The Best Chess YouTubers To Have Fun While Improving Your Skills

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Best chess YouTubers to learn

Learning chess is easier nowadays because the internet has so much information and a lot of content. Chess YouTubers do their best to teach and to bring chess content to the public in general.

Although chess on YouTube will never replace the normal chess training as the best-improving method, chess videos have their effect. It’s a revolutionary and effective way to learn something, and it combines studying with fun very well.

Today we will give you a list of the best chess YouTubers there are, and the most instructive of all of them.


Gothamchess on YouTube is one of the best and funniest chess content creators there are and is awesome for most of the public. He is an international master, and he is also a chess streamer.

The content GothamChess releases are excellent and pretty fun-oriented, although he is one proficient chess master. Even if sometimes doesn’t look like it, in all of his videos you can learn an important aspect of the game.

Another great characteristic is the way he explains things, which is simple and easy to understand. One of the best chess YouTubers to watch, no matter your level. Official YouTube Channel

Chess YouTubers

Here you can find all kinds of interesting, nurturing, and interactive content for your chess, explained by grandmasters and coaches! In, you can find GM Damian Lemos or Narotdisky explaining chess topics and giving masterclasses.

The content is pretty organized and the quality of the chess lectures is simply amazing, which is great for anyone who is starting at chess. I suggest you subscribe to this channel if you are one starter in chess, and want to become better.

IM Daniel Rensch

You can find the official Danny Rensch YouTube account in which you can find incredible chess content of the best quality. Some time ago he uploaded content to the platform and had quite a good audience.

After some time, he quit uploading videos and the channel is not active as it was before. However, the exercises you can solve and the chess concepts he delivered to his spectators were excellent.

This is one legend as a chess YouTuber, and he was one man of passion that you could see he always tried to give top-level chess lessons. Official YouTube channel

This channel is perfect to see lessons and different chess content by the best chess content creators of the entire platforms. is a website in which top-level competitions have been held and home of some of the best grandmasters in the world.

This is why you can find incredible content there, plus exclusive content like interviews, top-level chess matches commented, and analysis. All in the same place, is simply one of the best content creators related to chess there exists.

So you can learn a lot from following their activity, and you could even win some prizes!


get better at chess

The chess brahs community is one that you should know in chess if you are active on These are a group of different chess masters that have a “community” dedicated to chess in general.

They are always making new content about dun chess events, commenting games, and giving some chess classes. Their content is really good, and people love it, they have a lot of time on the platform and they will continue for now.

So you should really check out this chess YouTubers’ group and join, you will learn and have lots of fun.


This YouTube account belongs to the proficient chess American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. He is a great chess master who has had a lot of success in his career as a chess player.

However, he loves to create content and make Twitch streams, you should really check out for his content. It awesome to see how the experienced grandmaster is playing live games, and see his technique.

He is not usually explaining a lot of concepts or classes on his videos, but you can learn anyway from seeing him play.

Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez is a chess WFM who is usually making a lot of videos for YouTube, once again Twitch is her favorite. However, she is a chess coach and she devotes herself to explain chess at pretty much any level.

She usually makes videos along with other chess figures like the chessbrahs, Hikaru, or her sister, who also is an FM! Their content is more learner-oriented, and they are always looking for ways to explain chess to people.

After all, they are both chess coaches and chess YouTubers!


Chess Youtubers like

There are many chessbase's YouTube channels, but you can visit any of them depending on the language you speak. Here you can find pretty cool chess content, along with games and comments from good masters.

Here you will find a “more serious” approach to chess than in other channels, ChessBase is a giant web dedicated to chess improvement. Any chess player could find interesting information he can use here, and learn new techniques.

Also, you can find guides from the best masters on how to study chess, how to use chess programs, tutorials, and more.

Chess24 Official YouTube Channel

On this channel, you can find excellent masters of the elite like Vallejo Pons teaching important chess classes. Here we have also seen the world champion, Magnus Carlsen, making chess lectures in here!

The chess24 portal offers a lot of good stud to their subs, and the content’s quality is simply magnificent as well. You can get the best out of this channel, although its not exactly a chess YouTuber, it will be highly beneficial to learn chess.

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