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Chess has become a tendency lately, truly is one of the most fun entertainment there is and is healthy too! Chess shows are arising on all platforms, for those who understand chess it can be pretty fun.

This game is beautiful, and its nature can passionate anyone, we will go over the different kinds of chess shows to enjoy and where. You don’t need to spend money to watch a good chess show, depending on what kind of show of course.

If you are a newcomer to chess, you should try out watching one of the multiple chess shows you can see on the internet. There are millions of streamers or YouTubers of great influence going into chess.

You can take as an example the “PogChamps” chess event given in hosted by grandmasters! Here is where even the ones who were not fanatics of chess came to have a game!

Chess has survived many years for a reason, and that must be because this game is simply magic. Today you will learn how to enjoy and love chess shows, as much as a grandmaster does!

Can you enjoy chess as a show?

chess show twicth

Chess is a game that we all know; it has been existing for over 2000 years! We all have played chess, maybe not at the tournament level, but we have.

Chess is a game that succeeded as a table game for all the family, and as a sport. It has a great number of professionals playing at the top level. The question: How can someone find it interesting watching two people moving around wooden pieces?

I think it has to do more with the emotion we all have for the game and its popularity among the whole of humanity. A chess show is possible because the game is too famous! Everyone has a silent, but intern love for chess, even if you played just one time.

Most people view chess as that one game that represents a fight of minds and looks simple but is extremely complicated. That one factor wakes up people’s interest and is something that we have learned across the years.

This is why are not people moving around wooden pieces, is a battle of minds, ideas, and intuition. Or as we can introduce chess to kids: A fantastic battle between troops with different abilities to decide which king will be dominant!

Chess shows on the internet

chess show pawn

Let’s start with the chess shows you can watch for free on the internet on different platforms. Twitch is becoming the number one platform for chess streamers, here you will find someone streaming chess 24/7.

You can find masters of all categories giving a good chess show, all of them trying to make it as entertaining for you. Some of them are actually teaching chess, and this is a big one too, you can learn how to play chess watching these streams (Or at least improve a bit).

But there are some chess streamers that sure they know how to turn this game into an authentic chess show not to be forgotten. They arrange tournaments, make events, have crazy challenges, and play chess variations. It has everything, humor, calculation, tension, all in one.

It’s not watching people play, you really feel their tension, watch their emotions and connect with them. This is great too, watching a stream you can have direct communication with them, and actually feel you are part of the stream.

Finally, there is something better, actually playing the game will grant you a good experience as well. One thinks is simply a game that you will get bored after two games, but the result may surprise you.

The fictional chess shows

chess show knight

Now, there is another kind of chess show, and we all know what I’m talking about here. In 2020 the chess show The Queen’s Gambit became amazingly popular on Netflix.

This even made the game go even further in fame, and it became the first tendency on Twitch during some time. This is because the series, although is not specifically about chess, shows a little about the life of a chess champion.

Of course, exaggeratedly and dramatically, is a TV show after all. But it gave a glance at other dramas in chess that happened in real life. This takes us to another good part of “chess shows”, there are incredible dramas about chess but in real life!

You may find it interesting studying the chess history, for example, the Polgar sisters’ “experiment”, the Bobby Fischer devastating story, or the Amazing Kasparov’s way into the elite!

If you know where to look, you can find these stories in movies, like searching for Bobby Fischer, Pawn sacrifice, and Computer chess. All of them incredible chess shows and movies, I challenge you not to look for the real story after watching these films!

The real chess shows

chess show euwe

Now, we will go with the spicy part, these are not exactly chess shows, this is pure chess history. Because the history of chess is interesting, and some of their characters are actually pretty interesting.

For example, the story of a chess math professor who saw chess as a simple leisure activity who won the world chess championship? Does it catch your attention?

This is exactly what happened in the Alekhine vs Euwe match. Max Euwe was a math professor, who liked chess, but he really liked more mathematics. Unexpectedly for the entire world, he won the opportunity to challenge the world chess champion: Alexander Alekhine.

He was not going to do it, but one of his colleague chess players convinced him to take the chance. This was a match full of drama and tension between Alexander Alekhine who didn’t see possible losing the game against a math teacher.

At the pure style of the hero defeating the villain, Euwe surprised the world by winning the chess world champion title in 1935. Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic tale?

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