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The tactics in chess are one of the most important factors of the game, also one of the funniest. The tactics trainer is the best, and with great renown on the internet.

Training tactics are very important, so it’s to expect that you want to choose the best option. Of course, I will always recommend books over a traditional tactical trainer on the internet.

But if you don’t like books it’s ok, you can use the internet to find what you need.

Some of these trainers have features and commodities that compete with each other to appeal to more people and their needs.

The result is that now there are thousands of platforms offering content, free or paid, that is worth using. Today we will talk about the tactics trainer, all of its strong and weak points, and how to use it.

Online tactical trainers have become a normal tool for every chess player, using them can report several benefits for your chess. However, although is beneficial, it has its disadvantages, like everything. tactics trainer can be a great tool that can help you in chess, but only if you use it correctly.

How the tactics trainer works tactic puzzles tactic puzzles tactics trainer is a tool that you can use for free but in a limited version. If you have a free member account, you can solve 10 a day but you can use it unlimitedly if you pay the subscription, which is not too much.

The chess puzzles you can find here are from a database with 150.000 chess positions to solve. Also, the puzzles are given to the player in function to his “puzzle rating”.

You achieve a higher puzzle rating by satisfactorily solving more chess puzzles from the tactics trainer. This is the only tactical trainer that has an “ELO system” which is an incredible feature.

It’s good because it encourages players to have a more competitive nature by escalating a global ranking.

It’s also pretty useful for chess players to have an idea of their level so they can study accordingly.

The tactics trainer has different modalities that will help you improve your skills. You can solve drills and watch different videos to watch techniques and practical tips from streamers to improve.

Different modalities and features tactic pieces

There are different modalities in the tactics trainer, you have the rated mode, puzzle rush, and the learning puzzle section. We can explain what every section offers for the players, unfortunately, these are available just for premium players (paid subscription).

The chess learning section offers chess puzzles adjusted to what you need; you can configure the problems. Different from the main section of the tactics section it is not rated, but you can choose the theme you want.

This is good to make a normal puzzle with no clock pressure, to start your training heating up is pretty good. The chess learning section is useful to learn a specific theme of chess tactics.

The other sections are the chess-rated puzzles, which are the tactics problems that affect your ranking and rating. This will not affect your games’ rating, but there is a different “puzzles rating”.

When this rating goes up, the puzzles get constantly harder and get more complex. The combinations you can find there can get surprisingly tough to be an internet tactics trainer.

Many factors affect your rating changes, it considers the aspects of the problem. It considers how much time you have without playing, the time you took to solve it, how many moves you guessed, and how fast you did.

Puzzle rush and puzzle battles

chess com tactics

These are one of the best practices to improve your chess, especially if you want to be quicker. They are perfect to train before a blitz or rapid tournament.

You can easily prepare yourself to be faster in your games with this practical online tool. With the puzzles rush you will have five or three minutes (depending on how you set it up) to solve the most you can.

The different modalities can be used to prepare for a match or tournament, 1 minute if a bullet, 5 if blitz, and so on. You can also classify it in a global leaderboard, which gives it a nice competitive nature.

On the other hand, there is another modality, the puzzle battle. The puzzle battle is basically a puzzle rush but against another player, and has its own rating. If you can solve more problems than your opponent in 3 minutes you win.

The tactics trainer offers more than these features that are interactive to the public. Which makes the content very fun, but that doesn’t mean it is not instructive and beneficial.

This is a modality that became more and more popular some years ago. But since the tactics trainer implemented this feature it has become famous and used by different players.

Other useful features tactic rated

The price of the subscription is pretty accessible for most people, and it also helps the community keep growing.

Apart from the tactics trainer and everything related to problems, more features are also useful.

For example, the analysis chessboard section where you can analyze the games you just played. Apart from the “drills” section, this is not precisely a tactical trainer, but still, it can bring a lot of benefits.

Knowing how to convert the advantage in chess is so important, maybe you have an advantage but you don’t know how to translate it as a win.

This is pretty common, in amateur players, even in masters’ games, but this section was made to teach you how to win different positions.

It is like a tactical problems trainer, but with drills where you will have to convert your advantage. It is the most practical and effective way to learn, with pure practice.

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