Velimir Ivic, Amazing Junior chess player!


Velimir Ivic is one of the best chess players of the moment, and he is the second-best player in Serbia. He is also very likely to become part of the closed circle that we call chess elite, due to his talent and ability.

He is right now in the top best players following FIDE, and he is just 20 years old. Even just being that age, he has been able to participate in numerous chess events of great prestige.

He is also a very talented player at bluffing their opponents, or at least we have seen in pulling up elaborate traps. Today, we are here to know a little more about Velimir Ivic and learn one thing or two from his games.

He is also known for being one of the few players among the juniors that always has a smile on his face. You can see how they enjoy what they do, enjoy the competitions, and enjoy a very interesting game.

Do you think Velimir Ivic will ever become the world champion? Or at least, a candidate from playing in one of these events?

How Velimir Ivic has progressed in chess

Velimir Ivic, Amazing Junior chess player! 3

We don’t have much information about Velimir Ivic, what we do know, is that he was born in august 2002. He learned to play chess when he was a kid, or so we assume considering he was playing in important tournaments in 2017.

It means that he was just 15 years old when he was playing in the Europe Team Chess Championships. In which he had the best overall score, and go home with a medal after his great performance.

But he had played with good results even before that, in the 2016 world youth chess championships. Velimir Ivic was able to earn 7 points out of 11, which is a great result for a tournament like this.

He got the got medal that day for the U14 chess championships, which already set off the path for where he would reach today.  

In 2018 he participated in the Chess Olympiad, getting a decent score, and got him some of his GM norms. Finally, in September 2019, he became the youngest Serbian player to become a chess international grandmaster.

Velimir Ivic was publicly recognized by Serbian authorities which got him the opportunity to participate in other tournaments.

Finally, Velimir Ivic was classified for the 2021 World Chess Cup, which made a good performance. However, Ivic was eliminated in the fifth round by Vladimir Fedoseev.

It was the first time Vladimir Ivic was in touch with absolute elite chess. There is no doubt another opportunity will come around sooner than later, and he will make the best of that chance.

Velimir Ivic’s playstyle

Velimir Ivic, Amazing Junior chess player! 4

If there is a word that we can use to describe his playstyle that would be “creativity”. Velimir Ivic is very good for creating opportunities where you think there aren’t any.

Velimir performs well in closed positions, he likes to find a way to subjugate his opponent in a positional stroke. You see that he likes the maneuvering and slow play, as he prepares everything for the final blow.

Normally, what happens is that their opponents resign when they see an unstoppable and mortal storm coming. Also, the opening choices he makes are always according to the types of positions he likes to get.

Positional slow approaches to the game of chess, mostly, what we see in his games.

Best games by Velimir Ivic

One of his most famous games ever, and one with great instructive material.

This was a very recent game, against the actual World Rapid Chess Champion Nodirbek Abdusattorov!

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