Sergey Karjakin, Latest Top 10 in the world!


Sergey Karjakin is one of the best contemporary grandmasters of our time, and one with a unique playstyle. Anyone could easily learn a thing or two from his play, analyze this grandmaster’s always taken you so deep into the calculation.

We will review some information about the excellent grandmaster and how he has reached the position he has right now. Although he has been banned from upcoming FIDE events for his political views, that doesn’t make him a bad player.

Sergey Karjakin was the youngest person in getting a grandmaster title for many years as he achieves it when he was 12 years old. He also excelled in rapid formats as one of the best, he became the World Rapid and Blitz chess champion.

Nowadays, he is one of the best grandmasters in the world, being in the circle of elite chess grandmasters. Sergey Karjakin learned chess when he was 5 years old, and he hated losing so much that he could even cry.

But after every lost game, Sergey would go for another game, trying to amend his mistakes in the next games. Sergey is a very precise and cold player that won’t take risks that he doesn’t need.

Here is everything you need to know about Sergey Karjakin and his chess career.

How Sergey Karjakin has progressed in chess?

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Sergey Karjakin started to play chess as a child, and when he was 12 already was a grandmaster. A characteristic of this player is that has always been very disciplined, and he would train 6 to 7 hours a day.

He would always pay special attention to his physical condition, which is important to play chess in good conditions. Sergey Karjakin is a huge fan of cycling and is especially interested in Cross Country.

Sergey Karjakin has been married at least two times in the time being and has a child. Apart from being the youngest chess grandmaster, he would also become the world’s youngest chess trainer!

He would work in the technical team of grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov, who Sergey would best later.

Since 2004he has competed in the best chess events of all time, like Wijk Ann Zee, Aeroflot Open, and FIDE candidates.

In 2012 he became the world rapid chess champion, after convincingly beating important masters like Alexei Shirov. In 2016 he became the World Blitz Chess champion, winning the tournament with more points than Magnus Carlsen.

Sergey Karjakin also played Magnus Carlsen for the world champion title after winning the candidates’ tournament. However, Sergey Karjakin wasn’t able to win the match and Magnus Carlsen retained the title.

Even the latest results in the Chess World Cup 2021 were excellent, where Sergey Karjakin beat masters like GM Maxime Lagrave. His last great tournament before the ban was the Tata Steel Chess 2022.

In this tournament, Sergey Karjakin finished with 7 points out of 12 possibles, with excellent results. That gave him the fifth place, and he had a curious draw against the world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Playstyle of Sergey Karjakin

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The energetic playstyle that Sergey Karjakin reminds them of the one shown by Magnus Carlsen. Sergey is a very precise player that will make a combination out of scratch if possible.

Sergey doesn’t have a very positional approach like other players, as he prefers to establish aggressive positions from the beginning. As he is one of the players that do not fear encounters with anyone, as we will see in the following games.

Sergey Karjakin’s best games

The first game we will see was against the GM Teimour Radjavob in an interesting Sicilian.

Now, one of Sergey Karjakin’s most iconic games was against the legend, GM Alexei Shirov.

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