Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday for the first time in years!


We all know Magnus Carlsen is such an eccentric character, he decided to surprise us by popping up in the Titled Tuesday! Almost 10 years being the world champion and the surprises can’t stop coming. Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday decided to show up for the first time in years!

As soon as everyone noticed Magnus Carlsen was playing the Titled Tuesday, the tournament immediately heated up. Carlsen doesn’t play in the Titled Tuesday usually, this is the first time in years it has happened.

And the Titled Tuesday is a massive open blitz tournament hosted on It attracts the best players in the world, and has a juicy price in cash!

Among the players in that tournament were the super chess stars:

  • GM Levon Aronian
  • GM Hikaru Nakamura
  • GM Parham Maghsoodloo
  • GM Vladimir Fedoseev
  • GM Jeffery Xiong
  • GM Daniel Naroditsky
  • GM Nihal Sarin

Just so make an idea of the level that we were handling on that tournament. We all know it was going to be fun and exciting before it started!

Here is a resume of one of the best tournaments and a gift from the chess gods that we witnessed this May 10!

Magnus Carlsen wins the Titled Tuesday, May 10, 2022!

For those who don’t know, Titled Tuesday has two formats, the early and late format. One tournament is held and has a winner, then, the same tournament restarts, Titled Players are free to Join.

That means we have two winners, in the early format, and the date format. Magnus Carlsen won in the first format but didn’t take part in the late format.

Titled Tuesday early format

GM Magnus Carlsen in the Titled Tuesday won the tournament to make 1000$ in cash! Not only this, but the wins by Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday allowed him to get the highest score in Blitz on the platform!

The final standings of the Titled Tuesday on May 10th, 2022 were the following:

Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday for the first time in years! 4

GM Magnus Carlsen won the tournament with 10 points out of 11 possible, incredible! This is one of his most shocking games during the tournament against GM Parham Maghsoodloo!

You don’t see a GM being dominated this way every day, Magnus had the game under control all of the time. But is interesting to see how the young promised Parham tried to play so energetically against the world champion.

Titled Tuesday late format

There was no Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday for the late tournament, but it was exciting too! In this case, it was GM Dmitry Andreikin who took the crown and the 1000$ for himself.

The final standings of the late format of May 10 2022 Titled Tuesday were like this at the end:

Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday for the first time in years! 5

Probably the most brutal game by GM Andreikin was the matchup against GM Vladimir Fedoseev:

Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday was a good show!

Magnus Carlsen in Titled Tuesday for the first time in years! 6

It’s rare to see this player participate in tournaments like this, and it sure gave a special touch to the tournament. Magnus Carlsen was using his Nimzo-Larsen opening to rough everyone up, and sure he did.

We hope to see Magnus in other Titled Tuesdays soon, although that would not be special anymore if it is too much, right?

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