Lularobs, Epic Chess Streamer


Lularobs is one of the most recent, and most hilarious chess streamers you can watch in 2022. Lularobs is a 23-year-old girl who started to stream chess on Twitch in 2020 and became’s partner.

Her content is very fun to watch, and we will talk about her a little in this post. As explained in our chess streaming post about a year ago, watching chess streams can be very beneficial.

Especially because it gives you a different perspective of what chess is and how it works. It may seem a little overwhelming for certain people, but when you see someone else on it, you can get motivated.

Lularobs is the chess meme queen, growing a strong community and having her dream to stream chess come true. It’s getting more and more attention, especially for the passion you see she puts into her content.

Her ultimate goal stated by herself is to one day stream with GM Garry Kasparov and say “Garry, can we play 1.b4?”. Here is everything you want to know about Lularobs chess streamer!

Who is Lularobs?

Lularobs, Epic Chess Streamer 3

Lularobs is a chess streamer who has been around since 2020 and the pandemic. We still don’t know any specific details about her, only that she is 23 years old. Apart from that, we can see she has a great energy to stream and produce chess memes on mass.

She is also very serious about 1.b4 being the best chess opening that ever existed. You can see she is very present on different platforms, like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter.

She is also an expert at trying out raw onions on her streams, and doing all kinds of weird, but fun things. She is an excellent way to attract new players to chess and is very eager to keep learning herself.

However, she knows how to make chess look a lot easier to start with than what it may look the most. Although she has been around for just two years in the world of chess streaming, she is very consistent.

That’s probably the reason why every streamer succeeds, and I think she is not the exception here. You will surely hear more about Lularobs, the chess streamer in the future for sure.

How good is Lularobs at chess?

Lularobs, Epic Chess Streamer 4

Lularobs is a beginner chess streamer, but actually with an excellent level for those starting. She declares herself a follower of GothamChess and other chess streamers. Lularobs learned to play the openings she knows by watching GothamChess’ 10 minutes guides!

Let’s look at this game between Lularobs and FM 1800_Strenght!

And that’s how Lularobs learned how not to blunder a queen trap on the Caro-Kann defense. The good thing is that you learned too, there is no way you can miss this in your next games!

She is not a chess professional just yet, but she goes improving her chess every day, and all you can see is life. It’s an excellent way to keep improving your chess as she does the same, which takes us to the next point.

Why you should watch Lularobs’s content?

I believe watching Lularobs content is perfectly fine for new players who are just starting. Most of the chess streamers like Gotham, Eric Hansen, or Hikaru, could result in a little hard to watch for most.

Especially because it is very difficult to keep up with the explanation of these players, masters. However, Lularobs can give you a quite more enjoyable show, taking into consideration that she loves memes.

As a quick suggestion, here is a video on how Lularobs thinks professional chess players would behave at her party:

She is also widely interested in solving chess puzzles and improving, and that’s what her streams are about. But other times, her streams are just pure fun and joy with her pink background she loves so much.

So, I could completely recommend this Lularobs chess streamer to get you started in chess.

She also tries to motivate anyone who would like to stream chess, just like the way she does. And the main advice she has provided is that you should simply start with it.

There is no right time to do this kind of thing, you just need to get started and keep your chin up. In the end, the payoff is huge, in all the aspects you can imagine.

The interesting chess content on Twitch…

Chess in 2020 became something important for many people, and playing chess can only be beneficial. Nonetheless, chess streamers like Lularobs help all kinds of players to get into it more enjoyably and easily.

Some people complain about the content being all about memes, and not being serious. And I think is a perfect way to remind that this kind of content is all what chess is a about, having fun.

Congratulations to Lularobs chess streamer for her success until now, and we hope you keep growing!

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