30 Chess Influencers To Follow On Twitter

chess influencers

The 30 influencers you must follow in Twitter if you’re a chess player

Chews news, chess novelties, and information in general about chess, the best way to stay updated on this topic is the internet. You can see all of this in this chess blog, or chess influencers, here we have 30 influencers you must follow on Twitter if you are a chess player.

Definitely, the best way to know everything that happens in the world of chess.

Viswanathan Anand @vishy64theking

The Indian ex-world chess champion is on Twitter! He is always uploading content to his thousands of fans that are looking forward to his upcoming tournaments and competitions.

Levon Aronian @LevAronian

The Armenian Grandmaster has a Twitter account full of incredibly charismatic content in which he offers a fun image to the public. He also likes to input chess analysis and more in there.

Michael Adams @MickeyAdamsGM

The English grandmaster has included himself as one of the most proficient chess players making content on Twitter, enjoy his funny jokes.

ChessbrahTV @chessbrahTV

This is an interactive Twitter account managed by the “chess brahs” of chess.com. GM Aman Hambleton, GM Eric Hansen, and other great players and chess influencers post here!

Hikaru Nakamura @GMHikaru

The American GM Hikaru Nakamura is here creating content for us. You can stay updated and know about every time he will be live streaming on his Twitch account.

Magnus Carlsen @MagnusCarlsen

The actual chess world champion is here on Twitter. He has a pretty interactive account, he is usually answering questions and playing people, the world champion! He has a nice artistic vision by the way.

Anish Giri @anishgiri

Is the best dutch player of this time, and he has a nice Twitter account where he posts as a chess influencer, he also has a pretty fun taste for memes!

Fabiano Caruana @FabianoCaruana

The third highest-rated player in history, he has a simple Twitter account, you can follow the FIDE tournaments he is participating in and some interesting projects he has, go check that out!

Alexandra Kosteniuk @chessqueen

Here you have the chess queen itself, the 12th world woman chess champion, marathon runner, and mom. You can be sure, top-quality original content 24/7, go now!

Chess.com @chesscom

The world’s largest chess community that has ever existed and all of its chess influencers and moderators! Come and play with this awesome community and review content related to chess in all its aspects!

International Chess Federation @FIDE_chess

The international chess federation’s official Twitter account for you to check out the chess news and novelties from the FIDE itself!

Natalia Pogonina @Pogonina

This is the second-best woman of chess in the world, also an incredible player. Natalia Pogonina has an interesting Twitter account, know more about this chess influencer!

Judit Polgar @GMJuditPolgar

The strong grandmaster, and one of the most proficient chess players in the world. Judith Polgar, the result of the Polgar’s sisters' experiment is here lads.

Anna Rudolf @Anna_Chess

IM Anna Rudolf is a chess influencer, broadcaster, and streamer who has a wide variety of content related to chess. Come and check out her Twitter account, and you could even win the opportunity to appear in one of her streams!

GothamChess @GothamChess

One of the spiciest and funniest chess streamers on chess.com and influencer gothamchess will surely make have a good time. Along with his girlfriend Lucy, he will make chess a funny experience for you with his hilarious personality.

John Bartholomew @fins0905

This account belongs to a chess international master and a co-founder of the chessable community. Follow this chess influencer crazy life on Twitter.

Chessable @chessable

The chessable community is a community worried about chess improvement. They share with the people a course with science-based learning methodology, and they count on the world chess champion's support!

Sam Shankland @GMShanky

Grandmaster Sam Shankland is an American chess player who usually organizes nice events for the community. He is always active on Twitter, and he offers chess courses and different events. If you are from the US, you should check it out to see if you can participate in his next simul!

MVL @Vachier_Lagrave

This grandmaster’s full name is Maxime Vachier Lagrave, and he is not a roman military general. He is the best French chess influencer and player and also one of the best in the world, check out his account for chess news. He is also very active always playing his fans on chess.com.

 Alexandra Samaganova @ASamaganova

Alexandra is an incredible FM who also loves to take selfies. She is an amazing chess player and streamer that has incredibly entertaining content, you can also find her and play some games with her on chess.com!

Irina Bulmaga @IrinaBulmaga

Here you have Irina an International master and woman chess influencer and grandmaster. She will impress you with her amazing chess playstyle and strength, she is pretty active on Twitter and usually interactive with people, can you beat her?

Harikrishna @HariChess

Pendyala Harikrishna is the name of the owner of the Twitter account. He is an Indian chess influencer, player, and pretty active grandmaster, especially on Twitch, he is so inviting to people and his playing strength and playstyle will never stop surprising!

David Howell @DavidHowellGM

David Howell is a chess grandmaster who has been learning a lot from the amazing Garry Kasparov. He has been three times British champion, and he is here to teach you some tricks!

Chess influencers!

Pretty much, these are the most famous and active chess players on Twitter. If you are a person who enjoys chess as much as all of them do, you should definitely follow them.

Having interaction with these chess stars surely is an experience, what are you waiting for? They will be more than pleases to have you join their community, don’t forget that you can always participate, you can prepare to have endless fun.

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