Hikaru Nakamura, New number 5 of the world!

Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura is one of the best chess players in the world currently, and once was the second of the world. He’s also a public figure, as he is one of the most famous and constant Twitch streamers of chess.

It’s one of the few grandmasters that share open their knowledge and charisma over the internet. He was a five-time winner of the U.S chess championship, which is very impressive.

But back in 2008, Nakamura made his best achievements related to chess, like winning the Gibtelecom Masters in Gibraltar. He got a very dramatic win against the GM Bu Xiangxhi in the tiebreaks.

Also, he won the Tata Steel Chess in 2011, winning first place over the two best in the world of the moment, Carlsen and Aronian, and other great players like Viswanathan Anand.

Now, in the Grand Prix 2022, he has finished the first part of the tournament completely unbeatable!

The fact that a great chess player like Hikaru Nakamura is a player that you can perfectly watch and talk with makes it better. You can go to Hikaru Nakamura’s stream and greet him if you like, and he has good feedback from people.

Today we will learn a bit more about Hikaru Nakamura and analyze his playstyle and some of his games too.

Hikaru Nakamura’s playstyle

To be completely honest, I watch Hikaru’s streams too, and one sure thing that is impressive I how he constantly changes the plan. This is a basic ability that every grandmaster show but is sure a unique experience to hear it from a grandmaster himself.

We have made a post about how chess grandmasters think, where we mentioned Hikaru’s streams too. As he is playing, he is saying what he thinks and what he is planning to do.

And probably he would say “I will give checkmate by doing this and this” and then suddenly “Now, I will do this” and change. That’s why is difficult to define playstyle I grandmasters, especially at this level, they adapt to whatever is on the board.

And considering GM Hikaru Nakamura has a very trained chess technique, his game theoretically is perfect. However, most of the time he likes to go for mating positions and attacks, so probably he has a taste for attacking after all.

That is exactly what we will see reflected on his games, pure attack, carefully thought and executed. Let’s analyze what Hikaru considers his best game, and then, my personal best game played for him.

Something else about Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura started streaming chess in 2020, and since then, chess has become a lot more popular over the world. Even at some point during 2021 chess was a top tendency on Twitch!

He is openly recognized as one of the main reasons why this happened, and the fact that he is still doing it today. Watching chess streams, not only Hikaru’s but other chess players’ too, can be very beneficial for your chess.

Although this will not replace regular training, this will surely help you improve your skills and learn more about the game. Not to mention it can be tons of fun, reason why you should check out Hikaru’s Twitch channel.

Best games by Hikaru Nakamura

We choose this game because this is probably Nakamura’s best game as he has stated himself once in a video. An exciting game against master Boris Gelfand, one of the best players in chess history too.

Now, we will see the exciting attack made by Hikaru Nakamura on the GM Ruslan Ponomariov, ex-world chess champion.

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