5 Medieval Chess Sets to Conquer The World

medieval chess sets

Bring the madness of middle age to your chess games!

There are many medieval chess sets with unique designs, especially the old ones. Chess was invented approximately one thousand years ago when online boards didn't exist. So it was necessary to have a board to play chess.

You can find a wide variety of medieval chess sets with beautifully sculpted pieces and a nice chessboard. The medieval chess sets were very elaborated and normally made out of wood.

You will find very well-designed pieces relating the middle age thematic and make you feel in the real medieval battles. You will also find regular wooden chess sets, but with all the spirit and energy of the renaissance impressed on them.

With a chessboard like this is very pleasant to have a great chess game. This is why today I will show you 5 medieval chess sets to feel you are in middle age.

Handmade wooden medieval chess set


This first set is a masterpiece, elaborated and polished by hand wooden medieval chess set.

The board is 15×15 inches big with 2.6 inches tall, with a beautiful design at the sides. You can store the pieces inside of the chessboard itself. The pieces are made out of metal, and they are heavy enough to have a good game knocking pieces over like other plastic chess sets.

The chessboard and pieces have a middle-age themed appearance because of the illustrations and designs at the edge. Also, the pieces are made to look like real soldiers and kings of the age.

You can find different models of the same medieval chess set, for example, the one linked here is related to the English royalty. In this case, the king is the English commander Aristocrat.

Get it here: Handmade wooden medieval chess set

Large wooden medieval chess set

large medieval chess set
large medieval chess set

The second on this list is one big chess set that is completely made out of wood. The pieces are large which makes it very comfortable for a long game, although this would not be appropriate for blitz games.

Pieces have a regular yet beautiful design in the wood, it is good to have a hand-carved chess set. They are made with cherry trees' wood, and the artists in charge of the creation of these medieval chess sets are from Europe.

This is why this chess set is considered to be a luxury, because of the wood carving and the beautifully painted and carved chessboard.

The other strong point about buying this medieval chess set is the company. The seller of this product is ChessCentral, their attention to the client is excellent following the opinions of people who bought the chess set.

The chessboard has a space to store the pieces in and can be folded which makes it very easy to store.

Get it here: Large medieval chess set

Natural wooden chessboard

Here you will find something more accessible for everyone but still with beautiful design and good quality.

We have a game of medieval chess set with beautiful wooden pieces and a chessboard with a varnished surface. The chessboard is 35x35cm and is easy to store and carry around.

The pieces have a precious design in the varnished wood so the pieces look reluctant and new all the time. The entire chess set is heavy enough to play the game with no complications but not too much.

This is the perfect chessboard for someone looking for a game of medieval chess set functional but still with good standards. One of the strong points of this chess set is the price concerning the standard and quality offered by the seller.

The seller assures the chess set will be permanent with the correct treatment. Also, ensures the customer about the quality of the workmanship and materials used.

There are still no opinions about this product on Amazon, yet, is worth ordering it. You are probably losing a great offer!

Get it here: Natural wooden chessboard

Metal renaissance medieval chess set

medieval chess set renaissence

This is a medieval chess set related to the renaissance itself by exhibiting pretty metal pieces with different abstract designs.

The way this chess set is crafted portrays perfectly the middle-age renaissance between the 12th and 17th centuries. A very sophisticated designed chess pieces suiting the European monarchies.

The pieces are made with high-quality metal alloys which gives them a great look combined with their champion's designs. Also, the extra advantage is well-weighted pieces.

You can find this chess set through the chess house portal, which guarantees a safe arrival and thoughtful packaging.

They have a pretty good service offering a 90 days warranty and having no trouble giving new pieces if ever needed.

Despite the price, several chess house customers assure the chessboard has an incredible standard for quality. Also, they say the company offers a buying experience very comfortable and secure.

Get it here: Metal renaissance medieval chess set

Crusader's medieval chess set

medieval set chess piece
medieval chess set piece

The final chess set is somewhat special, this is the most we can expect when looking for something from middle age. This is a medieval chess set inspired by the crusades, with a high value in cultural content, this chess set is a beautiful piece of art.

The pieces are carefully resin-painted pieces with incredible designs relating to the soldiers and knights of middle age. The chessboard sizes 15x15cm and is made out of maple wood.

People are quite happy with all the service and the high-quality detail the seller offers when selling the product. But what is shocking is the ultra-fast shipping following the opinions of some users.

The weight of the pieces is quite good to play, very favorable so the pieces' weight and size are nicely balanced for the rapid blitz! Also, the chessboard is very well-polished so the pieces slip smoothly across the wooden chessboard.

Get it here: Crusader's medieval chess set

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