The top 10 of the online chess websites (according to Google). Did you know all of them?

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Chess is a sport meant to be practiced by 2 players. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The majority of people that play chess online do it to have fun. Tournaments are played; money is made through them and is currently considered a very beneficial sport.

These are the reasons why thousands of websites were created to play chess online. The main websites according to Google are:

Top 10 of the online chess websites

10- Chessbomb

Chessbomb is a famous website to see live tournaments with the help of the engines (real computer analyses). It’s free and it has a very big community. One of the best chess platforms if you want to follow live tournaments. It joins many chess players when some important tournament is being played. It’s very easy to use it and very practical!

9- Gameknot

GameKnot is one of the largest online sites, with more than one million members and play chess in Gameknot is free. The interface is nice and there are other characteristics including tactical training, play games or tournaments, play against the computer, several databases to check them with thousands of games… It has many free areas and if you want to get access to all the tools you get one membership and you’ve got lots of chess resources to practice chess and improve your chess.

8- Chesstempo

Probably Chesstempo is the most useful website to practice chess puzzles. It has one of the biggest databases of puzzles and you can practice tactic there. In addition, it has an important community in a forum to talk about all the chess themes you want. It’s fantastic to prepare the tournaments.

7- Chessgames

Chessgames is one of the biggest databases of games. The platform celebrates 16 years old! and is a reference for many chess players. You can learn much watching the most famous chess games played in the history or know all the details of the most important matches.


The official website of the World Chess Federation. You can get much information like how to get the rating, how to get the IM norms, you can check the rating you’ve got or the rating of your friends, all the international chess news and the different changes in the handbook… or calculate how many points of rating you win or lose… It’s very helpful for the technical themes.

5- Chess-results

Chess-results is one of the best websites to know the pairings of the chess tournaments. If you are playing a tournament probably you will use it much to know who is your next opponent and prepare against him. It has had a big development the last years because it’s a very useful tool and now it’s used in almost all the tournaments of the world. In addition, it has a big database of chess games!

4- Chessbase

Chessbase is one of the most famous chess software. In addition, the web is a reference in the latest chess news with very interesting articles, lessons or videos. And Chessbase is not the unique software they develop, you can get different programmes and engines also! Chessbase is one of the oldest companies of chess and is very special for all chess players.

3- Chess24

Chess24 is one of the newest chess platforms and one of the most complete. You can follow the live tournaments, play chess or learn with chess videos of different grandmasters. And many of the tools are free! One of the best things is the interface because it has a fresh and a modern style. And every day you can follow and read the latest chess news. It has many tools for all the chess lovers!


Lichess is a different chess platform without ads, without registrations, without plugins required… It’s the easiest way to play chess. It uses one of the latest technologies and is one of the most powerful chess servers in the world. If you want to play chess in an easy and fast way, this is what you are finding.

Lichess is remarkable for being a free and open source chess server. You can also integrate it into your own website. It provides a variety of types of online games, as well as training characteristics, plus the rivalry is decent.

A number of titled players participate in Lichess and you can even win the title of LM (Lichess Master), which appears on the side of the username.


With more than 11 million members, is probably one of the most interesting online chess websites to play for free. It has improved much during the last years and it’s very famous in the last months due to the streamers and the use of Twitch! Many users play games in the platform and it has one of the biggest chess forums.

In addition, you can train chess, read very interesting chess articles, it has many blogs of many chess masters… And has many online tournaments with the best chess players of the world. All of these features put in the top 1 of the online chess websites and in the top 900 of all the websites of the world, not only chess!! Congratulations!

Other important websites (fighting to get the top 10):

Internet Chess Club (ICC)

Internet Chess Club is another online chess site par excellence. If you want to play against grandmasters and other titled players, ICC is the place to go. This is where most top-class chess players spend their time. If you are looking for a strong online competition, ICC is also one of the best platforms.

The membership is not free, but there is a test period that lasts a week. In addition, your subscription is doubled if you accredit you are a student.


Another great site with more than 1, 4 million members, ChessCube organizes hundreds of daily tournaments in which players can win cubits (the online coins of the site). These can be spent later in the ChessCube store.

Membership is free, with VIP membership for clients who pay for it.  Free membership can be extended betting cubits and winning matches.

Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawn is another online chess portal with a large base of players, tournaments, and scores. Additionally, it also has teams (called clans) and other playing modes. The basic membership is free, with a subscription for advanced functions.

And you? Did you know all of this websites or were new for you? Write it in the comments and share the article! 🙂

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Actually you missed the #1 chess site of them all. It is the ICC (Internet Chess Club). I know because I am a chess master and have compared them. ICC has the highest rated players of all of them. Clearly the best.

    • Alberto Chueca
      Alberto Chueca says:

      It’s in the top also and one of the best ones, I’m agreed. But this top is according to the position in Google. (Organic search) 🙂


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