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Alberto Chueca

Lularobs, Epic Chess Streamer

Lularobs is one of the most recent, and most hilarious chess streamers you can watch in 2022. Lularobs is a 23-year-old girl who started to stream chess on Twitch in 2020 and became’s partner.

Her content is very fun to watch, and we will talk about her a little in this post. As explained in our chess streaming post about a year ago, watching chess streams can be very beneficial.

Especially because it gives you a different perspective of what chess is and how it works. It may seem a little overwhelming for certain people, but when you … Read more

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chess show
09 Chess novelties ♟️
Alberto Chueca

Find the Best Chess Shows!

Enjoy the best chess show

Chess has become a tendency lately, truly is one of the most fun entertainment there is and is healthy too! Chess shows are arising on all platforms, for those who understand chess it can be pretty fun.

This game is beautiful, and its nature can passionate anyone, we will go over the different kinds of chess shows to enjoy and where. You don’t need to spend money to watch a good chess show, depending on what kind of show of course.

If you are a newcomer to chess, you should try out watching one … Read more

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05 The ways to improve in chess ♟️
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Top 10: Best Chess Streamers!

The best chess streamers

Chess has been growing progressively in the giant streaming platform: Twitch. The reality is that chess has taken some popularity because of several events that have been done.

The queen’s gambit series on Netflix, plus the pandemic (incredibly), have helped chess to get a lot more popular on the internet. Chess is an interesting game, that can be enjoyed by those who don’t know the depth concepts of the game.

This is why we bring you a list of the best chess streamers to watch on Twitch. We have a list of the funniest, and most … Read more

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08 Chess anecdotes ♟️
Alberto Chueca

30 Chess Influencers To Follow On Twitter

The 30 influencers you must follow in Twitter if you’re a chess player

Chews news, chess novelties, and information in general about chess, the best way to stay updated on this topic is the internet. You can see all of this in this chess blog, or chess influencers, here we have 30 influencers you must follow on Twitter if you are a chess player.

Definitely, the best way to know everything that happens in the world of chess.

Viswanathan Anand @vishy64theking

The Indian ex-world chess champion is on Twitter! He is always uploading content to his thousands of fans that … Read more

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06 Online Chess, Databases and Software ♟️
Alberto Chueca

4 Reasons to Get Into Streaming in Chess! Endless Fun While You Are Improving

Streaming in chess

Streaming these days has become a great entertainment with a unique nature and mind-blowing success. The truth is that streaming in chess has taught us a revolutionary way to learn and enjoy chess.

The reach and the nature of the streaming platforms offer a lot of opportunities to do anything these days. Nowadays, we have the internet, a powerful weapon to do anything, if you know how to use it ya can conquer this world.

You can become a chess-killing machine learning from the internet, is not as easy as it sounds, but I can … Read more

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