 Hacks to get better at Chess with the Reddit Chess Forum

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What is a chess Reddit forum?

A forum is a space on the internet where you can find content related to a specific thematic to learn about it. If you’re looking for chess knowledge the Reddit chess forum is your place.

Internet is full of useful information about pretty much any topic we can imagine. You can read an article about something and get a general idea of what you wanted, however, this is nothing compared to Reddit.

Reddit is a forum that has a long time existing on the web and has an incalculable amount of articles, videos, files, and other stuff about a lot of topics.

There is something called Subreddit, which is a subforum dedicated to a specific topic, this means all of the data shared there has to be related to it.

It’s a great resource of information, and I will tell you how to use it as an advantage to improve your chess. The only thing you have to do is create an account for free and join the Reddit chess subreddits.

The benefits of the chess subreddit

Reddit chess forum

These are, in my opinion, the best features that will feed your passion for chess and give you a great understanding of the game.

  • Discuss anything related to chess

Do you really understand what I mean by ANYTHING? You can ask for a very specific article like “how to make a chessboard like chocolate cake” and you will get the recipe.

Redditors will cover the subject entirely, having a huge understanding of the topic they’re writing about and a good foundation to prove their articles.

It’s amazing how these guys put their souls into the work they’re doing to answer the community’s doubts. The best part of it is the simplicity of the articles makes them easy to understand.

You don’t have to spend time looking for books that can explain specific chess concepts or ideas. It’s difficult to magically find the topic you’re concerned about in a book, first, you will have to read a lot until you get an answer.

This is why we’re very grateful a chess Reddit like this exists, I think this is why Google itself was created in the first place.

As I said, Reddit has been on the internet for so long, people are so creative, there are no limits to what you can encounter.

  • Interact with experts and chess masters

You can meet a bunch of different people on the internet, it’s not a surprise that many of these Redditors are real grandmasters.

Sometimes you will see masters, coaches, or experts offering their knowledge and answering every question they get from people. Usually, you can spend a very good time checking out events, streams, or live chats of others in the Reddit chess subforum.

There is an option to become a follower of certain users so you are don’t miss the user’s updates if you like his content. Many people invite his/her followers to join a chess tournament or participate in raffles or any fun stuff they think someone will like.

It’s very normal to see famous users sharing links to their social media and courses they offer so it’s nice if you want chess classes online.

  • Stay updated on chess tournaments and events

online reddit chess tournament

The news and updates offer a quite pleasant feeling for those who like to know everything about chess competitions. There are redactors dedicated to writing chess news like a journalist.

It’s a simple task to find the most notorious games of a tournament with comments and variations. Also, you will almost always see links that redirect to more complete information.

Know all the details about the upcoming online or offline events so you will be able to enjoy them along with the community.

Sometimes you can find information in the Reddit chess forum that you won’t find anywhere else. The chess subreddit is so big occasionally appears exclusive material from reliable origins.

A very cool fact is that you can learn this way, by evaluating different positions and then comparing your analysis to others’. Reading different opinions from the Reddit chess community will give you a practical idea on that subject.

  • Get tons of resources for chess learning

The material you can get on this platform is wonderful, there are lots of books recommended for chess players of all levels. If you ever feel dubious about what you should study with here is the answer.

There are many books we can buy online to improve at chess, although not everyone is willing to spend money on that, especially kids. For this reason, having an entire chess subforum on Reddit with thousands of recommendations of books and files is very exciting.

You could also read articles about points you need to improve, for example, “How to play against the isolated pawn”

I found this useful when I had just started to play chess. Sometimes we don’t need to study an entire game to figure out a simple doubt.

Share your opinions and ask questions

Reddit chess learning

The best part of all of this is that you can participate! There are no restrictions for anyone to post or judge the content in the Reddit chess forum, as long as you follow the rules.

Actually, this is like the 5th hack that is not on the list, because it makes you interact with the Reddit chess community and gain experience.

You could join the tournaments or organize your own, write your doubts about something so people can answer you. There is always someone to clarify doubts and to give their points of view.

Even better, if you think you can contribute with your chess knowledge you are invited to share with the community all of that. You could have people following you or vice versa, and have nice feedback with ideas.

Whatever you believe is going to help the community you can publish, or just limit and ask whatever and follow the thread to learn as you’re having interaction with other Reddit chess fans.

Join: https://www.reddit.com/r/chess/

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