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Star Trek chess set: A journey to the stars

The Star Trek chess set is just one of the thousands of merchandise inspires by the 60s series. Their characters and story are an appreciated memory to everyone who was part of their fans.

Star Trek is one of the most important series of all time, I think everyone reading this post has at least heard about it. The social impact it had in its age was huge and became part of a worldwide popular culture.

At the time, there were many games and machines (merch in general) inspired by captain Spock and his crew. This is why it is no surprise that someone was willing to create a Star trek chess set.

Although it is very common to see star trek chess sets and all kinds of merchandise, indeed, the series is already passing out. This is why today I will show you four-star trek chess sets so we can save the USS Enterprise.

It will be up to you to choose one of these star trek chess sets as the best, I think that both will shock you.

Next-generation star trek chess set

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Let’s start with something still from this world first, I didn’t want to shock you just yet. This is a star trek-themed chess set with all the colors and spirit of the movies.

The beautiful chess set has cardboard illustrated with the space making a great contrast with the pieces. The pieces are plastic with an all the characters impressed on them.

You can find Spock as king, Uhura as the queen, Tiberius, and Leonard as bishops, and the rest of the crew as knights and rooks. The pieces may be plastic but they still reflect all of the star trek energy and essence.

The chessboard is cardboard which, as always, is going to make it look a little cheap and flimsy but still very functional. Playing a game of chess should actually feel like a real space adventure.

It comes in a box where you will have all the space and places to fit the pieces back and store them when you are not using them. This is a very cool gift for a fan of the star trek series.

Let the battle begin at your chessboard with this star trek chess set, all the characters fighting to save the galaxy!

The price for this chess set is normally low on platforms like eBay and Amazon, it is around 50$. In the case of this chess set, you can find two versions, one by the United Labels and the other by Crown and Andrews.

The standards for both are pretty good and similar to each other. I recommend you check it out for more details.

Tridimensional star trek chess set

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star trek chess set figure

The first this that is interesting about this chess set is its “tridimensional” feature. This chess set actually appeared in the movie, it was the chess set that star trek characters used to play.

The fact that it was literally in the movie makes it more exciting having this star trek chess set at home. The pieces are plastic and the chessboard is acrylic so it looks pretty futuristic as well.

It has different platforms to display the pieces on, it’s not like the normal chess games, that is for sure, but this one is pure fun like normal chess.

The fact that it has many chessboards in one is exciting and the board acts by the “dimensions” or different platforms the pieces are on. Having one of the star trek chess set that captain Spock used to play sometimes must be a dream for many fans!

Original Franklin mint 1994 limited edition star trek chess set

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This is another tridimensional star trek chess set with a detail that makes this one more special. This chess set is approved and certified by the star trek official Company.

It brings a certificate of authenticity along with all the badges and illustrations of the Company. Also, the pieces and board have a metallic and futuristic look.

The pieces are made out of silver and 24kt gold and they are four and two inches tall. Also, bring the tridimensional chess instructions sheet along with some strategies for the player to follow.

This entire chess set is fourteen inches tall, but they take all the measures to assure that it keeps safe during the delivery. They are not pre-produced, they are specially packaged to the client with Styrofoam for security.

The design and the colors really illustrate the best of the star trek series. A real piece of art and is very luxurious for a chess set. The thing is it is a collectible and is highly demanded so make sure to order one right now.

Star trek commemorative chess set

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star trek chess set spaceship

This chess set was only produced by Franklin Mint in 1991 as a limited edition to celebrate the 25th star trek anniversary. The 25th-anniversary star trek chess set is not being produced anymore and it is extremely difficult or impossible to find in stores.

Yet, if you’re are a star trek true fan I have good news for you, you can still find it on the web. Although, you have to be aware that the price is going to fit a highly demanded star trek collectible.

It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was to sell this online for at least 1000$ considering the collection value.

The chess sets count with pewter pieces made out of gold and silver, placed in a beautifully sculpted hexagonal base. The chessboard has storage for the pieces.

The pieces are sculpted just like the movies’ characters. For example, for the gold pieces, you can find Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura as king and queen.

While for the silver pieces you see Khan Singh and Rommulan Commander as king and queen.

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