What is the best chess game ever?

best chess game

There have been many astonishing and unique encounters in chess in history, some that we can’t forget. But what is the best chess game ever played? That is an interesting, and massive question to ask, and very fun to try answering!

Today, we will review three of the most incredible chess games in history, some you will not believe. Of course, some will disagree with the games shown here, but a post won’t be enough to put all the games I want!

Please take into account that some of the games on this list are here not only for the incredible nature of the game itself. But for the context they were played in, which makes it one million times more dramatic.

So, what is the most chess game ever played for you? Make sure to leave your opinion at the end of this post!

Best Chess Game #1: Garry Kasparov vs Anatoly Karpov

This is of the most iconic games in the match Kasparov vs Karpov in 1985, which is considered one of the most incredible chess rivalries.

Best chess Game #2: Paul Morphy vs Duke

This is a game by Paul Morphy against the Duke, where Morphy shows how he is the master of the combination. The reason why people love this game is that Morphy shows the world its capabilities to its most potential.

Best Chess Game #3: Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne

This one is known as the best production of the legendary Adolf Anderssen, ex-world chess champion.

Let us know what you think, what is the best chess game ever for you!?

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