4 Reasons to Get Into Streaming in Chess! Endless Fun While You Are Improving


Streaming in chess

Streaming these days has become a great entertainment with a unique nature and mind-blowing success. The truth is that streaming in chess has taught us a revolutionary way to learn and enjoy chess.

The reach and the nature of the streaming platforms offer a lot of opportunities to do anything these days. Nowadays, we have the internet, a powerful weapon to do anything, if you know how to use it ya can conquer this world.

You can become a chess-killing machine learning from the internet, is not as easy as it sounds, but I can assure you, it is possible to master anything on the internet.

Chess streamers do their best to do great content, and the interactions they offer are on a whole different level. You can easily go to the GM Hikaru’s streams on twitch or chess.com and watch him absolutely destroy their opponents.

From the chess learning perspective, this is simply fascinating, you can learn a lot about chess by watching streams or videos. Here we have 4 reasons why there is an outstanding potential on streaming in chess and how to exploit it to improve.

Following Strong Masters Streaming chess will improve your skills

streaming in chess playing

There is something I want you to understand and take home from reading this post. Learning through the internet may have its faults, but it is a strong and effective way to learn anything.

Watching chess streamers has a bunch of advantages from the pedagogy point of view (this is a fancy way to say is good for you to learn).

First, there is something illegal while playing chess in a tournament and that is: Having people talk to you. Nevertheless, while streaming in chess this is possible, and this gives us a glance at what the player is thinking about.

This is a unique way to see how grandmasters think so you can do the same in your games and boast about how good you are with your friends.

Many chess streamers are very good and funny commentators which makes the streaming fun, but rich in knowledge as well.

The best way to learn is having fun, you don’t like boring and monotone book reading (none does). But we all like having fun or watching good videos, streaming in chess combines both factors, which makes the spectators more receptive.

This is called passive learning, which is part of chess learning and it is as important as active learning. Now, you have a valid excuse to watch chess streamers all day and tell your parents you are studying. Don’t forget! Learning from streaming platforms is possible, fun, and comfortable.

Feel the emotions of streaming in chess


This is another important point about chess streaming, we have gotten used to videos, not only chess but almost every sport.

Do you know all of the great chess events that are on streaming platforms?

You can watch top-level players in some serious games through the internet, and you can also watch them live!

Platforms like chess.com are incredible in the streaming matter, streaming in chess has become so important that chess.com became a streaming platform itself!
Personally, I think in chess.com you find the most organized and most incredible events going on. Chess.com also has an army of chess streamers, commentators, and masters ready to spend a good time with you.

Live chess lessons, live training, real-time chess games, streaming platforms are the complete package. You can watch them play, listen to their ideas and thoughts, sharing your own thoughts and knowledge.

Come on, don’t lie to me, you prefer to solve chess puzzles on a Danny Rensch’s Stream than going to your club, taking a book, and do it yourself. And this is the most amazing part!

streaming in chess chess com

Chess streamers like IM Danny Rensch, GM Hikaru Nakamura, FM Alexandra Botez, GM Chessbrah are some of the most renowned.

But they are more! And I know you like more take a look at this list of streamers.

High-quality original content

Most of the streams that you find out on Twitch or YouTube are funny commentary over interesting games or live chess playing. But some streamers really worry about transmitting a message and actually giving a lesson for people to learn.


This is so crucial, you can even find free courses and free content to learn chess live, that can give you a good understanding of the game. It’s not usual to find very deep information about chess. Streamers want to entertain you not blow your mind talking about the origin of life, but some of them do anyway.

It is incredible, the level and the quality of the material they offer to the public. The best part is that they do it because they like it, they have a connection with people, which is an important factor to teach someone.

Watching a stream is a more personal experience, and it is a better way to communicate, you can solve doubts and directly interact with people.

You will definitely feel more comfortable watching a stream from home about chess than attending a chess seminary in which you can’t talk.

Get yourself into chess streaming!

streaming in chess icons

Who says you can’t get yourself into streaming in chess?

Streaming is a good way to share your opinions and also improve the chess community (and everyone wants their opinion to be heard).

Participating in such activities can provide you with really good experiences, and you could even be famous someday! It is incredible how you can learn from teaching others. if you think that because you are a coach you know it all about a topic, it is surely your first day as a coach.

Being an influencer or just having an interaction with the people teaches you a lot and it is a beautiful journey. After all, that is exactly what the internet was created for, sharing content with the people, now go ahead and do it!

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